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 Interviews and True Stories

There are many thousands of fascinating stories about Sathya Sai Baba and many examples of personal interviews and life changing encounters with India’s most famous modern teacher. Below are a few unique examples that I collected while working as a journalist with my paranormal column in various newspapers. You can also read a detailed article about my personal encounters with Sathya Sai Baba here.

“I met the man of miracles”

Article from Craig Hamilton-Parker’s column in the Western Daily Press

On the 29th October I told the story in this column (Guru of Gurus) of the remarkable spiritual teacher from Puttapharti in India who performs miracles and is having a tremendous influence on many Westerners. In response to the article a number of readers wrote to say that they have met Sathya Sai Baba and even saw his miracles

I had read somewhere that Sathya Sai Baba had said some time ago that he did not want people who were interested in him to promote him or publish articles in the newspapers about his teachings and miracles I am not a devotee myself but have a great respect for his teachings. He claims to be omnipresent so if this really is the case, I argued to myself, then he would be able to give me an answer as to whether I should write the article. I closed my eyes and randomly opened a pile of papers about him that had been given me from off the Internet. I struck the page with a pin and read part of a quote of his ‘It is time the world knew’. I picked up the phone to interview Joan Brake from Porishead in Somerset.

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“It’s all right to talk about Sai Baba now you know” said Joan ” He says ‘It is time the world knew’.”So with the hairs standing on the back of my neck I began the interview with this lovely spiritual lady. Joan and her husband Richard first heard about the miracles and teaching of Sai Baba over eleven years ago. Their search for spiritual truth began within Spiritualism and says Joan “we found that without a shadow of a doubt that life goes on after death”. Joan and Richard’s search continued and they researched healing, clairvoyance, meditation, reflexology, crystal therapy and Native American teachings. “If anything came along with a spiritual aspect, Richard and I would look into it and share what we found with others” Inevitably perhaps, Joan and Richard opened their home and once a month invited experts and lecturers to talk to her growing group. “One by one they started to talk about Sai Baba- even though it was not the subject they’d come to talk about””I listened to the talks and saw videos of Sai Baba performing miracles and although it was plain that he was a wonderful man, he was not doing or saying anything different to what Christ said and after all magicians like Paul Daniels can do similar ‘miracles’ on television. This type of thing has to be real for me. I can’t accept everything people say is true”

But Richard and Joan became more and more intrigued. “The people who spoke or wrote about Sai Baba weren’t ‘wild’ or ‘hippy’ types they were professional people such as doctors so we decided that if Christ was alive today then I’d want to go and see him. And if, from what I’d read and heard, Sai Baba was doing the same things as Christ then we would have to go and find out for ourselves. “Joan and Richard Brake joined a party of 90 people who had made the same decision and flew to India. Nowadays Sai Baba is surrounded by so many followers that it is almost impossible to get near him. On his 70th birthday (Nov 23 rd) last year he had over one million visitors to his ashram (Spiritual Center) yet every one of them was housed and fully fed for free.

Joan and Richard were lucky. They were invited to meet Sai Baba for a private audience with him.”Years and years ago there was a song in the hit parade called ‘Open the door Richard'” says Joan “A family joke, that continued for years, was to change the words and sing ‘Close the door Richard’ every time Richard entered a room. Richard was the last to enter Sai Baba’s private chambers. With a twinkle in his eye Sai Baba looked at him and in the correct tune actually sang the words ‘Close the door…..Richard’! Sai Baba then turned round , looked at me, and roared with laughter.”Nobody else in that room knew what was going on but for Richard and I it was incredible that Sai Baba should know this little family joke from so long ago. It was absolutely fantastic.”Joan and Richard have since had a number of private interviews with Sai Baba over the years. “On many occasions, we’ve seen him materialize objects from thin air” continues Joan “On one occasion he materialized a silver medallion with his image imprinted on it which was passed around. He then blew on it and it changed into a little golden statue of the Hindu elephant god Ganesha with three rubies hanging from it. This again was passed around.

