Your Personal Experiences of Sathya Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Baba Experiences

“Dreams relating to God are real.” – Sathya Sai Baba

Have you had a dream about Sathya Sai Baba? Please add your own experiences at the bottom of this page. It is particularly interesting to read dreams by devotees who have dreamed about swami since his death. (Maha Samadhi) (Read also the recent posts about dreams about the signs of the miraculous return of Sai Baba.)

About some of these Sai Stories:

Sathyua Sai Baba - from cover of book by Peggy MasonOver the years I have had many hundreds of stories and real experiences sent me about people’s encounters with Sathya Sai Baba – and spiritual encounters with his first incarnation as Sai Baba of Shridi. This website first went online in 1995 so some of these letters and emails are now a little dated. Some were sent to my news columns.

(Incidentally I have hundreds of letters from people who claim to have been cured from very serious illness after having taken some of the materialised Vibhutti that my painter friend Bhupendra Desai used to post to people who enquired through this site. When Bhupendra Desai died he too saw Sathya Sai Baba at the end of his bed – I spoke to him of his visitations soon before he died. Although Bhupendra was now near blind his visions were so splendid that he was in tears of joy. If any official Sai Centre would like these letters for their archives I will send them to you.)

Sathya Sai Baba has died (What devotees call ‘Maha Samadhi’)  yet many people – including myself – continue to have dreams about Sai Baba with messages about how to progress our spiritual work. So I partly post these messages here as a record but also to seed new messages.

When I was in India there was a message/poster on the dining room wall that explained that Sai Baba did not give messages to devotees though mediums or channelers. Clearly, this would also apply to now – after his death. However as he is omnipresent in life it would follow that he would continue to give DIRECT messages through dreams, answered prayers and meditation. Please do share your own experiences in the comments at the bottom of this page if you feel it would help people.

These are a few of the Sai Stories sent to this website. They date from around 1995

Sathya Sai Baba Laughing


I am sending a story about my husband’s earthly death. Frank Meszaros had prostate cancer and a tumor on his spine paralyzed him from the nipples down. He was hospitalized for a few months and grew to be uncomfortable with the medical profession because so many mistakes were made in the hospital by nurses and doctors. When he was released from the hospital, he and I had to adjust to a new world of creating mobility for him. We changed our eating habits to a macrobiotic diet and continued to offer prayer to Sai Baba. A new altar was made in the dinning room where Frank’s hospital bed was placed. The altar was filled with pictures of Baba, a hawk feather given to Frank by a Mayan Priest, and pictures that related to his Catholic up bringing.

Frank’s heavenly journey when he died October 30, 1998, reminded me or a scene from Forest Gump. When Forest visited his mother, she informed him that she would soon return to God’s home. It was so simply stated without fear or tears. Frank went through such a natural, peaceful process that I was so privileged to share. Part of creation’s plan allowed for the natural process of dying. As the autumn leaves gently released themselves from the trees of their life to become recycled in an ever-changing process, it seemed symbolic of Frank’s mind and spirit releasing the earth body.

I was unaware of his fate or nearing death when he first told me of his nightly visits with ‘Baba’ (Sai Baba). He gave me simple messages from Baba. Baba says: ‘Tell the truth; Love everyone at first (judgment) then you will know to love them always; Just be yourself always and not worry; Love (Sai-Love) men and women in the same way — no competition; Life is living and not going from expectation to expectation; Baba says that he is inside of you always — you don’t have to go anywhere to find him; Just be — no need for egotism; Everyone is connected — part of One.’ As Frank spoke these simple words, his eyes seemed focused above and his body language expressed a greater knowing beyond the words and this life time. One night Frank prayed to Baba and asked him if he could be a girl in his next life. I was surprised at this request and asked Frank about it. He had no answer; he only wondered why the world has not learned ‘real love.’

When Frank entered a stage of seeing ‘imaginary people,’ they were very real to him. I told him that he was much more perceptive than I and he needed to guide me as to where to walk so I would not hurt the other people. He obliged. It almost seemed right as all soul’s eve approached that he could be on two planes — the earth and the ethereal. I e-mailed a friend, ‘Last night he slept with one eye open. One looking in and one looking out. He is so peaceful on his new journey.’ His travels on another consciousness was normal according to the Hospice helpers and they explained that he may talk to them and see many people he once knew who passed before him.

In another e-mail, I write, “He speaks of death, now. Sometimes slightly scared because he will miss me but he adds, ‘You can always think of me.’” It seemed that he was more concerned for me. Wednesday morning, Carol Gallardo and I laughed and joked as we proof read the newsletter to take it to the printer. He said, ‘I always loved hearing you two laugh.’ That was the last complete sentence I heard him speak. Frank, who loved to elaborate, had taken on such simple word usage.

As Frank’s mind and soul were on a new journey his body slowly began the natural process of closing down. Each system slowed then stopped until the last big inhalation and the heart then stopped. The body has its own orderly way of closing down. Hospital care confuses the body by intravenous feeding when the digestive system is closing or giving oxygen to a respiratory system that needs only shallow slow breaths. The natural closing of the body is truly a beautiful process. I saw only a great peacefulness in Frank. I took a wet wash-cloth and let drops of water fall on to his tongue and lips. I suspect that this deed was for my comfort and not for his. I learned the death process is natural and not to be feared. I have no idea what I perceived before. All that I can conger up is one minute you’re alive and the next you’re not because I was unaware that it was a process.

It also appeared that Frank was having out-of-body experiences. More than once, I heard foot steps in the kitchen and went to check on the sounds origin. Then I checked with Frank and he told me that he was ‘just walking.’

The morning that he passed, Tony Gallardo found a lost medal of St. Christopher in his shoe apparently at the time Frank passed to his new life and concluded that Frank had died.For his last earthly night, he was circled by friends. Bobbi Holliday lead a peaceful ceremony for his new journey.

Friday morning Frank, my life partner, died. Many friends soon arrived at my door. I was encouraged to relax and take a bath as they worked as if they were of one mind to clean my home and make food. As I bathed and meditated I saw a dance of oneness taking place as people joined and shared in a task without a task master which created a gentle, serene atmosphere. The unity of all was without ego; a connection to the oneness; and a beautiful sharing. It seemed as Frank’s words from Baba were alive.

