Scorpio Love Horoscope: Loyal and Jealous.

Scorpio Star Sign - Love Horoscope
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Scorpio Love Horoscope
Your strengths are that you are loyal, Passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic. Your main weaknesses are that you can be jealous, manipulative, unyielding, proud sacrificial but deeply hurt.

Scorpio Personality

Ruling Planet, Mars

Number, 9; Day, Tuesday; Jewels, Aquamarine, Beryl, Lodestone and Carbuncle, though any red stones are harmonious; Color, Red; as a special Talisman, the people should wear a bracelet or a ring in the shape of a serpent.

The Sun enters the Sign on October 24th approximately and leaves on November 23rd.

Sign of the Serpent

They are called “The Sign of the Serpent,” because it is connected with Serpent worship. This is the oldest religion of which we have any knowledge. Its influence is traced throughout all other teachings. In many ancient Zodiacs, this Sign is called, “The Oldest.”

The Greeks named it after the scorpion that killed the giant Orion. Orion boasted there was no creature so mighty he could not conquer it. Juno sent a small scorpion to sting him in the foot, and from that sting. He died.

As a reward, the scorpion was placed among the Constellations, but so also was Orion with his faithful dog, Sirius. The Constellation of Orion and the brilliant star, Sirius, which follows it, are among the most beautiful and easily identified objects in the Heavens.

Strong Character

Few weak characters are born under this Sign. Scorpio people are  good friends but bad enemies. They pay their debts, generally with interest. The gift of healing is theirs because healing has been connected with the wisdom of the serpent from the earliest ages.

As public speakers, they have the power of swaying their listeners with magnetic force. They are heart and soul with the Cause for which they work. Scorpios make good authors and will write books with a deep and earnest purpose. They succeed in any form of teaching because they are more fitted to lead than to follow. Any form of electricity or chemistry will offer a calling in which they will do well.


To rise in the world it is necessary they have the incentive of working for others, failing which the worst side of the Scorpio nature will be in evidence, and much that has been written will be negative. Like sleeping serpents, the passions of jealousy and revenge lie latent in the hearts of all Scorpio people, ready to wake to dangerous life unless kept under control.

The influence of Scorpio produces devoted parents and good husbands and wives, but all want to “rule the roost,” and often tragic because disaster follows in consequence.

Water Sign

Being one of the Watery Signs, its people are attracted to water, but generally, prefer the rivers to the sea. This is being true to type. Cancer, as has been told, rules the seashore. Scorpio rules the rivers that run into the sea. Pisces rules the sea itself. These influences are found strongly marked in the people who come under the various birth dates.

Children born under Scorpio need very careful training. That latent streak of cunning, and perhaps of cruelty, which is their inheritance from the serpent, must be checked. They have the gift of fascination that enables them to rule others and will obtain easy forgiveness for their faults.

Mars Influence

For the Jewels, Colors, Number, Day, Plants and Herbs given to the Sign see under Aries. Mars is the Ruler of both. It is important that all Scorpio people should avoid the colors and jewels given to Sagittarius, as they will be antagonistic.

Scorpios can be very psychic and sometimes foresee their upcoming fame. They are interested in psychology and the powers of the mind. Scorpio is the sign of mysteries, birth, sex, and regeneration. Scorpios are often are willing to explore things others are afraid to look into such as alternative religions, magic, and the occult.

The Scorpio Lover

Scorpio people are of medium-height, squarely built, with aquiline features, very dark eyes, and dark hair. They must beware of fevers, ruptures, and diseases of the nose, bladder or appendix.

Scorpio tells it as it is. They are straightforward people and they will quickly get to know what makes you tick. You cannot fool a scorpion as they have an inborn instinct to know what motivates people. They understand everyone… except themselves.

Relationships with Scorpios can be very intense and have a powerful sexual aspect. They are naturally intense people so once you are drawn into their inner world you too is fired by their deep feeling. Their emotions are a private affair and not something to display in public.

When they are committed to a relationship they will make it their life’s work but if they walk away you will never see them again.

Scorpio men are intensely conscious of their self-integrity and may exhibit a sense of personal pride. He can be both aggressive and erotic. It takes him a long time to decide if he loves someone.

The Scorpio woman is much the same as the man but she is generally a little less aggressive. The Scorpio woman has a mysterious sex-appeal. She is tenacious in love and is driven by an urge for sexual power.

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