Can People Be Possessed By Spirits?

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Article about Spirit Possession by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

True Stories of Spirit Possession

I have explained that many ghosts are psychic imprints that have been left behind, rather like a photograph, and that they can sometimes be created by our own mental energy. However, there are rare instances where real spirits attach themselves to a place and may cause upset and discord.

Mediums call these spirits “earthbound” because a strong attachment is holding them to this plane and preventing them from progressing to the afterlife. In some instances, the spiritual entity does not realize that he or she is dead; they walk around our world in a somnambulist state.

Spirit Possession

The famous Spiritualist “exorcist” Carl Wickland claimed that sometimes these lost souls were attracted to the warmth of the human aura and, under certain circumstances, may attach themselves to its owner as a kind of mental parasite.

From the spirits’ standpoint, it may be completely unaware of what is happening or that it has connected with the living person. This is quite a rare condition and cannot happen if your aura and your soul are in harmony. It can, however, happen to people who are in an unstable mental state. In these cases, real phenomena may occur.

Was she possessed?

A striking example happened to me when a psychologist called to see if I could help her with one of her patients. The person was convinced that the only way she could stop hearing the voices as if she saw a medium. Eventually, the psychologist relented and asked me if I would accompany her to the woman’s house. Naturally, having a trained scientific background, the psychologist was sceptical and believed that psychology could explain it.

However, her tone was to change when we entered the house and were surrounded by a strange mist that flowed around the floor. “D-d-did you see that!” she stuttered, her face as white as the proverbial ghost. I did, and it was clear that we were dealing with real phenomena.

The woman in question was, I agreed afterward, mentally unstable, but her fear was being stimulated by a spirit man that had attached itself to her. In addition, the strange phenomena that we were witnessing were, of course, not helping matters! To sever this unwelcome bond, I sat in meditation and made contact with the offending spirit.

Dead Body of Gypsy

The man I described was a burly gypsy who claimed that he was buried near the house. He had various emotional worries, but he also was unaware that he was dead. He thought he had been attending someone else’s funeral! Eventually, I was able to convince him to move on and connect with the spirit people who were trying to help him pass over to the next stage of life. The atmosphere changed as the weight was lifted, and the strange clouds faded away.

Later, the psychologist rang me to say that the woman was feeling better and had been helped by what had happened. She now felt she could sleep in her own house again. She, too, had been shaken by what she witnessed, and more so after she had done a little research into the area. Although no gypsy graveyard was marked on the map, she had found references in the library to confirm that gypsies were said to have buried or cremated their dead in that area.

Fear and Spirit Possession

Again, fear is at the root of these problems. In this case, the earthbound spirit’s fear was transferred to the aura of the living person. In turn, the living person’s fear upset the spirit, creating a cycle of fear. Although a medium may be able to encourage a trapped spirit to move forward to the next world, there is a lot that can be done without such assistance.

It is most important that the person under attack regain emotional and mental equilibrium. The person involved may be mentally healthy, but have emotional problems that make them susceptible. These issues need to be addressed before the release can take place.

If the person has severe emotional difficulties or exhibits strange behavior, seek professional help from a psychiatrist or counselor. A person suffering from the onset of schizophrenia would be much better helped by somebody trained in this field than by a well-meaning medium or psychic. Schizophrenia is a clinical condition that can be treated if caught in its early stages. Leave this one to the experts.

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