The mystery of the ring began to evolve. I heard friends say to one another, ‘Is this your ring?’ With the reply, ‘No, it was just there.’ I had no idea about the ring until I went to use the phone and saw the black cameo ring given to Frank by his father sitting next to the phone. It appeared to just appear. I hadn’t seen the ring in over a year except for a brief dream moment the night before yet it laid so openly next to the phone which I had used consistently. Could it be another happening from Frank’s out of body experiences?

Melva Oseka who had once been a Num, came to the home as she learned of Franks’s journey and told me that she thought she saw Jesus in heavenly colors approached her during her dreams that night but as Jesus neared she saw that it was Frank who came to give her a hug. She thought that this was a sign that Frank would walk again after nearly a year of paralysis. She had no idea that Frank had come to visit her farewell. The last words she had heard from Frank a week earlier were, ‘I love you’ as the phone clicked to hang up.

When the house was refreshed and purified, Mary Jo Rhodes led a Sufi blessing and each said ‘Thanks’ to Frank for being a friend. The group left and then returned about five PM. Friends shared in telling stories and eating and then Jil Grignon led a simple, powerful ceremony with a visualization that a golden guardian angel would now sit on our shoulders.

Thank you for your sharing, Sai-Love, Marge

Shirdi Dreams

Sai Baba ShirdiYesterday I visited your site and I observed the changes done. Now your site is superb. With respect to dreams you have given most information. I would like to tell you about  the great saint SHIRDI SAI BABA left his mortal coil in 1918 and after that he is in touch with his devotees in DREAMS and taking care of them.

Since 1992 in his fold I am privileged to receive messages some times verbally and some times in a picture sequence which I scribble in darkness of the night and decode them and record the messages in my personal diary. The excerpts from those daily recordings are reproduced after translation into english language for the benefit of all sai devotees and to enhance their faith in LORD SAINATH. I am releasing those of the recordings in the below mentioned websites (SAI PHILOSOPHY) which you are already visiting. You may please publish this small letter in your site (dreams section) so that sai devotees can understand that even after mahasamadhi sri sai is appearing in dreams of his devotees and giving necessary messages and instructions to them for their benefit.

With best regards saibanisa gopalarao ravada hyderabad india


Future Message?

The Ozone Layer was covered and Swami said that Mother Earth is sick and has a temperature, according to David. Swami blessed a Sai Survival Settlement 150 miles east of Perth, Australia, which will be on the coast in the future.

This seems to show this situation occurring in the non too distant future! This doesn’t only cover Australia, the effects of global warming and presumably the melting of the ice will raise sea-levels everywhere. I’m starting to look at Scallion’s map again The next 18 months up to the start of the Golden Age are going to be rough and in fact are already rough. Climate, Earth changes, War, Persecution, Atrocities, Stock market collapse, Depression etc etc.

Again, look at the news reports, earthquakes are reported from all corners of the world as an almost daily event, Climatic changes causing floods in one area and droughts in others. Rising sea levels blamed on the global heating while they are silent about the fact that massive ice formations under the sea level are melting at alarming rates.

On January 1995 in the ANTARTIC Peninsula a 1300 kilometre square section of ice collapsed in a matter of weeks. On January the 29th 1997. Green Peace expedition coordinator Janet Dalziell, sailing on the Green Peace ship MV Arctic Sunrise said, ” It is an eerie feeling to be sailing through open, calm waters in a spot that until only two years ago was covered by a sheet of ice over 200 metres thick. It brings home the size of the changes we can expect in a global warming world.

Note that at the “Second Conference on the Environment” in New York on the 25th of June 1997. The representative of the Maldives Islands was greatly concerned with the earth warming and sea levels rising. It would only take 30 centimeters to destroy the tourist business on the islands. Furthermore on the 27th of June 1997, as a result of this conference and the lobbying of the Australian Prime Minister John Howard, for special consideration in the reduction of fossil fuel emissions into the atmosphere. The President of the United States of America has called for a six months stay on the decision of fossil fuel reductions. As the American people are not aware of the alarming climatic changes taking place around the world.

Is it any wonder that Swami tells us that the earth is in pain

Nostradamus (by Dolores Cannon, author of Conversations With Nostradamus Vol. 1 and 2) Pole Shift Prediction: “As the poles shift, it is going to shift backward a quarter of a turn. This will create the polar ice caps melting and when this happens the water will come rushing down, the pole plates of the earth will move and they will come to a point where they can not move any further, it is a blockage.Then they will begin to buckle.

Edgar Cayce (Edgar Cayce (Biography) reading August 11 1936; 826-8) “Our planet is undergoing cataclysmic changes that have been predicted in the past. To a question posed in 1936. Q-9 “What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2000 to 2001A.D.? Edgar Cayce responded 1936 A-9 “When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins.

Revelation 16: 18 “…. And a great earthquake occurred such as had not occurred since men came to be on the earth, so extensive an earthquake, so great…”

Let none of this alarm you, nor be fearful but put Trust and Faith in Swami’s words; “Why fear, when Baba is here”

‘For here I am creating a new heavens and a new earth And the former things will not be called to mind, Neither will they come up into the heart.” (Isaiah 65: 17)

“And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth; For the former heaven and the former earth had passed away And the sea is no more” (Revelation 21: 1)

“And the sea is no more” with this phrase the author of Revelations indicates that the unruly, ever changing attitudes of men shall be no more, thus men then living will live in harmony and peace with their God. And as God told Isaiah (Isaiah 65: 17)

“Neither will they come up into the heart” indicates that people then living, having survived the catastrophe which may occur, will not deplore, nor lament, nor commiserate over the past world, their property, its people and its system.

OM, Bhur, Bhuva, Swaha Tat Saviture Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo-yo Na Praco Dayat OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Life after death according to a Shirdi Sai devotee

(Shirdi Sai is Sathya Sai Baba’s earlier incarnation) Sai Baba’s first incarnation as Shirdi Baba

In the year 1996, I was in Dhayana (Meditation) on Shirdi Sai. I asked Maharaj Sai to show me the life after death. Maharaj showed me my death and rebirth.

