Talking with the Spirits of the Dead

Is it Possible to talk with the Spirits of the Dead?

1_ghost_iconHave you experienced a visitation from the spirits of the dead or visited the spirit world in a dream? Here I have posted some of the questions and answers from my various news columns and in particular questions about spirits of the dead. You can now read these stories in my NEW book: REAL GHOST STORIES . In these short stories the dead have appeared in various guises. You are welcome to post your comments at the bottom of the page or describe your own experiences of the spirits of the dead.


Real ExperienceReading some of the letters in your column I am reminded of an experience that happened to me ten years ago but has puzzled with me ever since.

At the time I was employed by a local Borough Council and one of my duties was to act as deputy to the Mace Bearer (Sergeant-at-Mace) which, among other things, involves escorting the Lord Mayor to the Civic functions.

I remember my friend the Mace Bearer taking me aside and saying “One day there’ll be a nice pair of shoes for you to step into”. Presumably he meant that I’d be his successor.

Eight months later I dreamed that my telephone was ringing. I answered it and across a hissing line heard a faint and distant voice. “It’s all yours now, Mike.” I knew it was my friend the Mace Bearer and I tried to question him but only heard a sound akin to ‘white noise’

I was awoken in the morning by my front door bell. It was another colleague who had been sent from the Council offices. He had come to inform me that the Mace Bearer had passed away the night before! – Michael C – Sergeant-at-Mace

Your friend and predecessor obviously loved his job and wanted you to inherit his place. One of his last earthly duties was to tell you of the job vacancy. I believe that many traditions are continued in the spirit world. For example, I have myself often given mediumistic messages from spirit people who, as proof of their identity, have shown themselves dressed in full Masonic regalia. I presume that if Freemasonry continues in the Afterlife then so does the tradition of the Mace Bearing.


Real ExperienceI was devastated when my father died of a heart attack in 1988. It was as if my life went on hold and it took me a long time to resolve my grief. But something happened that lifted my spirits and gave me the strength to go on.

I was sat with my boyfriend watching television when I glanced up at the painting of a hunt scene that Dad had bought me sometime ago. It’s almost impossible to describe what happened next but the painting came alive and I was transported inside it.

Ahead of me I could see a path that led to a garden shed. Sat outside of this was my father. He was dressed in his best suit, his shoes shone like fire and his hair was immaculate. He looked in perfect health.

As I ran towards him I was aware that we were surrounded by a beautiful garden. “Don’t worry about me” I heard him whisper as I drew close.

I was about to step over a little garden trellis to where he stood but he stopped me. As he did this I ‘awoke’ and was back sat on the sofa in front of the picture. For me this ‘vision’ was the turning point and I could now start living my life again. – Miss Angela P

Your father communicated to you through a waking dream. I find these stories of pictures that come alive intriguing. One of the most remarkable was sent to me by two identical twin sisters from Scotland. Their ‘dead’ mother communicated to them in the same way as your father did except they were drawn into the picture together and described an identical vision.


Real ExperienceWhen my husband was in the army he had an affair. He admitted this to me and that there was a pregnancy that we were told came to nothing. Thirty years later I started ‘seeing’ my mother’s ghost. She seemed to be trying to tell me something. I became so concerned that I even went to her grave and asked “What’s the matter mum? What are you trying to tell me?”

Shortly after these spirit visits we received a shocking phone call. My husband had a daughter who was now thirty years old! I know that mum will come again if I need her. Without her warning the shock would have been far worse. –  

Mrs Edith T

Clearly your mother’s spirit was trying to prepare you for the unexpected news. Your marriage survived your husband’s unfaithfulness from so long ago. You are a loyal and tolerant woman. May your daughter-in-law bring you unexpected happiness.


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Real ExperienceWhat happened to me on a Sunday 18 months ago has so impressed me that the experience feels as if it has only just happened yesterday. The television was on but as it was a repeat so I decided to read. Then I head the distinctive voice of my brother-in-law “It’s all right” I heard him say.

