Spirit Messages from Psychic Medium Craig

Live Spirit Messages via Skype

More online demonstration of spirit messages on Skype. We had a number of technical problems this week as people tried to get into the Skype session late but I got into the swing of things about half way through this video. Few people realize how hard it is to demonstrate mediumship with multiple distractions so if you decide to join us please do first familiarize yourself with how Skype works and make sure in advance that you have been added to the group for that evening. We are working on a better way to do this such as via Facebook Live and YouTube Live. If anyone has any good ideas for a better method then please let me know via my contact pages.

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MELISA: Craig very intuitively picked up my Nan who passed 3 years ago. He described her down to a tee ! From how she supported me as a child and even the hat she bought with a feather in it that we all laughed at !! Also described my traits and thoughts from past and present .

Message from Craig:

These demonstrations of mediumship and live spirit messages are provided free as a public service. I am reaching out through Skype, You Tube, FaceBook live and public events to bring the messages from the spirit world to the world. You are welcome to join us and receive messages from your loved ones or to listen to my talks about spirituality and about how to develop your own spiritual skills. I try to demonstrate at least once a week so long as my energy and health are up to it. I cannot guarantee that you will receive a message but you will certainly draw solace and comfort from watching others being helped too. To find out more visit my events pages here.

Live Spirit Messages


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  • Jean Mar 9, 2019, 10:18 am

    I’m getting worried as 3 people have told me something’s gonna happen around the 28th in which involves me and that it can be avoided. I’m getting scared now. I await your reply. Someone in spirit won’t rest till they passed me a message.

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