Sai Baba then looked at one of the visitors and said ‘What do you want?’ ‘You Swami was the reply’ so Sai Baba blew on it again and back came the medallion.”I’ve seen him materialize rings with pictures of Christ on them, vibhuti ash, silver boxes.. a whole list of things.” But Joan stresses that the phenomena Sai Baba displays are unimportant. “When he looks at you know that he knows everything about you. I cannot explain the feeling of the overwhelming love you feel in his presence. It’s not hysterical, it’s a silent, inward transformation.”

So what is the message that this Eastern teacher can give to the West? “His teachings are simply profound” answers Joan “Everyone can identify with what he says. It’s like he’s brought all the ancient wisdom up to date. Yet he’s not trying to convert people or make them change their faith. A Christian should stay a Christian a Hindu a Hindu etc. Perhaps it can best be expressed by quoting his words: ‘There’s only one religion, the religion of love. There’s only one language the language of the heart. There’s only one cast the cast of humanity. And there’s only one God and he is omnipresent.”


Sathya Sai Baba Interviews

Has Baba ever said anything about Mediumship and the Afterlife?

What Sai Baba told Peggy Mason about the afterlife. Is mediumship right or wrong? From Peggy Mason’s Newsletter

I was in correspondence with Peggy Mason just before she died and as a fellow Spiritualist she shared similar views to my own about the continuation of life after death. This is an extract from her newsletter that I feel gives a good insight into Sai Baba’s insights into mediumship and the afterlife.

Up until now it is my impression that Baba has wished us to concentrate on our present life and to try our utmost to put His teachings into practice in our daily lives. As we know, He teaches Reincarnation: “The good fortune that has brought you face to face with Me is something for which you must thank your merit won through previous lives.”

But if you read carefully the first article in this issue, it would seem that Baba now wishes people to be more aware about life after the death of the physical body. In the past He has been known to reassure people in certain circumstances. When a very sorrowful and dejected couple, whose young crippled son had died, had an interview, they were quite put out that Swami seemed so happy! “Why have you got such long faces?” He asked them. “I have just seen your son and he is running around having a wonderful time.” And within an hour of the passing of Walter Cowan in America, his wife Elsie received a telegram from India, saying “Walter has arrived in good shape – Baba.” Of course Baba was well-aware, on our first visit to Him, that for several years my late husband Ron Laing and I had been vastly privileged to have a most dedicated and gifted medium living with us. Our daily experiences were faithfully tape-recorded and written up daily, and Baba also knew that for several years I had written monthly articles for Two Worlds magazine, and that at readers’ request these very wonderful experiences had been published in my two books Tales of Two Worlds (just about to be reprinted for the 14th time) and New Age Companion.

However, merely for the sake of other people who were uncertain, we asked Baba: “Is mediumship, to communicate with those in the next sphere of life, provided the medium is honest and a pure channel, wrong?” “No, not at all”, Swami replied quite categorically. (See p. 28 of our book Sai Baba the Embodiment of Love.)

It would now seem that Swami wishes people to become more aware of the afterlife, and though I hesitate to say this, I have received a mountain of mail over the years from all over the world, such as “If only your book could be placed in every home in the universe. It has opened a new world to me . . .’ etc. etc. I would just like to add that those who were clergymen when on earth communicated with some anguish: “If only we had known! We were supposed to be shepherds, and we knew nothing!”

Many readers will know that for many years my husband Ron Laing was a very dedicated Samaritan, and he has been drawn to this kind of service in his new life. On one occasion he made me smile when he communicated, “I am helping those who pass over without a clue, wondering what on earth has happened to them!” Indeed, for those who are convinced that the death of the physical body is the end, it can be a shock – hopefully a very pleasant one. (During my long life I have had two very close friends, one a world-famous ‘cellist. Neither could believe in the afterlife. I have often thought of the time, after I have left this life, when I can meet them again and say “I told you so!”)


Sai Baba on Spiritualism and Mediumship Interview with a Spiritualist.

Sent to me after Psychic News published an article by me requesting quotes about Sai Baba and the afterlife.

