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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about the spirit contact of Princess Diana and the spirit community in the Afterlife. Followed by discussion about what the afterlife spirit community is like. What happens to famous people when they die?

Princess Diana: An unexpected contact.

Spirit Community and Diana Death New HeadlinesMy own work as a medium brings me into contact with all sorts of people from all walks of life. Most of the time I have no idea who I am dealing with. Many of my consultations are done from my home, over the Internet, or when I go to visit people in their own homes. Occasionally, I will visit London to do consultations for people if they can assemble a group of four. Soon after the death of Princess Diana, a woman from the Knightsbridge in London rang me for a “party plan” group of consultations. The private consultations would be done at her office. (I will call her Sylvia)

When it came time for Sylvia to have her “reading.” she told me that she would like me to try to get in touch with her mother on the spirit side. I gave the reading knowing nothing about Sylvia’s background or life. I connected with her mother and gave some proof that she could accept. However, I had to interrupt our reading because someone else was trying hard to get through. I had to put her in touch with a young woman who had just passed to the spirit world in a terrible car accident. As I continued to describe the woman and the details about her passing, I realized it was the spirit of Princess Diana that was communicating with us.

At the time, I had no idea that Sylvia was a close friend of Diana and had been one of her health advisors–using “new age” techniques. When the press had originally heard about Diana’s involvement in this, they staked out the building in the hope of exposing the story of Diana’s interest in what they perceived to be weird ideas.

Princess Diana Reading

I described Diana to Sylvia, but I needed some unique evidence to prove that it was indeed her. It was a little embarrassing. Many mediums have claimed to have been in contact with celebrities, without providing supporting evidence as proof that it is the real spirit who is speaking, not a figment of the medium’s imagination.

This was the evidence I gave to Sylvia to prove that I was in contact with who I claimed.

The Proofs
  1.  I quoted lines from a letter that I said that Elton John had written. It was a copy which was now in Sylvia’s possession.
  2.  Similarly, I quoted from a letter from Barbara Cartland.
  3. I gave Sylvia the typical greeting that Diana would say to her.
  4. I told her how they had discovered that the place was bugged. According to Sylvia, the British Secret Service had been carefully monitoring all of Diana’s movements and conversations long before she met Dodie. Diana believed that this was not just for her personal protection but there was an agenda to keep a lid on her rebellious spirit.
  5. I repeated sentences from the conversation they had in which Diana had confessed that, despite it all, she still loved Charles–a fact that she had confessed to Sylvia when they were alone.
  6. I said that Diana took pleasure in taking trinkets from the palace and giving them to her friends. In particular, I said that she had given Sylvia two small silver-and-gold pill boxes. They had royal initials on the bottom and had once belonged to the Romanov family from Russia. I described the lids of the boxes, likening the decorations to a blue cameo.

Spirit Community

Proof from Beyond

When the sitting was over Sylvia went to another room and returned with some envelopes. She showed me photocopies of the letters and the words I had quoted. In addition, she pulled out a color photograph. It was of the two small Romanov pill boxes that Sylvia had been given by Diana. The inscriptions and everything I had said about them were correct.

I was, of course, flabbergasted that Diana had come through during this run-of-the-mill consultation. At a time so close to her passing and while the nation still mourned, it seemed almost bad taste. The nation had already had enough of psychics who had revealed Diana’s most intimate secrets.

There is usually a reason for a spirit to communicate. The most important is to let the grieving know that they are safe in the new life and that the tragedy that struck them is no longer causing them pain. Unfortunately, I was unable to communicate with Dodie although Diana wanted people to know that they are both safe in the new life. She passed to me a message, that I conveyed to Sylvia, saying: “Dodie and I were deeply in love. But our love could never have flowered as it should have done in the world. Only here, in the bliss of the afterlife, can our love find it’s fulfillment.” I also gave Sylvia a few personal messages via Diana for Dodie’s father. I hope that somehow they were received.

Diana’s Spirit

Diana’s spirit struck me as completely different from what I would have imagined. Rather shocked, I said to Sylvia that Diana had a tendency to swear a great deal and would delight in using bad language. Sylvia told me that, away from the limelight, Diana was a colorful character and indeed did swear a lot when they came together. In the comfort of Sylvia’s consultation room, she relaxed and could let off steam as much as she liked.

Diana said how she loved the boys, but I was surprised when she said she loved Charles. She was of course “in love” with Dodie, but she wanted it known that she had never hated or not loved Charles. He was a man she wanted to love, but from the start Camilla had stood in the way.

Finally we asked her about the claims that there had been a conspiracy to kill her. Having heard that MI5 had once bugged Sylvia’s rooms, I was expecting dark tales of intrigue. Diana was emphatic in saying that, as far as she was aware, there was no conspiracy to kill her.

What happened was a tragic accident, but it is good to be aware that Diana and Dodie are safe and well in the afterlife. I hope that Al Fayed and others who grieve for the couple may one day come to understand that there was no place for them in this world but that there is a place for them in the next. The power of love found a way for them to be together, but it was not for us to share. The contemporary medium Patricia Kirmond expressed it well when she said, about Diana’s death, “Sometimes what appears to human consciousness to be a tragedy is, in the divine sense, the fulfilling of the karmic equation for that particular soul.”

