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The Spirit of Princess Diana Returns

Watch our American TV program ‘The Spirit of Princess Diana’ about the seance to contact the Spirit of Princess Diana. This is an edited version of the show that was screened to 30 million people worldwide. Below the video is an extract from my book Messages from the Universe that tells the story about the making of this controversial show and the lies and problems we encountered.

THE FILM: The Spirit of Princess Diana.

Craig’s Commentary about what happened


Craig & Jane talk about the Show



Princess Diana Speaks from Beyond the Grave

Princess DianaWe were asked by American Television to conduct a live séance to make contact with the Spirit of the late Princess Diana. Working with close friends and confidants of the Princess we endeavored to give comforting proof that Diana and Dodi had survived death.

Mohamed Al-Fayed was interviewed as part of the program and as a prelude to the séance, we were given permission to view Dodi’s flat in Mayfair as well as other key places visited by the couple just before their deaths.

The program was seen by 30 million viewers around the world. We accepted no fee for doing this program. It was done with the aim of bringing comfort and solace by proving that death is not the end.

About the Program

In March 2003 Jane and I were approached by an American Film Company and asked to conduct a television seance to contact the spirit of Princess Diana. The resulting Program titled ‘Spirit of Princess Diana’ was screened around the world and has been seen by 30 million viewers. The program was made in good taste and went a long way to prove to the general audience that life really does continue after death. How wonderful it was that

Princess Diana helped from the other side to make sure that a message of hope could be given to the world. We took no fee for our services.

The Royal Family’s interest in Spiritualism has been revealed in many publications but because of the hierarchy of the Church of England have had to be discreet. John Brown is said to have been Victoria’s medium as she sought the spirit return of Prince Albert. It is also recorded that Princess Marie Louise visited the healer Harry Edwards and there is a line of interest in Spiritualism right down to Prince Charles. This séance to contact the spirit of Princess Diana is in accord with that tradition.

Television Blurb about the Spirit Of Diana Program

“Diana was the very essence of compassion, duty, style, and beauty. All over the world, she was a symbol of selfless humanity. She was a standard-bearer for the rights of the downtrodden -a very British girl who transcended nationality. Diana was someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.” (Earl Spencer)

The television event was the largest gathering of Diana’s innermost close circle of friends, since her untimely death. Craig had previously given a number of psychic readings to people who knew Diana personally. During these mediumistic consultations, Diana gave proof of her survival of death. The Sunday Mirror commissioned Craig to make predictions about the Royal Family. He told reporter Karen Rocket “I see that events will be radically altered because Prince Charles will be involved in a terrible car crash.” He was wrong, but a car crash did change the course of Royal history.

In the program, Craig and Jane provide unique evidence that Diana is speaking to us and that it is not imagination.

The Full Story of the séance

You don’t plan to become a medium it’s something that happens. In my instance, I certainly didn’t choose this path and of the many mediums I know I am sure most would agree that it was not something they sought either. I believe that there is a cosmic plan working in the background of the lives of mediums. It draws us with an irresistible magnetism back on to the spiritual path and sometimes does this whether we like it or not!

Developing Mediumship

When my psychic readings and mediumship first developed I used to keep it a secret from my friends and particularly from the customers at my graphic advertising business. As a single parent, I also had to watch my step as it could easily be misconstrued that I was delving into something sinister. I rarely worked locally and used to travel some distance to prove my gift at London-based Spiritualist churches. These were far from my hometown and so ensured that people I knew would not see me. In those not so far away days people still thought Spiritualists to be odd people who sat in darkened séance rooms to call up the dead. The practice of mediumship was illegal in the UK until 1951 and mediums were put in jail if caught demonstrating.

In recent years there has been a massive change of attitude. Some journalists and skeptics call us scoundrels and denounce us all as charlatans but the public is becoming a little more thoughtful about these issues and many now recognize that most mediums are sincere, gifted people. The cause has been helped by several public figures and celebrities who have spoken out on our behalf and helped bring greater acceptance of mediumship in society at large. And perhaps none did more to focus the world’s attention than Princess Diana who during her short life visited a great many mediums, healers, and psychics.

An employee who was also a close confidant of the princess told me that she’d spoken to over 300 psychics in the time they’d known her. It is evident that Diana was deeply interested in the modern spiritual movement and on a number of occasions spoke about her own want to develop spiritual healing powers.

Approached by American Television

In March 2003 Jane and I were approached by a Los Angeles based film company and asked to conduct a television séance to contact the spirit of Princess Diana. They had heard about a mediumistic reading I had done for Chrissie Fitzgerald who was unknown to me but who gave Diana colonic irrigation. During the consultation, I had given a number of proofs that it was Diana communicating even though initially, I had no idea that it was the princess making the link.

