Sensing the Aura

How to Quickly Sense the Human Aura

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about sensing the aura. This article is an extract from my book Psychic School which teaches you the elements of mediumistic development. Connecting with the aura is an important part of becoming psychic or giving readings. Here I talk about Sensing the Aura. Further down the page you can learn about SEEING the human aura. 

Sensing the Aura - Human Aura around the hand

I am now going to teach you about sensing the aura. I will then show you how to link to the aura and give a psychic reading. Finally I will show you how to shift from psychic to mediumistic reading. In order to do this I need to teach you to about sensing then aura and see the aura. For many students, seeing the aura is a turning point in their development because it is tangible. It give them faith in the fact that their gift is real and not just in their minds. However, not all mediums see the aura, so do not be disheartened if you discover that you do not have this form of psychic sight, for mental mediumship is an inner gift and it is ultimately love that makes it all work.

Aura Meditation


The aura can play an important part both in psychic and mediumistic development, as it links the medium to the sitter. The psychic medium can also work from afar, when the sitter is not physically present, such as during a consultation by email, on the telephone, or in an Internet chat room. However, the sitter’s physical presence makes it easier for the medium to work because he or she is surrounded by so much beneficial energy. The medium’s own powers are bolstered by a positive sitter and the aura energy of both parties will become a flow of power that fuels the session. In addition, the love being projected to and from those in the next life is also spiritual energy, and this more than anything else builds a bridge between the worlds.

The experiments that follow are best done in low lighting and without the distraction of candles or side lighting. If you are working during the evening the light coming in from outside through closed curtains are enough. At my group I use low red light for the aura-seeing experiments.

How to Sense the Aura

  • Step 1: The circle leader asks the members of the circle to relax and quiet their breath. He or she will then talk everyone through the experiment or can read aloud what follows.
  • Step 2: Rub your hands together vigorously so that you become sensitive to them. Now hold your hands about three feet apart with the palms facing each other. In a moment you will very slowly bring them together to the praying position and as you do this you are to concentrate on the sensations you feel.
  • Step 3: As you hold your palms apart, close your eyes and become aware of the aura energy surrounding your hands. Imagine that they are surrounded by a powerful force field. Now build the power of that force field. Experience the power surrounding your hands and feel it increasing in strength. Your hands are radiating energy. Notice how it is getting stronger and stronger
  • Step 4: You will remember from your high school science lessons that like poles of magnets repel one another—they fly apart when brought together. Now imagine that the force field around your hands repel one another. They are like two opposing magnetic poles that force apart.
  • Step 5: Very slowly bring the palms of your hands closer together, so that there is now a gap of about one foot gap between them. Be aware of the force field surrounding the hands and between them. Notice how the energy reacts. Can you feel how the hands want to fly away from one another? Can you feel a tingling sensation as the hands get closer? The closer they get, the more the hands want to fly apart. It is like squeezing a partly inflated balloon.
  • Step 6: Now slowly bring the palms even closer together. As you do this feel the opposing force fields resisting each other. The closer the palms get the more your hands want to fly apart. Bring the palms closer still until now they are facing flat toward each other with just a fraction of an inch between them. Do not let them touch. Feel the huge resistance between them.
  • Step 7: Bring the hands fully together to the praying position. Relax and allow the sensations to subside.

When you have finished this experiment discuss the sensations you felt. It is likely that most people in the group sensed the feeling in their hands. When everyone is settled again, the group leader will talk everyone through a second experiment in the same way as before except this time the hands attract like the opposite poles of two magnets. They want to slap together as if being pulled together by a giant spring or giant elastic bands. Afterwards discuss the sensations that were felt and how they differ from the first experiment.

The aim of this exercise is to show how we can influence the aura. These techniques of pushing and pulling the aura are used in Eastern self-defense teachings and particularly in tai chi. When we are in a threatening or an aggressive situation we unconsciously protect our auras and, conversely, in a secure situation our auras attract and we share energy. A sharing of aura energy may happen between people who care for each other and has a healing and restorative effect upon one another’s health and well-being.

 Extending your perceptions

This next exercise at sensing the aura you will help you to sense the aura of another person in a tangible way. Just as you felt repulsion and attraction between your hands, you can also use your hands to sense another person’s aura and the feelings of pushing and pulling within the aura. You may also pick up other sensations, such as feelings of heat and cold as well as feelings of sluggishness, heaviness, and so on. The sensations you experience when you run your hands through a person’s aura and around their body will give you an indication of their spiritual, mental, and physical conditions.

You may become aware when sensing the aura of the person’s physical complaints but do not use this technique to make a medical diagnosis. (It is against UK law to give a medical diagnosis such as predicting a pregnancy when giving psychic readings.) If you are already a practicing healing medium, this method will alert you to the area of the aura and body requiring spiritual attention. If you are a member of a recognized healing federation, your code of conduct will recommend you about these issues. The aim of sensing the aura here is solely to learn a little more about how to sense the aura and not see the aura.

Sensing the Aura Part 2

Step 1:

The group leader pairs everyone. One person sits on a chair while the other stands beside him or her. The circle leader may use his or her own words or read aloud the steps below.