So what did Diana’s spirit have to say about what happens to famous people when they die?

I wondered about the fact that so many people were thinking about her and grieving for her. Did she feel all this grief? How could she stand it? I repeated to Sylvia what I heard Diana saying. “Here we are protected from the thoughts of all the people who are grieving for us. We could never stand it. I am now just like anyone else. I am not a princess or an ex-wife or a “scheming actress,” I am who I am I am–the real me. Here, fame makes absolutely no difference. Already I understand this. What matters is who I am and what I feel. At the moment all I am concerned about–apart from the boys–is that I can be with the person I love. And nobody can stop us being together.”

The Spirit Community

Heavenly Society

As the previous example illustrates, fame means nothing in the afterlife Spirit Community. Just because you have been a royal or a president or a great leader does not mean that you will carry this status into the next life. Your true worth who you have become. In the afterlife, falsehood fails, truth triumphs, and virtue reigns. Character confers power–not knowledge, inventive skill, or wealth. The next world founded on wisdom.

The afterlife Spirit Community is an organized place with its own social structures and even a government. However, it is unlike any administration known on earth.

Social order

Imagine the potentially chaotic situation at the first stages of the afterlife. A continual stream of new arrivals includes the wise, the wicked, the learned and the insane. Many are puzzled, or in a state of confusion. Fortunately, the Spirit Community has been around for a long time. It is well-organized, with knowledgeable leadership.

The life review has already revealed that, from the moment you pass over. You will have a chaperon to the next life. At your entry to the next world, you meet your guardian angel and aware of your life on earth and what to expect during your stay in the afterlife planes. What you meet at that initial orientation is just a small part of the hierarchy of spiritual organization that you will discover exists as you move through the afterlife realities.

In earthly life, it is power and money that usually confers place in society. We honor people with wealth, social class, business acumen, and talent. Yet many of these people are not worthy of our tribute. Political cunning, ruthless business tactics, and clever manipulation of others have been known to cause a person to rise to a position of recognition and respect in our world. In the afterlife, these ambitious attitudes are considered to be bad qualities, and do not in any way improve your status in the Spirit Community.

Some people may continue to have fantasies about power, and create illusion worlds in which they seem to be living out their ambitions. These illusion states, however, will contain fundamental flaws that enable the higher spirit beings to make the soul-dreamer aware of the futility of his desire. The influential New Age pioneer Gary Zukav put it succinctly when he wrote: “The illusion is exquisitely intimate to the needs of each soul. Always each situation serves each person involved. You cannot, and will not, meet a circumstance, or a single moment, that does not serve directly and immediately the need of your soul to heal, to come into wholeness.”

Some may incarnate immediately, to avoid confronting their misconceptions.

Drawn Together

People with similar motivations will be drawn together and create between them in the Spirit Community, through their own megalomania desires, their own worlds. The snag is that everyone wants to rule, resulting in continual conflict, competition, and hatred. They may think all is well–as it should be–but if they can check their hearts, they will see that they are suffering. The worst thing about being in hell is not knowing that you are there in the first place. You are creating the illusion yourself.

In the spiritual planes, it is not our ability to rule but our ability to serve that counts. Returning to the case of Princess Diana. She had a high place in British society by right of her birth and marriage. Nonetheless, she demonstrated in her life compassion for others and influenced a great many people around the world to adopt better principles. She had many faults, but I’m sure her standing in the afterlife will be one of honor and respect. The personal touches given AIDS victims, and the comforting words and care offered to children in distress will be, in retrospect, of far greater importance than all the high-ranking engagements and public events she ever attended. In the afterlife, we rise to status according to the qualities of our character.

Government in the spirit

The spirit guides and helpers who have spoken through countless mediums all speak of the “natural Law” of the Spirit Community that dictates the conditions in the next world. This natural law creates the right conditions spontaneously. For example, thoughts of anger will weigh heavy on some people and pull them into a pit of their own hatred until they are able to resolve these things. Similarly, thoughts of love will draw you up to the higher levels of the spiritual kingdom. The natural law also draws people together who have similar motivations and dispositions. And it is the natural law that decides who, in the afterlife, will have eminence.

Those of good character and who are willing to serve will naturally attain place. This is not a democratic society where every person’s vote counts. Instead, those with character naturally assume place–something that would, of course, be impossible in the material world. The workings of this natural law mean that the good automatically rise to position, while the bad sink to what is suitable for them. Those with a negative disposition cannot rise to the higher levels of the spirit, to interfere with the organization of the higher planes. They are pulled down by their negativity as if by weights. Advanced beings, however, if it is their wish, may descend to help those in the lower planes progress up the ladder of spirituality.

The beings that administer justice in the afterlife are those who have attained divine realization in the Spirit Community. Their hearts are at one with their conscience. It is character that gives power and love that is the touchstone of the law. The hierarchy of the spirit world government is dictated according to greatness of soul. Those who are closer to spiritual perfection naturally rise to the top of the political structure; yet their want is not to rule but to serve the Spirit Community.

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