When I asked Diana for proof that it was her, she mentioned two small silver and gold pillboxes, blue on top and of Romanoff origin, that she’d given Chrissie as a gift. Diana told me the woman also had copies of letters from Elton John and Barbara Cartland in which Diana’s name was mentioned. Afterward, the woman brought me photocopies of the letters and a photograph of the pillboxes.

Spirit of Princess Diana

The program Jane and I made with the American company was titled ‘Spirit of Diana’ (In some countries ‘Spirit of Princess Diana’) and was screened around the world. According to the news reports, 30 million viewers saw it – a very different scenario to the times when I had to keep my gift secret!

Jane and I knew that this project would probably attract criticism from the skeptical press but it was also an important opportunity to present British mediumship to a world audience. And who better than Diana to help us? She was a mentor to many people and for many reasons but what I loved most about her was that she was prepared to stick her neck out, speak the truth and hang the consequences. Did Jane and I have the courage to follow her example? The program makers warned us that conducting a séance to speak to her spirit would certainly be controversial and no doubt attract criticism from the press. We were ready to take them on.

The program was made in good taste and Jane and I took no fee for our services. Our immediate expenses were covered by an honorarium but not one penny went into our own pockets. We accepted the project out of an admiration for Diana and a wish to bring British mediumship to a wider public. Throughout all the sessions, rigorous safeguards were maintained by independent adjudicators to make sure that there was no possibility of cheating.

Psychic Investigations in Paris

I will explain a little about how we approached the séances as a prelude to the upcoming teachings about the development of mediumship and to give you a real-life insight that illustrates how a medium works. The quest to connect to the spirit of Princess Diana started in Paris where Jane and I retraced the route she and Dodie took on the day of their death. I explained at the beginning of this book that when you set out on a quest that has spiritual significance strange synchronization’s happen and our quest to seek the spirit of Princess Diana was accompanied by many odd twists of fate.

One of the most remarkable coincidences happened on route to Paris in that by sheer fluke the driver of our limousine was the former personal chauffeur of Paris’s other royal romantic exiles: King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Psychic Skills

Our first task with the Television crew of The Spirit of Princess Diana was to use our psychic skills to see if we could get any clues about what happened on that fateful journey in the early hours of Sunday morning, 31st August 1997 from The Ritz Hotel to the crash site at the Alma tunnel. We were using a form of psychometry to link into the vibrations of place and made it clear to the viewers that this was a psychic skill and not at that stage a mediumistic link. We were taken along the journey from the back exit of the Ritz Hotel and across Paris to the Alma tunnel.

On route, we visited Dodie ’s flat on the Champs Elysee overlooking the Arch de Triumph and endeavored to tune in to its vibrations. Dodie’s father Mohammad Al Fayed – the boss of Harrods – also gave us permission to film in his flat in Mayfair, London where again we described our impressions.

Diana and Dodie Fayed

Both of us felt that the spirits of Diana and Dodie Fayed drew close to us as we visited the sites but of course at this stage, nothing we said could be verified. Even our impressions while being driven through the Alma tunnel could not be confirmed or denied and of course, there was already a vast amount written about this in the papers. Nonetheless, Jane and I were convinced that there was no conspiracy and that what had happened was simply a tragic accident. If indeed we had sensed Diana and Dodie near us at these times when we believe that Diana’s thoughts went out to her boys at the time of her death and Dodie’s were for his father. Diana was not pregnant. I believe she forgives Charles.

Psychic Investigations in London

Psychometry of an object or a place is not proof of a spirit communication. Stage two of the Television project was for Jane and me to give private consultations to a number of personal friends of the princess. These people would be able to confirm or deny any communication, verify any unique evidence that Diana spoke to us. This would prove that it is not imagination. The venue was set as The Livery Hall of the Stationers Guild nearby St Paul’s Cathedral in London. This was the wedding venue of Charles and Diana. This historic building had housed many Royal events since its first construction more than four hundred years ago

To keep the integrity of the program, only the head of research knew who would sit around the tables, and Jane and I remained at our Hotel until our cars were instructed to bring us to the venue. Jane worked with the first group of people and I arrived later to work with the second group.

No guarantees

The program makers understood that there were no guarantees that either of us would get anything through, as you cannot summon a spirit. I believe that they had invested about $1 million in the program and the readings were pivotal to the success or failure of their venture. Not being paid took away some of the pressures on Jane on I to ‘perform’ but nonetheless there remained an awesome responsibility. I can see why some Television mediums have cheated in the past!

