Should Psychics Charge Money?

Ex Advertising Executive Asks: Is It Fair for Psychic Mediums to Charge for Their Work?

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Should psychics charge money? Should mediums charge money? Should psychics get paid at all? These questions are often levied at clairvoyants as if, for some odd reason, it is wrong to charge. I find these questions about psychics making money from psychic readings ridiculous.

You may as well say: Why should a doctor charge to heal the sick, a surgeon charge to save a life or a solicitor charge to save a man from the electric chair? Similarly, what right has anyone with a God-given gift the right to charge for their talent? Artists should certainly not charge for their inspiration, neither should musicians or actors and actresses. These are gifts from God so should be given freely. And I’ve never seen a poor vicar – some of the vicarages are the most prestigious private houses in England!

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Others accuse us of living like parasites off the bereaved. Apparently, we all make huge amounts of money. This is a myth. Most psychics and mediums scratch a living. If a psychic is to charge say £50 – for a reading some people consider this excessive. They do not realize that a genuine medium cannot do one reading after another day in day out. This type of work – if done properly – is utterly exhausting. A medium also has to sit in meditation before a reading to prepare themselves and afterward time is spent ‘closing down’. The reality is that the fee paid for an hour has to include the time making the arrangements, sending a confirmation, spiritual preparation, the reading itself and winding down afterward. I would find it difficult to do two mediumistic consultations a day five days a week. Fortunately, most of my income now comes from my books.

Should psychics make money? Vs Charitable Work

Small-minded, finger waving moralists claim it is wrong to charge. Yet do they give all their work for free? I gave up a very lucrative career as an MD for my Advertising Agency to do this work. It’s not a big deal as it was my choice – but I wonder if the critics would be ready to make similar financial sacrifices to follow a spiritual calling. I had two top of the range cars, a large staff and an enviable client list that included many blue-chip organizations such as Esso and British Airways on my client list as well as banks and insurance companies.

If I wasn’t charging for my services now, I would probably still be doing the occasional reading as a hobby. Most of my time would be spent making a fortune in advertising or relaxing on my yacht. This website certainly would not be here and the many thousands of pounds we’ve also raised and given personally to charities would also not have happened.

Should psychics and mediums charge at all? Vs Free Readings

Wanting to be seen as a caring person is well and good but it can be taken too far when you fall victim to every request for yet another free reading. All of us psychics and mediums give a little for free but in most instances, people can afford to pay. I continue to serve Spiritualist Churches for free and Jane helps strangers for nothing once, on the telephone, for two hours on Christmas morning while our child waited to open her presents! Giving for free is our personal choice – not a moral obligation.

Should Psychics Charge Money?Spiritualism for Free?

Some say that the early Spiritualist did not take a fee but what is less often quoted is that most were given donations by sponsors. For example, the great medium Daniel Home wouldn’t take a fee but nonetheless enjoyed the benefits of being a house guest in high society.

Very few people can afford to work for nothing.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my rant about psychics charging money. Am I right or wrong? Should psychics charge money? Please post your own opinions below. I know that many other psychics and mediums have made big sacrifices to follow the spiritual path. Please tell us your story.

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  • Steven Bird Sep 4, 2019, 2:20 pm

    Hi Craig and Jane. Love the website, as a working medium myself I understand and agree with the sentiments. I was drawn to your website as like yourselves my spiritual path is beginning to open up in front of me and wondered if there was any advice you could give me? Currently, I run a business and work one to ones and platform more recently within my church. Best Regards. Steven Bird

  • Bridget Sep 11, 2018, 10:39 am

    Personally, I believe being a medium is a gift to help therefore I struggle to understand why its charged. Yes as mediums you got bills to pay n families to feed so I believe its people that you help should be the ones who give you out their will as an appreciation for helping them. Am from South African and according to my culture (African), it is believed that a real healer should not ask for any payment but can accept any gift given to them out of good grace. It’s believed that all those who charge mostly are not the real ones and surprisingly we find other mediums very arrogant and rude when it comes to explaining why they should be paid.

  • Lydia Aug 17, 2017, 9:47 pm

    I believe that psychic energy is real. However, I think real psychics are not common. I do not see anything wrong about charging a fair fee but personally, I have to have proof that the psychic truly has the gift before I spend my money. I’ve paid money (not exorbitant amounts, I just wouldn’t do that) to psychic before and their predictions either did not come true at all, or just partially came true. The only time I had a prediction totally come true is when a psychic gave me a free reading. I am really in need of a true psychic right now. All I see online is scams.