I looked up and stood about 6 ft away was what I can only describe as a projection of him. He wore a green checked shirt and brown trousers. He looked a little nervous and was wringing his hands. He spoke again “I’ve come round to say cheerio now it’s my turn to go” And then he just disappeared into thin air.

Although I had heard that he had gone into hospital I had no idea that he was so seriously ill. I had my ‘vision’ of him at 7.43 p.m. My brother-in-law had died only moments ago at 7.30.  In addition, my son, who I hadn’t spoken too, saw the spirit at his house at 2 p.m. Again my brother-in-law was wringing his hands.

At the time I was relaxed and of course sober. My astonishing experience was as real as day. I would be ready to take a lie detector test to prove that what I saw was absolutely real. – Mr Charles A

I’m sure that you’re telling the truth. Most of the reports of spirit sightings come when near to, a death. You can hardly believe how real it is when the spirit world are able to manifest directly to you. You must find it very reassuring to have such convincing proof that your brother-in-law’s spirit has survived bodily death.



Real ExperienceMy daughter looked quite shaken when she arrived at my house. She explained that, as she drove, she saw in her mirror someone sat on the back seat of the car. She stepped on the brake and turned around to see the spirit of her aunt smiling at her. It then vanished as quickly as it appeared. When she drove on she came upon a dreadful road accident. If she’d been seconds earlier then the accident would have happened to her own vehicle.

To this day my daughter believes that her dead aunt saved her life. – Gladys W

It is the power of love that fuels the spiritual communication between the worlds. I am aware that your sister loved her niece very much. I’m sure that she’s right. Her life was saved by the dead.


Real ExperienceThe man I loved died suddenly from a stroke. He was separated from his wife, whilst we were together , but I felt that it would be best not to go to the funeral as it might upset some of the family.

For days before the funeral  I was torn between whether to go or not and felt terribly upset. There I was wondering what to do when I heard this lovely soft voice say “Sorry we are not in at the moment , due to the funeral, but if you would like to join the entourage at the crematorium you will be most welcome. Thanks for calling.”

I could not believe what was happening but it was definitely his voice I heard with its soft  accent. He used to joke a lot and  used to get cross with me if I didn’t leave a message on his answer machine. It was a standing joke between us. Do you think that this was his way of making a very personal message to me or is it just my imagination? – Edith B.

Mediums are often accused of relaying messages that are both trivial and meaningless. Critics would, no doubt, class a  message about an answer machine  in this category. However, for you it was a very poignant and message that only your loved one and yourself would know.

You do not tell us whether the voice that you heard was inside your head or disembodied. Nonetheless it would be fair to assume that your humorous partner would like to reassure you that it was all right to attend the funeral in a way most fitting to his character.


Real ExperienceI keep having vivid dreams of the dead. The most unusual one concerned my deceased father-in-law. He was laughing and said that he’d come for a free cup of tea and handed me a distinctive red and black tin. I awoke with streams of happy tears running down my face.

Later I told my mother about the dream. She rummaged at the back of the cupboard beneath the sink and produced a red and black tin that was same in patterning to the one shown me in my dream. – Dawn B

Obviously your father-in-law had a good sense of humor. He reached you through your subconscious mind in your dream and gave you and your mother excellent proof of his survival.


Real ExperienceA week after my mother died my sister and I were clearing out our mother’s things. I went to cut out the obituary from the paper thinking that my son would like to keep it. Then we both heard mother’s voice call out my name!! We were totally shocked. Do you think mother was trying to tell us not to send the clipping? – M Mac D

Your mother just wanted to let you all know that she was alright. The obituary clipping is a proof of her death but for you both to hear her spirit voice is a proof of her new life. Tell your son about what you heard.