Not everything that Jane and I gave was spot on and one of the journalists (who referred to himself as ‘a shocking cynic’) and a musician said later in the media that they were not convinced despite making positive testimonials to camera immediately after the filming. However, most of what we had to say for the more open-minded sitters contained very specific information that was highly personal and impossible to come by through research etc. There was no way we could have known these things except through clairvoyance.

I will explain later in this chapter how the spirit of Princess Diana communicates using a mixture of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience – seeing, hearing and sensing. When Diana drew close I became aware of her personality and a somewhat mischievous mood as she took part in this highly contentious project.


Craig Hamilton-ParkerTurning to a young woman sat at the table, Diana showed me pictures of her writing all the time. It turned out that it was Louise Reid-Carr, who was Diana’s personal assistant when she died. Diana showed me the room where Louise used to work and I described to Louise how she used to stand by the window taking notes. There was a big oil painting in the room and Diana used to joke about what a terrible, snooty painting it was.

The earlier sitting with Chrissie Fitzgerald flashed through my mind as Diana told me to say that Louise also had a close connection with Diana’s friend the author Barbara Cartland- Louise confirmed that she was related to the author. But what clinched it for Louise was when I said that when Diana used to go in to see her, she used to go straight up to her, put her hand in her pocket and say: ‘Let’s have one of those sweets.’

Louise admitted, with a smile, that she always kept a packet of pear-drops in her pocket. I could hear Diana saying to me: ‘Tell her I want one of her sweets.’ The whole mood when Diana made her communication was one of cheerfulness and fun, indicating that she’s not in despair. I feel she hoped that by providing the proof that she’d given these people, a message would go to her boys saying that Mummy’s happy.

James Thurlow

Interesting information also came through for a man, who I later discovered was called James Thurlow. Diana was saying: ‘Ask him about the menus, tell him how I always tore them up, tell him how I used to laugh about it and make it into a bit of fun.’ He looked astonished when I told him this and admitted his job was to meet with the chefs in the Palace kitchens and would discuss the menus for the day with her.

I also said Diana had given him a special rolled parchment – a menu – when he retired, signed by her. He confirmed this- it was a hand-painted Italian rolled parchment that he now has proudly framed on his wall at home.

I said that when he used to go up to Diana’s quarters, it was up an awkward stone spiral staircase and he’d often see her standing there frying eggs. He’d joke about how he’d cook all this food for her, only for Diana to go up to her room and fry eggs.


James confirmed all this. I also told him that the Princes weren’t meant to go up the stone spiral staircase, as it was the servants’ entrance, but that they did and used to play marbles at the turn of the stair to the kitchen. I also related a story about how Diana had asked James to help in a frantic search on their hands and knees for a lost piece of jewelry a funny event that James confirmed to have happened.

It’s the trivial things that most people wouldn’t know that build up proof, and there is no doubt from watching the footage and his testimonial afterward that Mr. Thurlow was impressed. (The comment about the stairs and search for the jewelry was edited out of the first showing as I had a hacking cough that sent the sound meter off the scale but was nonetheless referred to in James’s testimonial at the end of the show and included in the second screening.)


Jane Hamilton-ParkerI found out afterward that Jane had given equally impressive proof to her group. “Diana began to speak to me about Aids, and I asked one of the women at the table, who I was drawn to at that point, why that might be,” says Jane. “She told me she had HIV, and I later found out that she was Lynde Francis, founder of an HIV center in Zimbabwe.

Diana also spoke of scar tissue on the leg that had nearly killed her. Lynde confirmed that she had had a skin graft after a snake bite that December which had indeed nearly killed her.


Diana also asked me to mention the earrings and say how glad she was to see her wearing them again. Lynde explained that wearing the earrings was a big step as she was bedridden for many months and had regretted being unable to wear them. Diana then showed me some children’s clothes and pointed to an image of a baby wiping flies from its eyes. I told Lynde this, and she confirmed that night the Princess had bought clothes out of her own money and given them to children at her orphanage.

Next, I was drawn to a man who I was later told was Philip Godfrey-Night who’d also met her and whose partner had died of Aids.

Tea and Cakes

“Diana wanted me to ask him about a plate of tea and cakes. He told me that when Diana met him at a hospice, she’d jokingly asked when she could come round for tea and cakes in his new kitchen. I also gave proof in that Diana was aware of a friend who connected with the town of Brighton and who had died in his arms. She spoke of his good work with the terminally ill.

“While I felt privileged that Diana had shown me what really happened, I also felt emotionally exhausted. But it was clear to me her death was an accident, not a conspiracy. After that connection, I felt confident that the seance would be a success – as it were. I know people will criticize us for taking part in this program, but we wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t feel it was right. I felt Diana was happy with it and we couldn’t have done it without her blessing.”

The full story of The Spirit of Princess and much more can be read in Craig’s book:

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