In front of Sai Baba, my Atma left the body. Sri Sai Maharaj called the Atma. My Atma was resembling like my body without flesh and bones. Sai Maharaj was holding my left hand in his right hand and asked me to walk along with him. We both crossed a river and reached a mountain. Sai Maharaj was holding my hand and we both were climbing the hill. We reached a castle above the mountain. Sai Maharaj asked me to climb tallest tower in the castle, he was holding my hand till we reached the tip of the tower. Sai Maharaj asked me to walk into the sky with faith on him. He told me that he will not go with me further. He told me not to look down and just walk into the sky and reach God. I kept my right leg in the sky and with curiosity (MAYA) I looked down the hill. My Atma instead of walking in the sky started falling down on the earth. My Atma entered a womb of a woman and the dream is vanished.

I came out from my dhayana (meditation) and realised the mistake I have done. Sai Maharaj helped me to climb the tower in the castle and asked me to walk with faith on him in the sky and reach the God. I was having faith on Sai but the curiosity (MAYA) made me to look down on earth and my Atma has taken rebirth. Sai Maharaj shown my past four Janmas (births and rebirths) and future Janma.

If any Sai devotee interested to know more about Sai Philosophy and his eleven assurances they can take part in the Sai Darbar on Sunday’s during the time 16.00 hours to 22.00 hours Indian Standard time over the phone (091-40-7123926).

SAI.BA.NI.SA Gopalarao *Maharaj SAI named Gopalarao Ravada as SAI.BA.NI.SA. In the language telugu it is:

BA = Badyatalu NI = Nirvarthinche SA = Sanyasi which means the person who obeys the instructions of SAI and implements it.

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  • Mary Carew Jun 1, 2019, 7:31 pm

    Sai Baba is a wonderful person and I had the privilege of dreaming about him after my sister dying. I dreamed about visiting my sister and she was in a beautiful big kitchen and Sai Baba and I were visiting her, Sai Baba was with me and he was wearing his orange-colored sari. My sister was behind the kitchen counter and she asked Sai Baba what he would like to eat and he said he would like a salad and my sister said oh that is very expensive and I think there were smiles all around. It gave me reassurance that my sister was at peace and happy in heaven. I thank God for the experience.

  • Abhigyan Das Dec 9, 2017, 1:39 am

    I am a resident of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I was a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since many years. During the last week of July 2017(approx.), I, my wife and my mother, were having a chat together in my bedroom mostly about Shirdi Sai Baba, and gradually, the discussion shifted towards Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba. I, very clearly mentioned that I never had any experience till date, with Sathya Sai Baba and my belief and devotion are strictly limited to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba only. The same night, I dreamt of Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, and I would not declare that’s a dream as nothing could be more real and relevant, and who had beknown that this would eventually  make me rephrase my previous statement.

    The dream goes something like this-
    The city was probably Puttaparthi (or, Bhubaneswar), which I am unsure right now. I and few of my office colleagues were having lunch, organized by Bhagawan. A volunteer wearing white (whom I had never seen nor did I know what was the dress code of a volunteer in Prasanthi Nilayam) served us food. Apart from the servings in the thali (the plate) there was vibhuti wrapped in a paper(packaged in small cubes). I started with the Vibhuti, it tasted sweet and I was so into the Vibhuti that it made me forget that I have an entire lunch to eat.

    Before I could start my lunch, I had finished my vibhuti. All my colleagues started teasing me for I had no vibhuti, but they did. Then, the same volunteer (who had served us food earlier) comes with 2 cubes of vibhuti in a small paper bag and says to me “Baba has sent these vibhuti packets exclusively for you”. This moment… cannot be explained. When this happened, I felt so blessed and was so very delighted, whereas my colleagues had nothing with them to hide their faces before me.

    After my lunch, I approached the auditorium where Baba was sitting (at the very first row). I walked near to that row and prostrated before Baba, and he stood up and gave his blessings with both his hands.

    This dream (or experience) had converted me into a deep follower of Bhagawan the next morning as soon as I woke up. 12 hours ago I had no experience, and now, I’m a devotee, what were the chances?

  • Sushma Apr 28, 2017, 5:57 am

    Last year while undergoing a bout of depression, I pleaded to Baba to come in my dream if He was watching me. Was He with me protecting me? The same night He came in my dream and showed me blessing gesture. I bowed to Him He again blessed me putting His hands on my head. A few days back I saw Him with some people and then I touched the Lotus feet. Please comment on how should I interpret this.

  • Rashi Dec 7, 2016, 11:29 am

    Please chant Om Sai Ram for 6 to 8 hours a day, followed by a good deeds through good thoughts towards all, through good words towards all, and serving people in need through good actions. Sai will definitely cure you. I had 2 tumor, one in brain and other other in neck. Sai cured me in my dream post I started chanting for a year continuously. I prayed prayed and prayed to live long. I quit all my work stayed at home and started chanting “Jai Datta Guru” who is an incarnation of Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba. Sai cured me completely. One day I got a dream I saw myself in hospital and someone removed something from my brain. The next morning when I got up what I saw that the tumor which I had on my left brain like a small bump had vanished. Post that after 3 months approx the second tumor on my neck was removed in the same way in my dreams. I am still chanting it everyday for 2 hours now. I am almost cured. I really encourage you to chant mantra for long duration sitting in front of Sai Baba picture looking at his feet or eyes. He will definitely cure you and solve your problems. He will change your life span if you really want to live long. Please, please start chanting any mantra which you relate to because he is all, He is Lord Shiva,…

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 7, 2016, 11:43 am

      Just approved this post and would like to add that many people have written to me over the years and had similar miracles just by chanting a name of God that appeals to you. I am currently chanting one given to me by the Naadi oracle – 100 hours to do but seeing a gradual improvement. Choose a mantra that appeals to your own faith and heart.

  • Ishuarav Nov 24, 2016, 7:21 am

    Aum sri Sai ram. Yesterday being swamy’s birthday, I did Pooja in the morning. Today I dreamed of swami- blessing me at pre-dawn. I felt extremely happy to have swami’s blessings as am not keeping good health for the past couple of months. In my dream, I asked swami for vibhuthi hoping he would materialize it for me but in my dream he gave me a box full of Vibhuti. Thank you swami for blessing me on this auspicious day. Make me well soon. Koti – Koti pranams.