Spirits of the DeadSpirits of the Dead


Real ExperienceMy sister always likes to buy a little souvenir when she goes on holiday or visits somewhere special. When she went on holiday with her Aunt Ethel she bought a edelweiss brooch but on her return home somehow lost it. Years later there was a crash in the kitchen and my sister went to find out what had fallen. In the middle of the floor was the edelweiss broach that she lost so many years ago. As she picked it up and remembered her holiday with Ethel the telephone rang. Her daughter answered it. ‘Mum’ she called out ‘That call was to let you know that Auntie Ethel died half an hour ago.’  – Mr Len B

Sometimes when a group of mediums sit in a séance together the psychic power can become so intense that objects will materialize from nowhere. The sitters at the séances of the famous medium Mrs Guppy used to witness objects appear nearly every time they met. On one winter’s evening a sunflower plant, roots and all, fell from the ceiling. Whether paranormal powers materialized the brooch or not is not as important as the remarkable timing of the event.


Real ExperienceI was always very skeptical about psychic powers , and especially mediums. On the 8th June this year I visited the Spiritualist Church for the very first time. The visiting medium gave me a perfect description of my dearest friend who had died together with his age and the exact date of his death. All I can say to those who don’t want to believe in the spirit world is, go to a medium with an open mind and listen. I came out a changed man. – Patrick J L

I’m glad that you met a first class medium and got a clear message straight away.


Real ExperienceSoon after my husband died I found proof that he had an affair. It left me emotionally tormented. I went into town for the day to take my mind off things but just wandered aimlessly and by the time I got home I was very upset and my spirits were very low indeed. When I went into the bedroom there I saw my husband’s photograph laid face down in the middle of the room. The frame was very sturdy and there was no way it could have fallen the way it did. – Edith W.

You have conflicting feeling of grief and anger towards your departed husband that must be emotionally draining. If he moved the photo then he must be trying to seek your forgiveness.



Real ExperienceSometimes it seems as if my spirit leaves my body and this happens I see people I have known who have passed away. On one occasion I saw my mother. She was pointing at her top teeth. I checked with Dad and he said that mother had died with only the top set of her false teeth in. I feel that I can’t get on with my life until I have coped with their deaths. – Carol D

Mother  proved  that it was really her by telling you something that you could check. Now you know that she is OK she would want you to get on with  life and let go of the past.


During the WW2 my work as a medium was in great demand. As well as helping the bereaved I used to sit every night and attune myself to help the dying servicemen enter the afterlife. I had spirit communications from troops, the French resistance and in particular recall the many spirit communications that happened on the night Coventry was blitzed.

One of the most interesting pieces of proof we had concerned my husband’s dream. He saw himself on board a plane with his young friend. In the dream he realized that the plane had been hit by enemy fire and that the crew were about to die. Some days later we received news that the plane had been hit at the time of the dream and that my husband’s friend had died. – Mrs Jenny G

Dreams are a rich source of psychic experience and are a time when our Extra Sensory Perceptions (ESP) are awake. The world wars were times when many people like yourself engaged in regular communication with the afterlife even air marshal Lord Dowding was a keen Spiritualist.



Real ExperienceWhen my very dear friend  died I was able to tell the doctors the exact moment of his death. And after he’d gone it was as if his spirit had never left me. Throughout life we had shared the same likes and dislikes and even spoke the same thoughts at the same moment. We were as close as twin brothers.

My friend had left me his possessions and it was my job to sort through everything and dispose of any rubbish. I wanted to get the trauma over with as soon as possible so gathered all the letters and papers together into a pile ready to throw out.

But a clear voice interrupted my work. “Alf- you know I don’t want it done that way. Sort through everything before you throw things away.”

The voice was so insistent that I dare not disobey. And it’s just as well I listened to the phantom voice. Among the paperwork was the records of a fairly substantial pools win that my friend had kept secret.

But better than the money is the certain knowledge that my beloved friend is close. – Alf W

One of the things skeptics say to psychics is “Okay, if you’re so psychic, how come you don’t predict the pools or lottery numbers for yourself?’ Next time they sneer, I think I’ll quote your little story of how your dead friend help you hit the jackpot.


