Retrocognition Experiences and Timeslips

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Retrocognition experiences explained by the medium Craig hamilton-Parker

Retrocognition - seeing the past

Most people have experienced that eerie feeling of déjà vu which literally means ‘seen before’. For example, part-way through a conversation, everything that’s being said seems strangely familiar.

It’s like watching a film then suddenly realizing that you’ve already seen it. Except this is life. You’ve felt that lived these moments once before. It’s all happening again.

The psychic ability to see the past is called Retro-cognition. Also sometimes called post-cognition, retrocognition is the psychic ability to ‘see’ an event has happened in the past. (The ability to see the future is called Precognition.)

Craig looks into the Past


A classic example of déjà vu, where a person feels that they have witnessed or experienced a situation before is an example of retrocognition. Usually, the sensation lasts only a few seconds but there are pathological cases on record where the subject has prolonged or even a constant feeling of déjà vu. The phenomenon is experienced occasionally by the majority of normal people usually under conditions of fatigue or heightened sensitivity.

Science still can’t adequately explain it this form of retro-cognition. One theory says that it is caused when one side of the brain receives messages a fraction of a second after the other. Or it may be that the déjà vu experience is a memory mix up caused when repressed memories surface. Some say that is simply that the experience reminds you of real part-recalled events like the infuriating act of trying to recall a name that’s on the tip of your tongue.

David Martin’s déjà vu 

But how does science explain-away the experiences of people such as David Martin from Southsea in Portsmouth who told me about his déjà vu experience in Singapore? Whilst traveling through some unfamiliar terrain in a jeep with his friends he had a profound sense of déjà vu and soon realized that he ‘knew’ the unfamiliar terrain “At the cross-roads I said ‘Turn left here because just down the road is a lovely tea house. It has a large red sign and a large stone dog outside. When we approach a Malaysian girl dressed in black will wave to us.’

“Everyone in the car laughed and reminded me that none of us had ever visited the area before. We turned left and there was the tea house exactly as I described it with the red sign, stone dog and the Malaysian girl stood outside waving to us.”

David’s déjà vu, like thousands of similar reports, includes information about the future, a future that was to unfold only moments after he had made his prediction.

Similarly, many people have told me how they’ve seen back through time and witness events from the past. These spontaneous uncalled for glimpses may explain some of the strange and consistent accounts of ghostly sightings.

I have been sent many convincing, strange stories that I’m beginning to believe that popular television programs such as Goodnight Sweetheart are no longer as daft as they seem. Is it possible for ordinary people, who make no claim to psychic powers, to ‘see’ both the past and future?

Out of this world retrocognition experiences

Psychologist Dr. Keith Herne is a member of the Society for Psychical Research and heads the BBC’s prediction bureau for the program Out of this World. “Premonition exists even though it defies the known laws of the universe.” says the eminent scientist, “Everything in the universe may happen all at once and our life is but one segment of this wholeness. I predict that one of the most important questions for the science of the next millennium will be concerned with the illusion of time.”

It could be that precognition is an ancient instinctive warning signal and this may explain why it’s the threatening events ahead that are the most easily perceived. And for some people, unwanted visions of the future can be very worrying. “I kept having terrible repetitive nightmares of a nuclear disaster by a tall tower,” says Mrs. Feist of Winchester “I would thrash in my sleep and be heard to call out ‘The Russians! The Russians!’


“The meaning of my nightmares was revealed on television some weeks later. I saw on the News a picture of the very tower that I had just been dreaming about: The Chernobyl power station in Russia.”

But one of the most chilling stories of precognition was sent to me by Mr Lizakowski from Shipley in West Yorkshire. “In the early 1960’s I attended Cottingley Manor School and I remember how a schoolboy was describing a dream in the school playground to every boy or girl present there. ‘Peter will commit murder’ he said convincingly. ‘And it will be horrible! horrible! horrible!’ In distressed tones, he said the words over and over.”

Nobody believed the boy’s terrible prophesy about their classmate Peter Sutcliffe.


Over the years I have trained many people to unlock their powers of prophecy and have retrocognition experiences. At first, my students believe that they have no special powers but with a little practice, they quickly get sometimes quite startling results.

The most important key to predictive power is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Trust your intuitive insight. Don’t censor your thoughts. Allow your intuition to tell you what it already knows. You can see through time and soon you’re going to prove it.

The truth is, you already have the power to look into time. But you are unaware of it. With a little help and some deliberate experimentation, you will see how easy it is to trigger these extraordinary powers.

First, you need to ask yourself the specially devised questions printed opposite. If you can answer yes to most or all of them you are already a long way down the path to seer-ship. Afterward, try the simple experiments printed at the bottom of this page to test just how right your powers to see through time are.


Retrocognition (also known as postcognition), is a term coined by Frederic W. H. Myers from the Society of Psychical Research. It comes from the Latin retro meaning “backward, behind” and cognition meaning “knowing,” and describes “knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means.” Retrocognition experiences can happen to anyone!

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