  • Annette Ciaramitaro Oct 21, 2016, 1:35 am

    I was once told that to dream of Sai; it is said not indigestion or other reason. In dream to me he revealed the Leonie meteorite shower saying “what would it mean if the stars were falling from the sky and also showing a chameleon with circulating vision saying think we know so much but we cannot see the nose on our own face. In a subsequent dream I see him he has grey In his hair This is after the reports of His death. He is alive, He is well, He says he is in Calcutta feeding the homeless dogs and cats like myself which is ALL he ever really wanted to do.

  • Nansai May 24, 2016, 10:21 am

    No one was ever a Sai devotee in my family. I never even thought of him. However I always prayed and was attached to lord Shiv. This month, May 2016, I had a dream where I saw Satya Sai Baba blessing me with one hand and smiling and then he opens his third eye and pours enormous gold orange light onto me and then departs as Shirdi Sai Baba in white dress. I immediately woke up with a very fast heart beat and there was a very strong pressing kinda sensation on ajna chakra (third eye region). I do not know what that indicates, but I immediately became his devotee and started worshiping him.

    • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 2:19 am

      Consider yourself blessed! The blessing is because you pray. Baba said, as in the Koran, take one step towards God and He will take ten steps towards you. God by any name is the same. Shiva whom you worship, is also Sai Baba who is Shiva-Shakti Swaroopa. As Sai Baba of Shridi he was Shiva so he was like a strict Father. As Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthy he was Shiva-Shakti, both Father and Mother so he was both strict and indulgent. As Prema Sai He will be Shakti alone, as Divine Mother he will only love like a thousand mothers. If he opened your Third Eye He will open the channel of communication to you through direct spiritual experience. From now onward move into spiritual life and away from worldly life at your own pace and you will be rewarded. This is a turning point in your life so rejoice in it!

  • amarjit singh bamrah Oct 19, 2015, 9:03 pm

    Sai Baba has said when Evil is rampant upon this earth, He takes birth in the family of a virtuous man. One of his incarnation was Lord Rama with Sita Devi.

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar Sep 24, 2015, 12:11 am

    (Is it okay to share about ones spiritual Sai experiences openly?) … yes I believe it is OK to tell of certain experiences, but as long as it doesn’t bring the ego along with it. There are so many in the world needing inspiration from such wonderful stories told, (true experiences) given by the Divine, and other great souls. What better way can service be rendered to those needing their hearts and minds filled with the glory God’s leelas. It not only brings joy to them but also helps them to try harder in getting closer to Him so to win His Grace.
    When something of a high value is given, one may feel greater than others because of it, or may even puff out their chest in making themselves grander in another’s eyes. This is what the ego does, it wants attention and fame and much more. It can be very easy to get carried away by it, but eventually it will lead one to their own downfall. One has to be very vigilant.
    Swami has so often said; one should always discriminate before saying or doing anything, (is it right or is it wrong?). Discriminate He says, man has been given this power within, use it!

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar Sep 22, 2015, 1:10 am

    Sai Ram dear Ramnath …
    Thank you for the effort and the time spent in giving such an indepth interpretation of the dream. I am very thankful to you for this. Yes I do accept all you have said and I believe at long last, through you, Swami has enlightened me with its meaning. I have learned throughout the years that of certain experiences and dreams given by Swami, can sometimes takes years before they become clear to us – as we are not yet ripe, or ready to know their meaning.

    With love and gratitude
    Sai Ram

    • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 3:23 am

      Sairam Reverend! Don’t thank me, I am only doing the work assigned to me by Baba. If this has helped you, then I am grateful to Baba to have been of service to you!

  • V.Ramnath Sep 16, 2015, 4:30 pm

    Sairam Craig and Jane ! You ask about Baba dreams after his death? Yes he has come many times in pre-dawn dream-visions to me after his death.One was the day after his death in the big darshan hall in Prashanti Nilayam which was almost empty. I was sitting on the stone ledge for handicapped people. Baba came close to me and smiled and rotated his hand. I saw some Seva dal volunteers rush past us without acknowledging his presence. So I asked Baba,”Have the Seva Dal no manners ? “He just laughed and said,” if they were to see me now they would run away in sheer fright” and he laughed hugely at this thought and then after another blessing he walked away slowly up and down the hall. Nobody could see him. He was about 60 years old and physically quite fit.

    This dream was after an extraordinary miracle of Baba’s grace. Around the end of February 2011 while walking around one evening in my steep garden I slipped and fell and had the most dreadful fracture one can imagine. My already fused knee joint cracked wide open with hideous pain and made a loud sound like bamboo furniture breaking. As there was curfew in the town the ambulance could come only next morning. All night I lost massive quantities of blood. The next day at the tiny hospital here the young orthopedic surgeon was skeptical about my chances of survival as there was no blood available for transfusion. Anyway the good soul that he was he did the very complicated surgery all by himself. I was in hospital for 15 days followed by plaster of Paris for the left leg. I wasn’t healing well.

    In the meantime as I lay on my sick bed I was watching the news anxiously about Babas decline in Puttaparthy. Like everyone else I was confident that Baba would pull through and live on till 96 years. Then I got a phone call from a doctor friend from Puttaparthy who said there was no chance left. This upset me very much so that night I prayed to Baba and told him to take my life and to extend his own in exchange, if it was all about Karmas. Next evening, after my servant had shut down the kitchen and retired for the night around 9 pm there was a commotion at the gate. I was worried wondering if some drunkards were trying to enter the house knowing I was bed ridden. So my cook then went and saw and told me there are some strangers from Whitefield, Bangalore who say that Baba has sent them to do some prayers in my little puja (chapel) room. I was a bit suspicious but when the cook told me it was a family of a husband, wife, two children and a grandmother I said Ok let them in. My bedroom is an extension of the puja room. These strangers sat down in the puja room , lit a lamp and for 15 minutes kept on reciting Sanskrit shlokas (prayers) all to Shiva and arogyam (cure) from a piece of paper.

