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Removing Spirits from a Home with Rituals and Ceremonies

Article about removing spirits and ghosts by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

How to Remove a Ghost

A ghost is an apparition of a dead person that manifests to the living. The ghost may be a conscious spirit or a result of the spiritual energies in an environment. Some take the form of poltergeists. Ghosts are removed by a spiritualist medium or by using traditional rituals. In this post, I show you how to remove spirits and ghosts and explain some of the traditional rituals and techniques employed. You will learn how to contact the spirit world and protect your home.

Ruling out Earthly Causes

The first thing to do if someone reports that they are experiencing poltergeist activity is, of course, to ascertain whether there is a normal explanation for what has been happening. Perhaps the “poltergeist” is a noisy pipe, a draft, a prankster, and/or the result of an over-active imagination. It is worth noting that researchers have noticed that real poltergeist activity usually manifests in many different ways.

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You get repetition, not exactly the same thing, but similarities between events. If the poltergeist activity always follows the same pattern and the person reporting them appears to have all the answers, I would advise you to be suspicious of the reports.

Poltergeists – Noisy Ghosts

In every genuine poltergeist case, I have encountered there has been a background factor of high emotional stress. Poltergeist activity is often the result of emotional stress. It comes either in the form of projected psychological energy or with the influence of spirits. Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the spirit who has become entangled in the “victim’s” mind field. No wonder they become angry, frustratingly trapped in a web of fear and intense emotional energy! Nonetheless, in either instance the priority is to remove the cause of the problem, the high stress that fuels these events.

Removing Spirits from a Home

To deal with the situation, it is important to win the confidence of the people involved by listening to them. This may reveal the anxieties causing the energy that fuel the phenomena. The medium will take care of everything for them. Those afflicted must understand that it is done only with their co-operation. Although some spirits may be involved, the key to solving the problem is to put them in the right frame of mind. A degree of natural psychic protection is established. They will come to understand that they are part of the process of restoring harmony.

removing Spirits from a home

Removing Spirits from a Home

Removing A Spirit Attachment

After removing a troublesome spirit from a location, I have at times left feeling unsatisfied, because the person at the center of the activity has not resolved his or her inner stress or been willing to address the issue. It is, therefore, possible that, like a magnet, they will attract or create new phenomena. Right from the start, it is best to tell a person, “We can sort this out together,” instead of something on the order of, “I can get rid of this thing.” Again, this will involve a lot of listening.

The only way to get rid of the problem is to reduce stress. A priest doing an exorcism may achieve this end, but it may also inadvertently cause added fear and further fuel the stress. Similarly, “mediums” prone to fantasy may make all sorts of unsubstantiated claims about the spirits involved. This can only make matters worse for the already frightened witnesses. No,  grandiose claims of  “I can deal with it” do not get to the heart of the matter. It is up to us to empower the witnesses to know that they can deal with it themselves.

Contacting Spirits

With my own work, I like to sit and meditate in the place that is the epicenter of the trouble. I will open my mind to spiritual influences. Once the contact is made (and verified), I tell the spirit to progress to the higher life. Usually, this is not that hard to achieve. There is a natural pull extended from the next life to encourage the spirit person to let go. They, too, may have a lot of fear about doing just that. It is exaggerated by the energy field of the witnesses. To them, I may suggest that they think of someone they love who has gone on, so that spirit will draw near and now help them cross over.

If the witnesses are involved in this communication it can, if done properly with an easygoing attitude and in good humor. This will remove the influence and, most importantly, reduce the stress of the people involved. Maintaining this new attitude is, of course, a lot more difficult. If the witnesses are very superstitious or believe that they are being attacked by black magic, voodoo, and so on, it is going to take further counseling to reduce the stress to a level where all activity stops.

Nonetheless, stress reduction is the key to solving this type of problem.  To help maintain the improved state of mind, a charmed amulet or simple ritual can be used to reassure and help amplify this sense of protection. We will now consider some techniques involving protection from negative spirits and from negative energy in general.

Protective Rituals and Techniques

A protective atmosphere is created because of the right mental attitude. Some people can do this naturally or have learned to do it through mediumistic training, self-observation, NLP observances, yoga, meditation, and so on. Others use a focal point to help them attain this protective inner state, and some may benefit from ritual, ceremony, and invocation. Religion, magic, and folklore all use such techniques to bring the practitioner into transcendent states of consciousness.

Rituals have been with us since the dawn of humanity when early man painted their dead in ochre to symbolize new blood and the promised rebirth. Some of these may seem very strange to us today. For example, in medieval times burglars believed that they would become invisible because they carried a lighted candle made from the fat of dead babies.

Roman historians tell us that the British Celts made giant wicker “men” in which prisoners were placed and burned alive. These were sacrifices to call down the protection of the fertility gods. In many parts of the world today, it is customary to dance around the “Maypole” to bring fertility to the women and cattle. These are continuations of these old traditions.

Ancient Rituals

We see echoes of ancient rituals in our modern lives, too. Take Christmas, for example. Strange rituals persist, yet we are oblivious to their meaning. Did you know that kissing under the mistletoe is a remnant of old Druid fertility rites? The Christmas tree, with its angel perched on top, is a carryover from when fairylike tree spirits were worshipped. A pine tree was once sacred to the deity Attis and the Great Mother of Gods, Cybele, in a cult brought to Rome from Phrygia in 204 B.C.

To celebrate, devotees hung gold and silver ornaments upon the tree, placed the image of a sacred bird in its branches, and left sacrificial gifts underneath. Evergreens were symbols of rebirth and used as protective charms against the machinations of evil forces. In particular, the Yuletide Tree was sacred to the Teutonic god Woden as a symbol of eternal life. Similarly, the pagans believed that holly had amazing protective powers, a large bunch was traditionally hung in doorways.

Nonetheless, if we can clear the ritual of its superstition, we have something that is a useful tool. Rituals can help us to create appropriate states of mind to use mental energy to influence the world around us and to protect us from negative influences.

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