  • vic Jul 17, 2017, 11:17 pm

    I feel the same. If I had this gift I would give it freely. For the ideal and believe behind it is to help others have a better life. Not line your pockets with gold.

    • Annie Dec 22, 2018, 2:26 pm

      You can help others for a better life and still get paid for it. There has to be an exchange of energy. When you were working, I bet you did not tell your employer to not pay you and not to line your pockets. Good psychics and mediums should be paid – they have to live as everyone else does. Gifted people in general get paid and so they should. I charged a fair amount and gave extra time when needed. Good psychics and mediums have to live and pay their bills. If you were working full time serving humanity, I am sure you would not be working for nothing. It is very easy to say that when you do not have the gift and know nothing about what it really entails. It is selfish and thoughtless to think that psychics and mediums should not get paid.

  • Michelle May 21, 2017, 2:49 pm

    Dear Craig. Thank you for this. In my opinion this is a well balanced intelligent argument in relation to paying for readings.

    It has been a great dilemma for me personally. I am striving to be the best psychic medium I can possibly be and have much to “remember”. I do charge but in return have NO DOUBTS that I always give of my best and that it is my time people pay for NOT my care and compassion and the wonderful evidence I relay should Spirit choose to connect, I am always very clear that people will get what they NEED not what they WANT and that I am the messenger NOT the source of the information and have even sent people away with reassurance and without taking payment (very rarely) if I feel I am not able to or “feel” I am not connecting correctly.

    You have also reassured me regarding exhaustion. I have had various hard jobs within the public sector and ran on empty for most of my life so far removed from my path etc but,hoping it is not too late I took the leap to set up a business and start readings for payment. Purely by chance I came into some money (equivalent to 1 years salary) and have used it to live off and set up my Website. I charge a very reasonable fee and deduct tax at source for when I actually earn enough to pay it, my choice but it is hard and running out fast.

    I have no regrets but think it important that people realize that this is NOT a dabble nor is it a hobby but a position of Service and I, like everyone else need to eat and pay my bills for me it is my WORK/LIFE. I am trying to demonstrate that honesty truth and integrity will win out and that can still be the case when you charge. This is ALL I do and I am struggling but know it will pick up….I also understand now that my need to rest is quite normal albeit a bit excessive at the moment. I have finally offered myself up for a life of Service to Spirit and as far as I am concerned take personal responsibility for my choices and behaviors, or try to. I have given so much for nothing..albeit now I realize through my own neediness etc.

    Now however my motives are to help others who may just need a little light casting upon their path so they can see it once more….and help remind them they have all the answers within. Yes I will charge for this,money is energy and it must flow and part of my journey is to learn I am as worthy as anyone/anything else and that things should be in balance give and take. Many look at me and say “You have nothing” if but only they knew “I have so much” BUT I live in a materialistic world that’s why I charge. NOT because I am scum etc.

    I am trying to look after myself without being greedy or arrogant…learning to experience self love and self worth I guess to help others find it in themselves. I can see and have seen both sides of the coin, and have been alarmed and horrified at the behavior of some but I just choose to step away from that as you are only accountable for yourself,those who are greedy arrogant I now try not to judge,they are on their own path and serve as a reminder life is full of contradiction/opposites, but please be mindful folks and remember some of us out there have “given up a lot” to persue and serve this path…..and are not driven by the money…..but it IS an integral part to ensure the individual Mediums well being physical nourishment and balance.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 22, 2018, 3:41 pm

      My own answer to all this has been to set up a charity foundation into which a large part of my income goes. We feed children in India and do all sorts of good work. It’s very easy for shallow minded people to moan that all should be done for free yet they do not work for free in their own jobs. Take a look at my other website here:

  • Sam Aug 20, 2016, 11:22 pm

    Shouldn’t pay, I don’t pay for my services, cause I love helping others. Unlike you other scum, there’s a rule in Scott Cunningham’s book, that magic or readings shouldn’t be done for pay. You people lack the intelligence that people need genuine help. Its psychics like you that make the ones like me look terrible

  • Truth Seer Jun 16, 2016, 6:47 am

    As an experienced reader I always tell clients this…you are not paying for information or a connection to spirit you are paying for my time and energy because it is a time consuming and tiring job. On the subject of earnings I know a lot of readers and most of them work for several psychic phone companies at the same time and struggle to make a crust, a lot of the phone lines pay a pittance to the psychics while pocketing 70-90% of the income per call.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jun 27, 2016, 10:49 am

      Yes that is true. The reader service I use on this website pays their readers one of the highest rates on the Internet and it’s not easy to get on the list and one reason why only the best readers are employed. (The 29p deal is only for 10 minutes trial for first time customers.)