    When they finished the man came to me and introduced himself as Manager of ICICI bank in Whitefield. What he told me next astounded me. He said at noon that day the family sat in their car for their first holiday trip to Madikeri, Coorg ( where I live and which is a tourist hot spot these days). The husband and wife occupied the front seats, the children and grandmother the back seats. He said as he was about to start the engine, Baba suddenly appeared sitting between his wife and himself and this is what he said word for word, ” When you reach Madikeri go straight to a mystic who lives in the Sai Sabha building on Abbey Falls road and recite these prayers. He is in great pain and has offered his life for me. These prayers are for his recovery”

    Baba then told them to write down the prayers which were about 15 minutes long. Then Baba pointed outside and said,” This is his house”and they saw my house here in Madikeri, in bright sunlight, by the roadside in Whitefield, Bangalore. And then Baba vanished! They went into shock barely believing their eyes and they drove straight to Madikeri. When they arrived, it was already dark , they drove all around the town looking for a Sai Sabha building. There is none here. Then they asked their hotel manager who said Abbey falls road is 6 kms from here and it dark and unsafe in this jungle to venture out especially as there was a power failure in the town. So they parked their car in the hotel, hired a jeep with a local driver and flashing torches at every house landed outside my house at 9 pm! They did not know my name as Baba did not tell them my name, only called me a mystic! (something which he told me in a dream in 1977 I would become). Two days later Baba died and 8 months later I made a miraculous recovery after having been operated (against medical advise) in a one horse town. This was Baba, the God, who heard my prayer made out of love of God, for God, in a spirit of pure self-sacrifice. And look at how deep his love is, that he would make such elaborate arrangements for my recovery and not his own even though he was on the death bed! I was 63 years old at the time of my operation and there wasn’t much hope of surviving the operation. Having chronic pain afterwards was a certainty but nothing happened . Now I am back to driving my car. What can I say? The scriptures say that a spiritual experience is like seeing lightening strike the earth, brilliant, a bit frightening and utterly overwhelming which you cannot describe with mere words!

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 21, 2015, 9:39 am

      There was a delay approving this post as it had many errors as it was so long. All posts need to be checked for basic spelling, capitalization, grammar and so on before they are approved. (My spelling is not that good either but Google will punish websites with spelling errors so this wait in necessary.)

  • Raj Aug 7, 2015, 6:34 am

    Is it okay to share about ones spiritual Sai experiences openly?

    Baba said: “If one has not destroyed his ego, it is not safe to speak about one’s very personal experiences openly, because the ego can bring him/her down or it can diminish his devotion”

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 23, 2015, 11:40 am

      That’s a very interesting quotation that I have not heard before. For my own part I feel an urge to share my spiritual experiences as I am a writer and also someone who is a good communicator. My Naadi leaves have also told me that it is my destiny to share my knowledge of Sai Baba and God with the world. But I have an ego too so my light is often clouded and I can appreciate why Baba says this. Some Sai Baba dreams are very personal indeed and I would not share these and I expect others posting here only post those that reinforce our faith in the reality of a Sai Baba dream. The same could be said for personal interviews too I guess as we may feel special if we have been selected. The ego is a slippery eel.

      • V.Ramnath Sep 23, 2015, 1:58 pm

        Here too I believe there is a great deal of variety in Babas Instructions! The instructions are both general and specific….they are often tailor made to suit a specific situation or an individual.The general instruction is to beware of the ego as the biggest pitfall in spiritual evolution. The ancient Hindu sages therefore, retired to the forests to meditate and acquire siddhis (ie para normal powers) away from the glare of publicity. This was also to protect themselves from their own egos.In my own life Baba told me to tell some of his dreams to others and some he prohibited. When I was in Delhi he once told me to stop telling anyone anything more about the dreams. This was closely linked to the specific situation I was then in. It was in a dream that he instructed me to write a book about my experiences and it was again in a dream that he even gave the title of the book, Waiting for Baba! In the past few years he has told me specifically to narrate all the dreams to people especially to westerners. I do not know why, except that that is his will. Earlier it was very rarely that I would tell people about these things but now I am prepared to share these experiences even with strangers and I no longer bother about the impression this makes as it is a Baba command.

  • sai Jul 28, 2015, 6:59 pm

    I have lot of dreams. Maybe around 15 times or more. All of it came true.

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar Jun 16, 2015, 2:06 am

    THIS IS THE DREAM I MENTIONED IN THE ABOVE WHICH TOOK PLACE IN 2005: If one looks toward the Hindu Bible it tells of Brahma who created the universe. Brahma is an aspect of God, as is Shiva, so too is Vishnu. If we look into the Hindu Trinity; BRAHMA is the Creator, SHIVA the Destroyer and VISHNU, the Preserver.

    In an unearthly dimension at the base of the greatest mountain ever seen, I found myself standing before God who took the form of Shirdi Sai Baba. As I stood before this great Mountain I knew without doubt there could NEVER be a mountain greater or higher than this. Its color was the deepest and darkest of blue, and the sound coming from it was tremendous, it was emitting a continuous droning sound of AUMMMMMMM – I felt it touch the deepest level within me, my soul, and wonderful emotions of love began to rise.

    I looked over at Shirdi Baba who was now beckoning me to come to him. He lead the way until finally we entered a great cave within the mountain. Deep inside we sat on the ground and Baba began talking on things that I cannot remember. In front of us was a fire that no longer burned. Sitting on the cold ashes was a large black iron pot. Baba looked at me smiling then said, look inside the pot and take (one.) With a smile I leaned over and looked inside seeing a number of very old copper coins in which I took one. Then I took another and Baba began to laugh loud. Then I asked could I take one more, still laughing Baba said, OK, but don’t take them all I need one myself. I now had three old copper coins sitting in the palm of my hand which for some reason I knew represented something very important in my life.

    Baba then stood up and began leading me out of the cave saying that it was now time to leave. After giving my love and saying goodbye, I then began walking away when I noticed on the side of the mountain right before me no more than two feet away, and at eye level, a living movie start to unfold on the solid rock face.

    I then realized what I was now witnessing; it was the Hindu Trinity descending rapidly from the peak of the mountain – the (3) Gods; BRAHMA, SHIVA and VISHNU together side by side running fast down the side of the mountain. I fully knew who they were as if I had always known. Then the three gods came to a stop at the base of the mountain with Vishnu being twice or even three times the size of the other two gods, and having (4) arms with objects in each hand.