Step 2:

The person standing will soon run his or her hands close to the body and through the aura of the person sitting. While this is happening, the person who is sitting will close his or her eyes and watch any feelings and sensations. Perhaps you can feel the hands moving through your aura. You may feel sensations of heat, cold, tingling, and so on as the hands move over your aura

Step 3:

The person standing may now run their hands around the body but not the head of the person sitting. As you do this you will note the sensations you feel from that person’s aura. At first keep the hands a foot or two away from the person sitting and then gradually move the hands closer. At no point should you touch the other person.

Step 4:

What sensations are you feeling as you slowly run your hands over your partner’s aura? Can you feel similar pushing and pulling sensations as when you did the earlier experiment? Perhaps you can feel other sensations too? As your sensitivity increases so does your awareness of the sensations of the aura. In some places the aura may feel sluggish or energetic, at others spots there may be feelings of tension, balance, vitality, or weariness. Make a mental note of which are the sitter’s strong areas and areas of weakness.

Step 5:

Now move to the aura surrounding the head. Stand for a while with your eyes closed and your hands outstretched and palms facing in to the head. What physical sensations do you feel in your hands? For example, a feeling of prickliness in the aura may show worries. Let your intuition give you the meaning. Does your intuition also tell you anything about the person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual states of mind? Perhaps you also see images and pictures in your mind’s eye. What do these symbols or images tell you about the sitter and his or her life at the moment? Within the person’s aura are links to his or her inner self, with feelings, thoughts, memories, and so on. What are your psychic senses telling you about the person and his or her situation?

Step 6:

Now move your fingers in close to the head and see what sensations you feel around the top of the head. This is the location of the crown chakra and the sensations you feel here as well as the thoughts that come to you now will give you insight into the person’s spiritual ideals. Note any physical sensations as well as any mental impressions you receive. Are you sensing the aura yet? What do you sense about the sitter’s personality, thoughts, emotions, and spiritual values?

Step 7:

When you feel ready, you may stop the session and discuss the sensations you felt. First chat about the sensations you felt surrounding the body, but under no circumstances make a medical diagnosis. You may mention the areas where you felt the aura was weak or strong. You may, such as, say that you felt “hardness” to the aura around the knee but leave it to the recipient of the message to tell you that they have cartilage problems, or whatever. Avoid all talk of “holes in auras” or “leaking auras,” as this is complete nonsense.

Step 8:

Now discuss the feelings you had and any psychic impressions you felt around the head. What can you tell your teammate about their character, feelings, memories, situation, and so on. Tell them about things that have inspired them or are troubling them now. Describe their current circumstances without making alarmist statements or predictions.

Step 9:

Finally, ask the recipient about their sensations. Perhaps they could feel where you had your hands most of the time or could feel if you had healing qualities.

Step 10:

Now swap roles and try again.

This experiment has enabled you to give a psychic reading based upon the physical sensations and mental impressions gleaned from a volunteer’s aura. When giving a reading, it is not right to run your hands over a person’s aura and certainly would not be possible when demonstrating to an audience. When I am sensing the aura in to a person, I sometimes sit with my palms on my lap and pointing to the person but this is certainly not essential. Linking to the aura remains a useful tool at the first stage of a reading. The technique become even more effective if you learn to see the aura.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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How to See the Aura


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Useful Resources


According to Spiritualists The Human Aura is an energy field that surrounds living things. It is our life force that is allegedly seen by sensitive people with super-normal perceptions. It has also been called the morphic field.


Health colors and emotional traits associated with the human aura are:

  • RED: Heart and circulation. Associated sensing the aura when full of anger and stress.
  • ORANGE: Pertains to the reproductive organs and emotional feelings. Sometimes associated with addictions.
  • YELLOW: Pertains to the spleen and high vitality. Can show inspiration, cheerfulness and intelligence.
  • GREEN: Pertains to the chest and lungs. Emotionally represents a balance and a love of natural things.
  • TURQUOISE: Pertains to the immune system. Turquoise is said to show compassion and an ability to heal.
  • BLUE: Pertains to the throat. Emotionally it shows a calm person with some intuitive ability.
  • BLUE SHADES: sensing the aura filled with light Blue shows inner peace and truthfulness. Royal Blue can indicate an ability at  clairvoyance.
  • INDIGO: Pertains to the pituitary gland. Symbolic of the third eye it can indicate mediumistic abilities.
  • VIOLET: Pertains to pineal gland. This color shows spirituality and sensitivity. Violet is often seen in the auras of vegetarians.
  • LAVENDER: Can indicate a disposition that is both sensitive and a little unrealistic.
  • SILVER: Pertains to spiritual energy.  Silver in the aura can reveal a person who is awakened, generous and inspired.
  • GOLD: Pertains to protection. Gold is often used by psychics to close the aura or to protect against negative influences.
  • BLACK: Pertains to lack of energy and depression. Black is the absence of light – can also show grief and potential health problems.
  • WHITE: Similar to silver this color shows energy. white can also show purity and recovery from illness. It is also seen as small balls of light in the aura when spirit is in communication with the subject.
  • PASTELS: A dominance of pastel colors in the aura shows a gentle and sensitive disposition.
  • BROWN: Sensing the aura filled with brown pertains to skepticism and a closed mind.
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