  • Isabella Jan 3, 2016, 7:24 am

    As a psychic medium I do on average 2-3 readings a day and YES, I charge for my service. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and time and I will extend a reading if needed, if one hour isn’t enough we will continue until Spirit is letting me know I’m done. I know nothing about my clients before we begin and I’m fortunate enough to have a great referral business by word of mouth. It’s not only my gift but it is my job and I take it seriously and also take pride in my work. I also volunteer for search and rescue groups, I donate 20+ hours of free readings a year and if prompted by Spirit whilst out during the day, I have no issues relating that where I’m led. It’s a gift which I wouldn’t trade for anything, however it’s also my career! I wouldn’t dream of asking a doctor or dentist, artist or handyman to do their job for free, I think most people can understand and I’ve not had many abuse that. Hope that helps a bit!

    • Andy Davies May 12, 2016, 5:11 pm

      Yes I think they should definitely charge something for their time. As far as I’m concerned, Psychic ability falls in the art form and sciences. An artist gets paid to produce something and so does a scientifically orientated person. I am new to this profession, I am also an artist. We all need to survive and use our gifts to the best of our ability. We were given a gift for a purpose and a pathway in life.

  • Joeanne Mchugh Dec 7, 2015, 10:09 pm

    Yes absolutely we should charge. I’ve worked as a clairvoyant for 12 years and I now have to work full time as a Clairvoyant to keep up with the demands from my spirit guides and customers wanting readings. I am in high demand. As quoted above, it’s exhausting for us to do readings and spend the majority of our time in meditation, organising events etc. I do a few charity events every year for different charities and I did have a Facebook profile for people who couldnt afford readings but I was getting demands for over a 100 readings at day. We have to have limits. We work as hard as everyone else. We are just different and not by choice

  • Brenda Renee Nov 24, 2015, 12:24 am

    Although I Brenda Renee am a psychic/clairvoyant, I still prefer to have a few psychic readings myself over the phone from psychic sites that I find like yours! Thank you for letting me comment and would like to leave reviews for you too sometime. I recommend people get a Psychic Reading from here. Thank you for what you offer… you’re a blessing!

  • Chrys Jun 28, 2015, 8:54 am

    I just believe that no psychics or mediums should charge for this. It just doesn’t work like that or should be used as a source of income like it or not. That’s simply because spirit communication and precognition is not something concrete, scientifically or any other way proven in every day life. Please don’t compare with professions like doctors etc. It’s just a gift that some people have, and let’s be honest many predictions don’t come true as well (and please don’t spin about free will as this is not related to precognition. Precognition means to see an event happening no matter the twists)

    • Lydia Aug 17, 2017, 9:57 pm

      Thank you. the problem with charging is that now there are tons of psychic sites online and many seem to be scams. So, it’s impossible to tell who really has the gift and who doesn’t.

  • jewelseeker2 May 6, 2015, 2:56 pm

    I don’t know if it’s commonly known but there is a real hardship for people who are gifted with psychic and mediumship abilities. Medical term = psychosis. That those like me whom went on a journey of spiritual awakening on the wrong side of the bed, struggled and did suffer and made sacrifices. And speaking from a recovering from a negative bout of psychosis a few years ago, I am finding that doing readings and having a peaceful resolution is I feel the only kind of job I think I’d be good at because its very much using what gifts I have that would otherwise distract me in an every day “normal” job. I’m still trying. OK, peace out and blessed be.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker May 6, 2015, 3:01 pm

      Psychic people do often suffer from a very high sensitivity to the vibrations around them but not psychosis. It would be good if there were some regulation to ensure the emotional and psychological stability of professional psychics.

  • Kelly Dec 29, 2014, 10:08 pm

    As an Empath, I could never charge money for the readings I do, but I have no problems with other psychic types who charge for theirs because I’m a firm believer in the concept of “live and let live” (as long as no harm comes to me and mine, of course).

    I personally balk at the very idea of taking money for a reading because I feel that money sullies the waters, so to speak. Not because money is a bad thing (we all need it to live, after all) but because it creates an imbalance as soon as it is given.