    I was so overwhelmed with emotion I screamed out the word LUMAH to Shirdi Baba while pointing towards the (3) gods. Baba was smiling broadly at my excitement. Yet I knew without doubt that Baba Himself was the ONE above ALL. And again while pointing at the Trinity and looking straight at Baba, I again excitedly called out (LUMAH), three times in all, and still that one word eludes me to this day. “what does it mean.”

    Then I woke where sleep never came again, how could it, my mind was full of the beautiful images just witnessed.

    When I speak of the (3) High Gods (The Trinity), they are but manifestations of the “ONE” Supreme Godhead (Baba) who plays out His game for us here on earth in these forms. It is very difficult indeed to explain in detail and afford the full comprehension of this to another, unless one is versed well in the Hindu scriptures, which I am not.
    Its only because of the personal experiences that I have been given am I able to grasp (only) a little at this particular time in my life.

    The Godhead, the ONE above all comes down in different realities, or, in different aspects of Himself. God creates a manifestation of Himself by taking on form in the physical world for a very specific purpose. And don’t we need Him urgently today, for the world is near breaking point. How much longer can it go on?

    THE DREAM – of course this is for me alone and I have come to understand some of it over the years. Even when writing this out I have been give some grace to understand other parts also. Though in time, when Swami wills it, I will come to the full and proper understanding of it all, but only when HE says, and I know it has much more meaning in it than I realize. OMSAIRAM

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar Jun 8, 2015, 1:26 am

    Here is a strange experience I had in a dream in 2002 ….

    I was walking along a lonely street when I happened to step off the street and enter a small shop. The man behind the counter asked what did I want? before I uttered a word he reached under the glass counter to retrieve some lollies (sweets) … then he placed them on top of the counter for me to choose from. I was about to speak when all of a sudden I saw Shirdi Sai Baba entered the shop to stand directly behind me. I took one sweet in hand then began to take another when all at once Shirdi Baba put His thumb and index finger on top of my should near the neck, then he began to slowly add pressure. The pressure mounted as one would expect when squeezing in that position. Trying my hardest and with determination not to show discomfort by ignoring the pain, I then went to pick up another sweet only to finally buckle at the knees from the pressure Shirdi Baba was giving. From my opened hand the sweets fell back onto the counter, then Shirdi Baba smiled at me and said, GOOD.

    I came to the understanding that whenever I dream of Shirdi Baba (being the Divine Father) he brings a much more disciplinary action as to what Sathya Sai Baba (Divine Mother) brings.
    I believe in this dream Shirdi Baba was forcing me to rid the ego.

    When He applied pressure to the top of my shoulder, I opposed it. It was only when He added more pressure did I then let go and give in to His demand. This He did for my benefit … I only hope I can in this life in some way, be an instrument for Him to use, and I feel by telling of such experiences and dreams I may be doing this along with many others in what they also tell.

    I do have another dream though, and that also is with Shirdi Baba in which I will post a little later when I put it together properly. It was back in 2005 and even today I am still at a loss of its meaning. In this dream not only did I meet, sit and talk with God (Shirdi Baba) … but also seen the Trinity (Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu).

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar JP.DD.RMC May 21, 2015, 1:09 am

    When given experiences on a supernatural basis I don’t mind telling them, as it does offer inspiration; but only as long that it doesn’t bring the (ego) along with it. For if the ego becomes involved then I’m sure ones experiences will in time eventually diminish.

    In 2007 I had a beautiful dream of where Swami cradled me in His arms and was feeding me like a mother bird does with its young. Swami was feeding me from His mouth to my mouth. Don’t think this to be disgusting as some minds may think, remember this is God no ordinary person is HE. God was giving me everything I needed and much more. With all my heart and soul there is nothing in this world I want, but the Lord only.

    Another experience was in 1996 while sitting in Prashanti Nilayam having Swami’s darshan, when all of a sudden I heard a song being sung (LOOK AT ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE,) I turned slightly and looked up to see “John Lennon (The Beatles) smiling down at me. He too was having the blessed darshan of Lord. Then I saw my grandparents and many other family members who passed long ago having darshan, they were all grouped together. My grandmother looked at me and said; they were all desperately trying hard to get a glance from Baba, if we can get His glance then we will have His grace in our next life. (or something like that, I can’t remember the exact words she used.)

    Then I looked in the direction of Swami and saw Him change to that of Rama, including the colour. But earlier on while having darshan in the morning, my brother and I were called for an interview. While sitting at Swami’s feet I saw Hanuman holding a scepter of some kind, he was standing next to Swami as if guarding. A very beautiful vision.

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar JP.DD.RMC Apr 22, 2015, 3:46 am

    I will try to tell this story as best I can by shortening it to some degree without changing any of the details, otherwise it would be far too long, and I’m sure readers would not like a long drawn out story to read.
    In 1997 I severely injured my spine where I needed to have urgent surgery. I was in constant pain and had acquired a very prominent limp in my left leg and I began to lose much of the feeling and strength in it. I won’t display the cause of this injury or any of the circumstances involved, but will tell only of the love and guiding power of Sathya Sai Baba. (I may tell this story in more detail one day which I believe will give greater inspiration to readers.)

    When this injury first occurred I immediately went to my GP (general practitioner.) He of course sent me for an MRI scan which showed L3/4, L4/5, and L5/S1 disc desiccation.

    There was significant impingement on the thecal sac and much more which I won’t bore you with, but will say that my doctor at once arranged for an appointment with a neuro-surgeon at the local Wollongong hospital in NSW Australia. When the day arrived for my appointment with the surgeon I felt a strangeness in the air, truly I did. (this is the only way I can describe it.) It was as though the air around me was highly charged, as if the air itself had a GREAT excitement in it.

    I began driving to my appointment when all of a sudden my vision was pulled upward. With great awe I saw the face of Sai Baba in the sky through the windscreen of my car. From His waist up He was very clearly visible and I could see he was very happy. Seeing this really took me by surprise as you could imagine, and I was overcome with such excitement to the degree that I screamed out ….. SWAMI.

    Imagine how I was feeling when seeing this beautiful vision of Baba. Here I was trying to keep my vision on the road while at the same time keeping it on this divine vision who was in giant form in the sky.

    As I watched I noticed that He was very, very happy and excited about something, (that was the excitement I was feeling in the air earlier) This beautiful vision of Baba lasted the full 20 minute journey, as soon as I got to the hospital the vision faded away.