A friend of mine informed me of your write up in the PN. This year or two I haven’t taken it myself. However I believe you wish to know Swami’s thoughts on Spiritualism. I have been seven times to India and I have been fortunate to have had twelve group interviews. Swami is UNIVERSAL and agrees with Spiritualism so long as we are good Spiritualists. He says we are fortunate in Britain to have mediums since there are none in India. He agrees with Spiritual Healing so long as we know God is the healer, we are only the instruments, and about mediums, again he agrees so long as the medium is honest and sincere. Swami does not care what religion one follows so long as it is taken seriously, honestly and lovingly because, as he says- “There is only one God.”

Hilda Holyman- Southsea, Hampshire. UK

I wrote back to Hilda asking if she knew of any real quotes that Sai Baba had said during their interview

During our interviews in Prasanti Nilyam- Puttaparthi, we questioned Swami on mediums, healing and Spiritualism. I have already sent you the quotes he gave us. Swami is universal and accepts all religions . He says he isn’t just a Hindu. He was born in India because they needed Him most. He told us all religions are good in their different ways so long as the adherents are loving and good. After all there is only one God and all beliefs are His children.

If what you are seeking is some definite publications on Baba’s sayings on Spiritualism then I do not know of any except what is in Peggy Mason’s book. They WERE quotes I sent you.

People being human get different ideas- and Why Not? it makes life interesting and no one- not even Spiritualists- has the Truth.

Swami is here to prepare us for the New Era, wherein we will make peace because of enlightenment, and still there will be differences of opinion, since we are all at different levels of understanding.

Swami doesn’t speak especially about Roman Catholicism, on Islam etc. so he only answers our questions about Spiritualism when we have asked. He is Universal, so should we be.

Because I believe Spiritualism was Universal I accepted it in 1954. I’ve worked for it in that way. Having experienced so many schisms of Christianity I went searching as I’m sure you have. That also is why I went to India, so now I’m not just a Spiritualist: Sai Baba does not compete against religions. That is His greatness. He transcends religion itself. He doesn’t care about labels, He only wants us to love God, our fellow men of all beliefs, races and colors, also all life in every form. He doesn’t want money either, only for us to Love. He told us it isn’t a sin to be rich so long as we use riches for good.


Sai Baba’s Healing Miracle

Letter to my newspaper columns

I was talking to John, a customer at my newspaper shop, about the miracles of Sai Baba and I felt so sorry for him that gave the man some of vibhuti ash. Sometime ago he had damaged his neck and the doctors said that there was nothing more they could do for him. He had over the years visited many specialists and private doctors.

I gave him four packets of Vibhutti and a photograph of Sai Baba. The vibhuti I gave him had been given to me by Dr D Gadhia who is a very old devotee who has helped teach Baba’s teachings about love, truth, right conduct, non-violence and peace.

This vibhuti was in fact extracted from his own body coming out of his hands and from his legs particularly at night. This phenomena lasted for three months and everyday devotees from all over the UK were going to his home in Leicester to see him and would see vibhuti everywhere- even in his bed sheets.

I told him to keep these packets under his pillow and under his bed sheet. I also told him to pray to his own chosen God incarnation. I believe he prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

John also told me how during the healing process the photo of Sai Baba would move from room to room yet there were no children or pets in the house that could of done this when his back was turned. This is just one example of healing that Baba can do.

Within a week John could turn his neck 45 degrees. I two weeks he was fully cured and could hold his head straight and without any pain. He returned to my shop to thank me “It has nothing to do with me” I said “It is Baba who has blessed you.”

Bhupendra N Desai- Birmingham.

CRAIG’S REPLY: And here’s another miracle. Mr Desai enclosed a pack of vibhuti with his letter to me. My father was in the terminal ward of a hospital dying of terribly painful bone cancer. I gave him the vibhuti. That night he dreamed about Sai Baba. Everyone else on my father’s ward died but he is now back at home, his morphine has been reduced and he has begun walking again. Unfortunately my father has since died. The moment he passed away the house filled with the smell of Jasmine



(report from Psychic News)

Readers will remember that earlier this year we reported about the paintings of Sai Baba by artist Bhupendra Desai. These were made into calendars and given away via Psychic News together with Sai Baba’s healing ash called vibhutti. Mr Desai also linked up with the Spiritualist medium Craig Hamilton-Parker who helped him promote Sai Baba on his Spiritualist Internet site ( Here are some of the amazing stories that happened as a result of the PN article.