    The reason I feel money creates an imbalance is because it promotes a sense of expectation on the part of the person receiving the reading and it puts pressure on the person doing the reading. So, if someone were to give me money, the pressure I’d feel to perform would create a blockage in energy and the reading would be largely inaccurate and unsatisfying for both me and the person being read.

    And an inaccurate reading performed in exchange for money creates an imbalance that would be almost impossible to restore. Especially if the reading is done for a stranger – it’s very likely you’ll never see the person again, and if the impression you give the person is that they have wasted their time, effort, and money in order to seek aid from a psychic, then that person will leave in resentment rather than peace.

    A lot of people who have responded have discussed doctors and artists who are gifted and get paid for their work, but the best doctors are wiling to work with their patients’ financial situations and even see them free of charge. The best artists are willing to share their gifts without worrying about the money their gifts can bring – if money comes to them because they share their gifts, then that’s fine, but very few brilliant doctors/artists/healers/psychics rely on their gifts as the source of their income. (Doctors are an exception here, because doctors make a lot of money despite the fact 90% of them are two-bit hacks that wouldn’t recognize a broken bone if it hit them in the face – I obviously have some resentment of my own to deal with, mostly because of being charged exorbitant fees by doctors who misdiagnosed me seven times until I figured out the correct diagnosis by myself).

    Anyway, that’s my take on the subject – as an Empath, I will never charge for readings. As a bonus to that, I will never find myself in a situation where I feel obligated to do a reading for anyone dangerous. Which is a good bonus, all things considered.

  • Delila Oct 28, 2014, 6:31 am

    Im all about giving and helping others but it also is a full time job and exhausting. Very rewarding but alot of time and energy goes into it. So yes they should charge.

  • Linda Mar 28, 2013, 11:32 pm

    I’m an astrologer, a psychic and a medium. My conscience allows me to charge for my astrology craft. I have studied my whole life, 4 years formally, sitting rigorous exams to gain qualification with the F.A.A. I have been a crisis counsellor. This I did voluntarily, for years. regularly overnight leaving my young family. Not just 2 hours on Christmas morning once. I have given to charity even though I am considered poor. I have an honour system for doing my psychic readings whereby the clients pay after the reading. Some don’t but that is accepted by me, as there is obviously an energy exchange happening on another level. I trade services in place of a fee also. As far as working with Spirit, that’s beyond money. That’s beyond my power and control. I am just a channel. Money would dirty the vibration. Money is a man made concept. I have suffered for trying to make money from Spirit when I was mixing it up with my personal gifts, in the beginning. If you truly are enlightened and Spiritual you know that God/Life will take care of your needs. Your real needs. We are all given gifts to make a life in this world. We are all given lessons through those gifts. Justifying why you want money shows me that your conscience is struggling with the lesson. Brightest Blessings for your journey.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 29, 2013, 1:27 pm

      So why should astrologers and counsellors charge money? Or psychologists for that matter? This post is here not because of conscience but because people often ask this question. In my opinion it is good that we have professional mediums even though for many of us it has ment a considerable change in career and drop in income. I appreciate that astrology is for some a craft and not a gift – although some astrologers are also clairvoyants. But mediumship is a skill that takes major sacrifice and I believe it is time that was recognises as a legitimate profession that is properly regulated and recompensed.

  • Ron Feather Dec 9, 2012, 9:07 pm

    Has anybody heard of Chico Xavier the late and great psychic from Brazil? This man was the truth incarnate. He never charged a cent and what money was raised was all given to charity. He was poor and worked doing mundane tasks. For me, he is the benchmark of what a true psychic really is. Sad to say he was and is one of very few.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 10, 2012, 3:46 pm

      Yes Chico Xavier wrote 412 books using a psychic method he called “psychography”. He is a Spiritist – which have some different beliefs to the Spiritualists here in the UK. He is well worth looking into. One of his most popular books is And Life Goes On (See more info here)

  • Rita Sep 4, 2012, 9:33 pm

    How do you put a price tag on your gift, and know when it’s a fair price or outrageous? I just want to point out another thing here too, most people who are seeking answers really already know deep inside but are hopeful that they get some different answer from a psychic. Subconsciously, we know the answers to our questions, and the subconscious has brutal honesty in judging a situation – it’s our conscious minds that fight the reality of any given situation. It’s only when we quiet the mind during meditation that we can receive the true answer, there’s nothing that any one of us can’t tap into, but a lot of people don’t know this so they seek someone who is enlightened or a sensitive. Now unless it’s an astrological readings, or something that actually has to be calculated out and read, then I’d buy one but not over a certain price. I think it’s time people be made aware that they themselves are capable of doing this if they just listen to that tiny voice inside, and rely less on psychic phone lines.