    I wiped my eyes and began to make my way through the hospital wards, up (5) levels by elevator until I came to the neuro-surgeon’s waiting room. Inside I sat and waited to be called. Finally my name was called by an Indian man who would be in his mid (30s), this was the surgeon, a (Dr Ravi Kumar Cherukuri.) No more than 2 minutes passed that he began asking me about my travels to India. (To this day I do not know how this conversation came about, but do know it was Baba’s will and what a leela it was.) I told Dr Kumar that my brother and I have been to India (3) times and we loved it. Where did you go he said. I answered, Delhi, because one doesn’t come straight out by saying (WE WENT TO HAVE BABA’s DARSHAN.) Imagine if I said that to someone who doesn’t know Baba, discrimination is needed in such things. Besides this is our business and it shouldn’t be broadcasted out. But, Baba had better ideas. Where else did you go, he queried. Mumbai I told him. Anywhere else…..Nepal, I responded. Anywhere else…..Bangalore. Where else….finally I looked at him and said – (Puttaparti.) His eye’s widened as he said, Puttaparti. You have heard of Puttaparti I asked, yes he said. I then said have you heard of Sathya Sai Baba.

    YES, Dr Kumar voiced out excitedly. Then we began a long talk about Swami and our experiences of Him. God bless those who were waiting in the waiting room, time just didn’t exist as we both discussed Swami. It must have been well over an hour before I left his room. Dr Kumar told me that he was born in Bangalore India and how he and other doctors here at this hospital journey often to India to have Swami’s darshan.

    Now I know why the vision I was given of Baba showed His excitement, He was bringing two of His devotees together, and yes we also were very excited in meeting one another and talking about Baba.

    By the way, the surgery was a great success and I now have no limp. Thank You “Swami.”

  • Rev. Wayne Farquhar JP.DD.RMC Apr 13, 2015, 2:46 am

    Yes I must add my own words to what Swami says concerning (mediums) claiming to be channeling HIM – Sathya Sai Baba. Swami has often said and has made it quite clear that if anyone claims to be channeling ME, dont believe them. I do not need to speak through anyone nor do I need to pass messages on through others. I come direct. Sadly I knew a woman who fell prey to a male medium who was supposedly channeling Swami. When I told her of Swami’s warning she wouldn’t believe me. I never saw her again and to this day, I dont know what more has taken place concerning her and this so called medium. Let this warning be a lesson to everyone, do NOT accept anyone claiming to be chaneling BABA. He comes directly to the one needing HIS help.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 15, 2015, 10:53 am

      Very important other mediums take note….

  • subramaniya suriya Apr 6, 2015, 6:14 pm

    I am a college student. One day I had a dream of swami that I am searching for the lift in our college and I was mislead to a hospital lift and then I reached the swami’s room and then many sevadals comes and talked with me during that chat. I was struck with an thought of finding my lift and I finally reached my lift.

  • Ashnee Govender Mar 15, 2015, 4:28 pm

    I am not a Sai Baba devotee, although I have heard of him and his miracles over the years. Last year I had a vision of him as if he were standing right in front of me, I also had a dream where there was a lamp for him. I was having some issues with my husband and that night I felt Baba’s presence in the room, I felt he was standing in between the two beds that my husband and I were sleeping. (We slept on separate beds that night). He wasn’t wearing his usual orange outfit, he was wearing red. Could it be that my daughter’s name is Sai-Ann and we call her Sai in short that I’m having these visions?

    • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 2:28 am

      Dreams and Visions of Sai Baba are caused by Baba Himself. He Himself visits you when you see him in a dream or Vision. Please do not take this lightly. It is a privilege that He extends only to a few people as it is a spiritual connection to Him which is purer and eternal compared to, say, a physical interview with Sai Baba.

  • meena Jan 11, 2015, 4:50 am

    Although I am not a devotee of Sai Baba but I have seen him several times in my dreams. Today, early morning I had a dream that I was sitting on a chair near a table. Under the table a magazine was kept open and I was looking at the pictures there. There were pictures of two men and as I looked at those pictures for a while I could see the faces of those two men changing into those of Sai Baba. When I looked at the walls I could see faces of SaI Baba being formed there too. I was trying to tell the people around me that something strange is happening and that I am seeing the face of Sai Baba being formed but nobody seemed to be listening to me intently.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 13, 2015, 11:21 am

      The experiences of Sathya Sai Baba in dreams are real. Keep noting your dreams and you may get personal confirmation though events in your own life. You do not have to be a devotee of Baba – you can know him as a friend.

  • uday shankar shinde Nov 8, 2014, 11:52 am

    I am a Assistant Professor and very sad in my life and always nervous and do not have interest in any matters of life. Thought that sathya sai will help me but he too passed away. I do not want any material things from sathya sai. I just want a cool and calm sleep during my night so that myself can work more efficently.

    • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 2:40 am

      Baba has merely left his body but I can assure you He is around and will always be as He is God. Just pray to Him sincerely keeping His image or Name (God by any Name will do) in your mind and see the results. God, in any case cannot be seen or touched as he is like electricity, which too, cannot be seen or touched isn’t it? But we sense the presence of electricity by what electricity does, like giving you light in the house or making your fridge work etc. God too is just like that. You can sense His presence from what He does for you. It is an overwhelming experience when you turn to Him and He responds. So don’t give up or get depressed. You have to keep at it. Shraddha and Saburi is needed as Sai Baba of Shridi often said to earn Gods grace. Shraddha means reverence for God and Saburi means patience.

  • subburathinam Sep 22, 2014, 5:48 pm

    baba is living god.

  • Prashanthi Aug 9, 2014, 10:27 am

    My family comes from a strong beliver of “Sathya Sai Baba” they have also named me “Prashanthi” though I believe in baba am a huge Shiva devotee , recently I had Swami Baba in my dreams offerings daffodil flowers to all, but when I went to ask the flower,he placed a coconut flower in my hand & said “You have really forgotten me” and walked away. What does this dream indicate ? Kindly advice. As am clueless what this dream means.

    • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 2:57 am

      As you are a Shiva Bhakta, Baba is merely telling you that Baba and Shiva are one and the same. The more you pray to Shiva the closer Baba will come to you as all Gods names are His. He is actually half joking with you when he says you have “forgotten Him “. How can you forget Him when you are actually worshiping Him as Shiva? Rest assured, all your prayers to Shiva are reaching Baba directly and that is what he is trying to tell you. The gift of a coconut flower is significant as the coconut is often used as a symbol for the human body which has to be sacrificed to please God and evolve spiritually. In a dried coconut the flesh inside separates from the shell and becomes copra. When that happens, the coconut is painted with Gods images as a fit offering to God. The same analogy applies to the human body and to mankind when we make sacrifices to God. We have to separate our souls from our bodies through conscious effort to earn Gods grace and it is a long and slow and painful process, just like the separation of the flesh of the coconut from the shell of the coconut.

      • Craig Hamilton-Parker May 25, 2016, 11:03 am

        The shell of the coconut can also be a symbol for the ego that is smashed so that the spirit can be revealed.

  • rekha May 31, 2014, 4:46 pm

    Sai – we are eagerly waiting for you to join our family. Come soon!

  • Crish Mar 24, 2014, 12:18 pm

    I am aware that Lord Sathya Sai Baba did predict his next birth and the Indian province where he will come again. Has He been born. What do you know about the ever omnipotent, omnipresent roving Avatar Babaji who is about 1500 earth years old, roaming in the vicinity of Himalaya mountains. I sincerely hope that you can enlighten me. Thanks

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 24, 2014, 12:34 pm

      I believe you are talking about Mahavatar Babaji who Paramahansa Yogananda spoke about. There are a number of really good books about Babaji. The one I enjoyed the most was Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition by M Govindan M.A.

      I think there is also a lot of misinformation on the web too. May claim a sort of lineage by saying that they have met the mysteriously elusive yogi as a means to give themselves an authority. There is also someone who claims to be Mahavatar Babaji while others say he left his body in 1984.

      I would be interested to know if any visiting devotees know if Sathya Sai Baba ever spoke about him – I think there was a mention in one of the books by Phillis Crystal.

  • kgoyal Mar 24, 2014, 2:42 am

    Ever since Swami’s Maha Samadhi , I’ve had several dreams of him for the last three years…I would say I understand probably 20-30% of them but majority of them, I have been left confused..I wonder what are the best ways to interpret Swami’s dreams (if any)?

    • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 3:08 am

      When Baba wants to communicate with you via dreams it normally occurs during the Brahma Mahuratam period i.e. 3 am to 6 am. The ‘dream’ is more like a vision, in that, you will be able to recount every little detail of it and it normally occurs just as you are waking up or you will be wide awake immediately afterwards. The Brahma Muhuratam is the sacred sathvic time when it is easiest for God to contact Devotees and for Devotees to contact God through deep meditation (dhyanam).

      • Karun Jun 27, 2016, 1:56 am

        Thank you Mr.Ramnath for the explanation. I still receive Swami Dreams but make a note to write them down. I have realized that I might not understand them but perhaps one day it will all make sense. I think that’s all I can do. Sai Ram!

  • saikanagaj Mar 12, 2014, 6:58 am

    Sathya Sai – my Lord – is no ordinary man. Firstly we must trust that He is God. There is no doubt – He is already beyond both birth and death and things happen because of His will. Swami told me that I will find true devotee. One day Sai’s Empire of Love will rule the whole world! 100%

  • Gloria Dec 20, 2013, 3:19 pm

    I am not a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba but strangely I had a strange dream of Sai Baba giving me a herb to bring home to my sick father who has lung cancer. I did not know of Sai Baba’s teachings until he appeared in my dream that made me search his teachings and I found it correlated with the teachings of Buddhism, for which I am devotee.

    The strange thing is, I had not been reading or seeing anything related to Sai Baba at all, all these years, so it can’t be a psychological event.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 20, 2013, 4:36 pm

      Sai Baba tells us that dreams about Him are real. This has certainly proved to be that case in my own experience and of the many people I have spoken too. This is a highly auspicious dream and I hope it help with the healing of your father.

    • Anjali Nov 19, 2014, 6:39 pm

      Hi, I just read your comment, and, I totally believe you. I’m not a “true” devotee of Sai Baba.. I don’t even pray.. And I also haven’t seen/heard/read anything about Him in years. My dad met him before, but that was far away, in 2001.

      But, one night, I deam of Sai Baba. That dream is so profound, and so real, that I felt my whole body and mind responding to his “call”. He told me to believe in Him. And at that moment, I truly did. With all my soul.

      When I wake up the next day, I walk into the kitchen, and my mom tells me that Sai Baba died during the night.. I told her I dreamed of Him and she was shocked. She prays to Him everyday while I pray very rarely.

      So that can’t be a psychological event. It’s too much of a coincidence, the night before his death..

      Note that I am not a religious person, but some events, such as this one, do make me realise that there should be some sort of belief in everyone’s life.

      • V.Ramnath May 25, 2016, 3:14 am

        This is not about religion at all. It is about discovering your own real identity, God, and the process by which your individual identity merges finally with the Divine Identity. Your whole life is the stage on which this drama is played out. A spiritual person is only someone who is aware of this and makes the right effort towards God.

  • crish naidu Mar 12, 2013, 1:45 pm

    I find your predictions real and relevant. I have been following and reading your articles for about 2 months now. The prophesies above and Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s in interviews are inspiring.

    What worries me most is the most cruel abortions that happen daily in our world – murder of an innocent life. This is most sinful. I also read experiences of earth beings going to heaven and hell and how Jesus Christ and other gods taking care of these babies who were murdered on earth and how the murderer (the mother) when she eventually dies rots in hell. (Continual fire and is given as food the body of a new abortion body.) No one speaks of this evil. How will these countries be punished?

    You are aware that all psychics going back hundreds of years predicted that the Third World War will commence in 2000. This is delayed by the FATHER and also I think mainly by the muslim/Arab countries not having accumulated enough arms because they have not progressed intellectually to invent the arms. BUT SOON THE WAR WILL START ACCOMPANIED BY UNPRECEDENTED NATURAL CATASTROPIES. THANKS

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 13, 2013, 2:26 pm

      I have never heard of Sai Baba talk about mothers being tormented after death for having an abortion or have to experience eating their own children. Sorry but this does not ring true.

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