Bhupendra Desai wrote to Craig Hamilton-Parker to say that he received over 600 requests from Psychic News readers and he was kept very busy posting off the free calendars and packets of healing ash. “Some people wrote to me asking for vibhutti for healing and others wrote out of curiosity just to see what Sai Baba’s ash looked like,” says Bhupendra, “There was a point when I thought we would run out of ash but more just kept appearing at the shrine in London where it materializes.”

Many of the Spiritualists who were given some of the ash wrote back later to say that they had paranormal experiences and there were many claims of miraculous cures.

Christina Morgan from Swansea wrote “I suffer from a kidney problem but as soon as I swallowed the vibbhuti the pain went like magic. I also gave some to my husband who suffers from diabetes and has ulcerated legs. The ulcers are getting smaller. I even gave some to my friend who plays Bingo with me. It cured her asthma.”

Spiritual healer Pauline Frobisher now uses vibhutti ash as part of her work. She wrote “I have seen Sai Baba clairvoyantly whilst giving healing but was never aware who he was until I bought a book with his picture on the front.”

Mrs Trudy Scott from Sunbury-on-Thames has been unable to walk properly for 2 ½ years. She wrote: “Last evening I was getting ready to go to church and I put a tiny amount on my forehead and a similar amount on my tongue. Within minutes I could walk. When I got to the church, everyone was amazed to see me walking briskly, without support!”

Mrs C Turner from Paigton, South Devon wrote: “I have battled with cancer of the throat for three years. I have eaten the vibhutti once a day for three weeks. I still can’t believe it. I have been free of cancer now for six months.”

Craig Hamilton-Parker believes that the teachings of Sai Baba are very important for welfare of Spiritualism in general. “My wife Jane and I went to see Sai Baba in India and we saw vibhutti ash being materialised by him. When I saw it happen I was only a few feet away from Sai Baba. I am absolutely convinced that there is no trickery involved. It appeared in the air about three inches away from his finger tips.”

“One of the main reasons I went to see Sai Baba is because of my disillusionment with ‘modern’ Spiritualism” continues Craig “I was hoping to find ways that Spiritualism and mediumship could flourish again. At Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi I met may Spiritualists who were very inspiring and full of the sort of enthusiasm normally only associated with our pioneers. I know that the vibbhuti helps with the healing of the body. I know it can also quicken the spirit. If enough Spiritualists take it, maybe it will cure the soul of the movement. Perhaps my questions about Spiritualism were answered and that’s why Sai Baba made such a point by materializing his ash so close to me!”



Letter sent to me at my Western Daily Press Column

Continuing the stories about the Indian Avatar Sathya Sai Baba whose materialisation miracles have been covered in your column I saw some of these myself. But in my opinion Sai Baba’s greatest miracle is his ability to cause transformation in our hearts and to awaken our natural divinity.

I went to India this year to see Sai Baba with a group of followers. On 20th January I saw him materialise a gold and diamond watch for a young devotee. He then took another devotee’s steel ring from his finger and blew on it. We saw it change into a diamond ring. Baba recently also materialised a small Bible containing facts about Jesus. Tears of joy flooded my eyes to see such wonders.

Later I saw another marvel. I saw a statue of Sai Baba- as his first incarnation as Shirdi baba – drink milk from a little pot which was offered by the Hindu priest. In India this is called the abhishekam ceremony and your readers may remember how this hit the headlines sometime ago when statues, even brass statues, from all over the world started drinking milk. These miracles are interpreted as proof that the formless God can also take form.

The statue of Baba that I saw drinking milk was five feet high and made of solid marble. There was no hollow for the mouth. As it drank the milk I could hear it slurp. It drank half a pot every day.

Bhupendra Desai- Edgbaston, Birmingham.

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