  • Ace Aug 28, 2012, 10:50 pm

    Yes and no. I can understand a reader charging a small fee. $.99-$2.00 a minute or a $15.00 for a nice email reading. If its one of those super large Celtic cross tarot readings that take over an hour and its $15.00 I can understand because it takes a lot of time. However outside of that I say no. I see some mediums charge up too $800 for a reading (talking about the top ones). I know a site where one medium charges $9.99 a minute, and he’s not well known outside of the local region. That’s when it cross the line of charging to help support a living, and simply trying to make a fortune off of people. Watch for people that charge crazy prices, and try and sell curse removers. Also watch for paid/free mediums that can do a lot of readings at once or go form one reading to the next like its nothing. Ive seen readers boast about how they “done over 6,000 readings in six weeks” on this one psychic network website and were treating his customers like an assembly line. I’m a cartomancy reader myself; I do it for free, but its a spare time thing for me. I have another job, and I only do a few readings a months on a few people. A reader should never tell you the future is predestined. It’s a potential and a possibility and you have the ability to change anything the cards are shown.

  • Aki Jul 8, 2012, 7:00 pm

    This is a very hard question to answer, because it depends on the individual as well as their circumstances that determines whether it should be free or not. I think mediums should eat like anyone else should, and if you don’t have something like money that people have to invest in to listen to you, then people would probably take the information for granted anyways. There are pros and cons to being paid as a medium, but balance is everything. Generally you can get a sense of whether you should make someone pay or not, and sometimes if they don’t have the money and you feel you shouldn’t do the reading, there is another person that should guide them. Everything works out, I guess.

    • Stefanie Sep 3, 2013, 4:25 pm

      Out of all the answers, yours is definitely the most reasonable and balanced. I agree that not everyone should be charged the same amount. I truly believe that the people who need the most guidance are usually people with financial issues. I’m not saying that psychic/Mediums shouldn’t try make a living, but I don’t think it’s fair to turn someone away because they can’t afford to listen to someone giving them guidance.

  • TREV Baldwin Jul 4, 2012, 7:42 am

    I like your fundamental answer but I think you have asked the wrong question. I think the correct question should be ” should just anyone claiming to be a medium charge money?. At this time there is a growing trend in the field of spiritual enlightenment for people that have done a couple of workshops to claim they are mediums and charge naive people. I call this ” learn a little, charge a lot”. I am sick of wasting money attending workshops, churches, and private events where I have seen little or no evidence of the medium actually communicating with spirit. Yes, charging money is acceptable if the exchange is a fair one.

  • RITA Jul 1, 2012, 9:15 pm

    I am a believer that if you have such gifts then charging anyone for them is a no-no, rather let it be known to others that a “token of appreciation” will be welcomed, and let it be just that. Jesus never asked for payment, yet everywhere he went he never wanted for anything, food, or clothing or shelter. I say use His example as we are connected to that source where our gifts come from. If one chooses to use it as a source of income, then there is always the possibility that others will condemn them for giving them a bad reading if it doesn’t come to pass as they wish, and ask for that money back…it just brings complications, thats all. That’s just my opinion.

  • Susan Jun 30, 2012, 9:50 pm

    I completely agree and find it a little crazy when I hear people suggest that because it is “spititual work” it shoud be free. My argument to those would be ; Okay so just because I happen to have spiritual abilities, or psychic abilities I should be dirt poor and live off the street so I can give my readings but not be able to live like a human being. See how ridiculous that is!

  • leoni Jun 30, 2012, 8:49 pm

    I think a charge should be made, even though its a gift, it’s their time and energy they are using. But I believe it’s just too expensive: some charge a small fortune. I have used telephone reading before and nothing as ever been correct. Also, been places for readings and also incorrect. At one time it was quite cheap and fun to get a reading, but now it seems everyone is trying to jump onboard and make as much as they can, so the fun as gone out of the experience. Would like to say I have never used this site for a reading, so can’t comment on that one.

    • Craig Jun 30, 2012, 8:57 pm

      Your experiences may indicate that cheap and fun fortune tellers don’t deliver the goods. Nor do some phone psychics. I would argue that you get what you pay for. As regards my own charges I ask myself ‘What would I be prepared to pay for a reading?’

