How to Become Aware of Spirits.

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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Sitting for Spirit.

SUMMARY: Methods for sitting for the spirit – the techniques used by mediums to communicate with the spirit guides. See also our sections about tuning in to spirits, spiritual meditation, and spirit guides.

Sitting for Spirit

When the mind is still, it becomes like a pool that ripples when even the smallest petal lands on its surface. This inner stillness gives the spirit people the opportunity to communicate with you directly. They send you thought and you will be aware of it rippling across the surface of your consciousness. Just as you are aware of your own thoughts and can observe them, you are now aware of thoughts coming from outside of yourself.

The spirit guides and helpers will not take you over against your will nor force themselves upon you. Only once you have given your consent will they will begin the inner communication, and they will progress gently and only at your pace. They do not jump into you or have you spitting green slime at the ceiling. If at any stage you feel uncomfortable, just ask them to step back and they will do so immediately.

Video about how mediums communicate with spirits


Work with the Spirit

Working with the spirit is a partnership. At no time is a medium overshadowed to the point that he or she is out of control or loses his or her sense of what is right or wrong. You may be in a highly receptive state but you are always the one in the driver’s seat.

How spirits communicate

The spirits communicate in many ways, and the experience may differ from person to person. Sometimes I have the feeling that thought has been given to me like an idea that has come from out of the blue.

Sometimes I may see pictures that describe an idea in a symbolic way. Occasionally I sense inner sounds. Most of the time, my meditations are accompanied by a blissful feeling of being enveloped in the love and compassion of the spirit. We are truly blessed to be honored by the advanced souls who have come to help us.

How to Become Aware of Spirits

For me, the clarity of inner spiritual rapport comes when I realize that I am becoming aware of spirits. This happens spontaneously. In my own case, I have noticed that it often follows a period of sleepiness.

This sometimes follows the alertness of the initial meditation. It is an inner dialogue not with myself but with a real spirit being. They can tell me things that can be verified later. Because I have worked as a medium for many years, it is clear to me which are my own thoughts and which have been given to me by the spirit.

The novice medium will find it hard initially to make this distinction. They will sometimes confuse their own thoughts with those coming from outside themselves. With experience, you will learn to identify which are your own thoughts and which are those coming to you from elsewhere.

Practice at becoming spiritually aware

With practice, you will learn to observe not only your own thoughts but also thoughts that are not your own. The stillness of meditation is the place to begin this work. Through inner observation, you will learn to recognize the spirit’s thoughts and, eventually, be able to engage in a dialogue with the spirit friends.

At first, this will be during meditation, but as your skill increases, you will come to recognize spirit thoughts during normal awareness, particularly when you are demonstrating your skills as a medium.

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