How to Set up and Run a Psychic Circle

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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how to set up and run a psychic circle or Spiritualist Circle.

Running a Psychic Circle at Stansed HallDemonstrating mediumship at Stansted Hall at the Arthur Findlay College.

Ideally, the best way to develop your mediumistic potential is by running a psychic circle with an advanced teaching medium The medium will be able to recognize your potential, urge you to develop, reprimand you when necessary, and show you the techniques and methods needed to unfold your gifts.

After sitting with your teacher for an average of 2 to 4 years, you will be ready to take your first steps as a fledgling medium in a Spiritualist church.

If you are fortunate enough to have a medium mentor, then this book will serve as a useful complement to the techniques you are already learning. But good teaching mediums are hard to find, so most of you reading this book are either going to have to develop your gifts alone or form a small group with other like-minded, committed people who are prepared to work together.

A Circle is the best place to learn to become a psychic medium

It is far easier to develop your mediumistic abilities or your psychic reading skills if you can work with a group of between six and ten people with a common aim. You can encourage one another, learn from one another, have others to practice with, and aid each other’s progress. Working together will quicken the spiritual growth of each of you in ways that would be hard to do on your own, and your collective psychic energy will push you all forward.

When people work together in a psychic circle not only do their personal spiritual energies combine but also the spirit guides and helpers from the next world add to this energy so that the total energy available to the group becomes greater than the sum of its parts. In a good circle, the air will buzz with powerful psychic energy.

The bedrock of Spiritualism is the home circle; from these circles developed the communities that formed into churches and eventually into the modern movement. They usually consisted of small groups of friends and family that sat with the common purpose of experiencing phenomena and developing mediumship.

Some of the best evidence of survival and most startling physical phenomena came from these pioneer groups that sprang up after March 31st, 1848 when two sisters, Margaretta and Catherine Fox, established intelligent communication with a spirit entity that had been responsible for noisy rapping in their home. Many of these first home circles had no medium conducting the proceedings.

Running your own Psychic Circle

I have already discussed the personality traits that are likely to be present in people with mediumistic potential. However, when running a psychic circle the most important factor is that everyone taking part is good friends. There must be complete sincerity and harmony of purpose among the sitters and each participant is willing to give for the benefit of the whole. There is no place for self-serving egotists.

Be very careful about who you invite, for it takes just one big ego to spoil it for everyone. I have met groups that have made great progress only to disband because one person let their new-found powers go to their head. So take time deciding who will sit in the group. It is very disruptive to the energy to remove or introduce new people to the circle at a later date.

How often to sit?

Dedication and discipline are also important factors to consider when putting together a circle. Today everyone wants instant spiritual answers and expects the fruits of the spiritual attempt to be with them from the start. These things only come with hard work and perseverance. Be ready to sit at the very least for one year and be strict with your sitting arrangements. If you agree to start at 7:00 pm start exactly on time.

Do not tolerate lateness. Similarly, if you agree to sit every Wednesday or alternate Wednesdays or whatever day—then do exactly that. This is some of the most important spiritual work you are likely to do in this lifetime, so think of it as making an appointment with God—and don’t miss it or be late! Also, remember that your spirit friends are making preparations to help your circle and they expect your dedication.

Summary of Running a Psychic Circle

In summary: Select your members carefully. When running a psychic circle make the group inspiring, exiting, and cheerful. Charge a fee. Find a place that has a feeling of good energy. Set goals for the funds raised to expand the sanctuary, and improve the circle environment with the addition of flowers, special candles, etc.. Everyone will enjoy this expanding process and any spare funds are used toward an end-of-year party or donated to a group-determined charity.



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