      If we are honest with ourselves I think this is the best guide to making charges. Although I do agree that some now do really rip people off. Some of the theatre prices are ridddiculous especially considering that it is highly unlikely that you’ll get a reading. Part of the problem we have today is that anyone can call themselves a psychic or a medium.

  • natalie Jun 30, 2012, 7:23 pm

    I believe mediums should charge for their service because it is very draining and there’s a lot of preparation to it. Though I don’t agree with charging £35 per reading as I think that’s to expensive. The maximum I’d like to pay would be £20 so its affordable. In the current climate £35 is a lot of money.

  • Rainnelor Jun 30, 2012, 1:08 am

    Psychics and mediums are not the same thing….so….my feeling is that mediums (and I am one) are more ‘answerable’ to the higher powers than psychics, simply because we are dealing with those who are now in spirit form and their friends and loved ones. We require the intervention of our gatekeepers/guides and also must realize that when we open up to these people in spirit who are wishing to speak with their loved ones and friends, we must be protected so that we do not become a tool for those spirits that have negative intent.

    I personally do not charge for my services, but I do not have to as I am financially comfortable, but I think the issue here is not to charge or not to charge but what is the person’s motivation? Unfortunately there are people out there who are attempting to develop mediumship abilities with fame AND fortune as a motivator. Of course, those of us who do this work know that it certainly is not all teddy bears and lollipops. 🙂

    • Emma Nov 12, 2013, 4:18 pm

      Hi i hope this isn’t inappropriate, but could you give me a reading please?

  • michele Jun 29, 2012, 9:25 pm

    It really depends on the person. I feel that if a person can afford it, then they should pay or maybe pay whatever that person feels able to give. I don’t mind either way, I look at it as helping that person. After all, I got my gift for nothing.

  • Samantha Langston Jun 20, 2012, 9:26 pm

    Yes of course! Psychics have to eat, like the rest of us. There’s nothing morally wrong with being paid for using a talent that’s providing a service and helping people! I’m sure the majority of people who use Psychics are happy to pay, as long as the Psychic is genuine!…Exploitation on the other hand- Charlatans (sadly, there are many of them) that prey on the bereaved when they’re at their most vulnerable, is something totally different. That’s pure evil!

  • Keith P Hyatt, Esquire Jun 16, 2012, 6:54 pm

    Yes they should charge, we all have gifts and talents. A surgeon has his and a carpenter has his and so forth. People have no quibble paying for their services.

    My only grievence is that some psychics want to charge astronomical prices and that’s wrong.

    • Estra lane May 14, 2015, 12:58 pm

      I to agree they should charge, an artists charges for their paintings a musician charges for their music why can us psychics not charge for our gifts. I do also agree that some psychics do charge an awful amount but pricing is up to them and I suppose it’s no different to builders charging different prices from other builders. If you enjoy your readings and you connect well with the reader and you are happy with the price then that’s brilliant but if you are not happy then I’m sure you will find another reader within your price range.

  • Craig Jun 16, 2012, 3:58 pm

    Tip according to the accuracy!!! That is really funny – but I think a donations only system just does not work.

    I have seen people at Spiritualist Church for example – who I know are well off – give just 50p in the collection plate. It’s a bit like a perfume: if we don’t have a proper fee then people simply do not value it.

    Sad but true.

  • Jeanne Penrod Jun 16, 2012, 3:30 pm

    Sure why not? They are offering a service. Or perhaps a ‘tip’ jar where you can tip them accordingly to the accuracy. When they go public and start charging way too much money and get filthy rich is when things get bad – i think.

    • Sophie Johnson Sep 11, 2012, 10:59 pm

      I’m with you on your second and third pointsabout the topic ‘Should Mediums Charge Money’, Jeanne. But I am a bit worried about the (very prevalent) point of view that mediums offer a service. Shouldn’t we, and they, think of their divine gift of mediumship as something they have an obligation to give rather than sell to their un-gifted fellow earthlings? After all, mediums do not just fix bodies or plumbing or structures, nor do they sell us commodities, drive our trains, collect our taxes, etc. Rather, they prove to us the truth of life after the death of the physical body, which is, surely, a sacred spiritual mission. I am thinking of the great John Sloan. He worked at an ordinary, poorly paid secular job to make his and his family’s living. He refused to take payment for his work as a medium, the fact notwithstanding that his clients tended to be well-to-do people. To my mind, ‘medium’ and ‘making money’ is an uncomfortable fit, if not a downright conflicting one.

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