Rorschach Test: Ink Blots for Clairvoyance

The Rorschach Test and Psychic Intuition

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about the Rorschach Test and using the Ink Blots for developing intuition and clairvoyance.

BLURB: “According to professional psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker the pictures we see in random shapes such as cumulus clouds not only expose our inner most hopes and desires but are also important omens for the future.  Using a simple ink blot Craig shows how you can unlock the mind’s special powers.”

Rorschach Test for Psychics

Rorschach Ink Blots – How to use the Rorschach Test for Psychics.

As a child you probably gazed at white cumulus clouds drifting in the blue sky. You noticed how they form into the fantastic shapes of faces, animals and spectacular landscapes. The images come from the subconscious. They are projected by the mind on to the random cloud shapes. The pictures formed reveal the hidden processes from deep within you. They are the thoughts from your inner most self. It’s a form of daydreaming and just like the symbols in a dream the pictures are keys that unlock the hidden secrets of the mind.



How Cloud Gazing works

Cloud gazing shows us much about your inner world. It is also used as a form of fortune-telling. Shortly before his death in 1977 Elvis Presley stood gazing into the sky above Graceland. He looked sullen and worried and confided in his friends that he could see his own death forecast in the clouds passing by.

Fortune telling from clouds is just one of many augury techniques that use random shapes to predict the future. For example Pyromancy predicts from the pictures seen in flames, Capnomancy from the trails of smoke and the desert nomads divine from the pictures seen in sand. Even the great medieval seer Nostradamus made his prophesies by observing random shapes.

He would gaze at the patterns of light refracted in a bowl of water and saw scenes unfold of future events such as the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Random shapes are a canvas on which the clairvoyant intuition draws maps of the future.

Seers have used these techniques for centuries and today we can enhance these methods by drawing upon modern psychiatry:

Psychic Rorschach Test: Using the Ink Blots

In the early 1900’s Herman Rorschach, an eminent Swiss psychiatrist, researched the mind’s ability to project pictures into random shapes and wanted to find a way to use this as a therapeutic tool. He devised a set of ten symmetrical ink blots – now called the Rorschach Test – and gave them to his patients asking what pictures they saw in the shapes. The images his patients described could, he argued, be interpreted in the same way that a psychiatrist interprets the symbolism of dreams.

Rorschach Ink Blots were soon established as a quick and easy method to use the unconscious. They are still used today as an open-ended test for personality traits and disorders. Its success depends very much on the intuitive grasp of the psychologist who interprets the patient’s responses or comments.

The clinical use of Rorschach Ink Blots in the psychologist’s Rorschach Test is a carefully structured method that categorizes responses and uses a scoring system. It has proved a useful tool for psychiatrists but can also be used by the ordinary person to open their mind and ESP powers.

Rorschach Test for Psychics

Just as you saw pictures in clouds when you were a child so you should have easily seen pictures appear in this ink blot. Now comes the job of understanding what they say about you. The knack is to treat the images in the same way as you would interpret the images of a dream. For example you are likely to have see a face of some kind.

This is the same as when, as a child, you saw faces appear in a pile of clothes or toys in the semi-darkness of your bedroom. A face is the most common image that the mind will make from a random shape.

What was the face like? Was it happy, sad, fearsome or confused? Did it looked angry? Think about what the face says about your present state of mind. Perhaps if you see an angry face then you may harbor deep-set feelings of resentment?

What do the Images Mean?

In the same way consider every image you see and ask yourself what it says about you. Supposing you see an anchor. An anchor stops a ship drifting with the tide; we call people who support us an anchor; if our life feels like it is drifting aimlessly we need an anchor to hold us steady, such as a partner, a job, a home. It’s clearly a symbol of stability, although of course it could say that you may want you travel by sea.

Animals are an image you may see in the shapes. Again ask yourself what they symbolize about you. A dog may represent an actual dog as well as those qualities of friendship, domesticity and loyalty. A ferocious dog could symbolize your fears or uncontrolled instincts. Interpret each image as a metaphor for your life.

Printed opposite is a check-list of the meanings of likely pictures you may see. They are only a rough guide. It is most important to interpret the images in your own way to understand the personal messages given by your subconscious.

Oracles and visual projection techniques

CLOUDS: Psychokinesis (PK) is the scientific term for the mind’s ability to influence matter. An intriguing PK experiment that you can try with clouds is to exercise your powers to influence their shape. In 1956 Dr Rolf Alexander, a London physician, demonstrated, in a public test, his ability to change cloud shapes by thought. Skeptical journalists watched him concentrate on a three-cloud group. His plan was to keep up the position of the two smaller clouds while dispelling the third large one. To everyone’s amazement the smaller clouds increased in size and the big one became smaller. It really does work. Try it yourself.

Once you have mastered the simple technique of seeing pictures in ink blots and can interpret the symbolism, you can now use these same skills to work with other random shapes.


The old gypsy art of tea leaf reading (Tasseography) employs similar techniques to ink blot reading. You saw shapes in the ink blots. Tea leaves also form picture that can be interpreted as omens of the future. You’ll need to use a loose tea and no strainer. The vertical position indicates time. Images that cling towards the rim of the cup are in the present, with those in the future towards the bottom.


The glowing embers of a coal fire act as an oracle. If you’re fortunate enough to have a coal fire, gaze into the glowing coals. Watch the pictures that form and interpret the symbols in the same way as you did for the ink blots.


Even dirty dishes are used to tell the future. After your friend’s eaten everything on their plate look into the stains of gravy and sauce and see what pictures appear. Images that fall close to the plate’s rim relate to near events. Those that fall towards the center are for the future.


This is an extract from my new book
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  • Anthony Aug 8, 2017, 2:19 am

    I still don’t see anything about my ability I can look to the sky and see people’s names their first and last with a dated and a time. What does this mean? Sometimes the names don’t come as quick as I like I just see millions of letters forming all across the sky can I have some help none of these don’t help me for my gift.

  • Robert Park Aug 7, 2012, 3:02 pm

    A number of years ago I read about a Canadian who was able to disperse clouds. Subsequently I tried this and soon mastered the technique, however, I have never regarded this as being psychic. Students at the Parapsychology Department of Edinburgh University learned how to control the movement of random lights on a board through mind-power. On trying this I found that after a few initial attempts I was able to do the same. Equally, I never regarded this as being psychic. There are other random events which the mind can control to bring into effect more favourable results.

  • Valerie Escobar Jul 18, 2012, 3:17 pm

    I have a friend who’s husband is expected to pass away at any time. She has been experiencing ghost activity in her house. She recently had a psychic go to her house who said that she saw a picture of her husband’s dad in flames who had already passed away. Can you tell us what this means?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jul 18, 2012, 3:28 pm

      Just like the Rorschach ink blots, flames, clouds, tea leaves and any random shapes can be a sounding board for active imagination. The psychic may have been using the shapes seen in the flames for their clairvoyance but I would caution against thinking that this is a direct spirit contact or a premonition. The psychic would need to give more solid evidence to support this rather than just saying they see a face.

      There are also critics of the Rorschach System who claim that the system as a psychological method is out dated.

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