Real ExperienceA few days after Dad died I went to his house to begin sorting out some of his things. Perhaps it was Dad’s spirit influencing me but for some inexplicable reason I felt drawn to the heavy wardrobe in the bedroom. I just had to look underneath it.

How I found the strength to move it I just don’t know. Beneath one of the legs I could feel a loose floorboard beneath the lino. I lifted the corner of the plank and pulled out a small package. Inside was £2,000 in £20 pound notes!

I had absolutely no prior knowledge that would have made me want to move the wardrobe so I’m sure that it was Dad who led me to my inheritance. – Mrs Joyce S-

It’s lucky that you were psychic enough to ‘hear’ the message from your father or a considerable amount of money would have gone to waste. I’m sure that it was Dad’s spirit that helped you make the discovery.



Real ExperienceI recently visited my father’s grave in the late afternoon. It was getting late as I left and the cemetery supervisor unlocked the gates for me. “Where’s the old gentleman in the white raincoat?” he asked

Puzzled I asked him what he meant. “The one with a limp who walked beside you as you just came down this path.” Nobody else appeared and he locked the gates behind me, unaware that he had perfectly described my late father! – Mervyn S

The clairvoyant cemetery supervisor unknowingly gave you the reassurance of knowing that Dad is with you when you visit his grave.

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The above are extracts from my two books below:

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  • David Mar 5, 2018, 4:13 pm

    One week ago on a Monday we buried a young friend of my partner. They had been friends from childhood and extremely close. After the funeral we returned home and when I entered the apartment I could smell burning incense and then my partner said he could smell it. Last night one week after the burial I awoke in the night to go to the toilet but as I looked up I could see the face of our friend in the corner of the room and he was like grey with mist. Then he went black and vanished. I was so startled that I shouted out and my partner woke up but he saw the black shadow of a person before it vanished. I would like to know the meanings of these two separate happenings?

  • Monique Smith Nov 2, 2017, 1:32 am

    I stayed out of town this week for work at an older hotel undergoing construction. The hotel was less than ideal but options are limited due to repairs still being made after hurricaine Irma. A had a fast very vivid dream…a man dressed very nicely (80’s to 90) style suit and tie, so vivid I could I identify him if needed. In my dream he calmly not aggressively or scary walked out of the hotel bathroom hands in pockets or at his sides…and stared at me in the bed. It was so brief but startling so I jumped up in bed and of course no one was there…this exact dream episode took place three times in a period of 2 hours but then in the final dream episode the man did exactly the same but this time he paused stared at me…I stared back and he than looked at the plain wall directly next to the dresser in the hotel room I also looked and the wall had smeared, old dried blood, smeared and lightened as if it was wiped away.

    The blood stain was about eye/head level of an average man. I was horrified looked back at the man who looked directly at me and at that time woke up horrified and hyperventilating. The dream man/spirit was non-threatening and other than the site of the smeared/wiped away blood was not scary…it was more the WHY that freaked me out. I didn’t watch anything related to crime, murder violence, I am a logical therapist by profession and a Christian that is very confused…was this a spirit? Was he trying to show me something? Was it my mind paying tricks on me?

  • susan Apr 17, 2016, 12:14 am

    I would like to inquire about my sisters death in 2010. Unresolved?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 22, 2016, 10:26 am

      We do not publish answers that include clairvoyance on these comments. Try our community section to discuss this topic.

  • Kerri Sharp Apr 15, 2015, 4:13 am

    My dad died 4 years ago. Shortly after his death, I had a dream so vivid one morning I could smell cigarettes & diesel..he and I were seated in a garden with millions of colors. Dad spoke without opening his mouth” I love you”. Afterwards for months, I have had scary premonition. Something makes me say things to certain people I don’t say of my own will and then..something happens. It appears I can predict the future but honestly, it’s only a small bit which I don’t understand. Thankfully, it has stopped. What was this and why?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 21, 2015, 10:46 am

      You burning need to connect with the spirit of your Dad may have temporarily opened your latent mediumship powers. They were sudden and unconscious so spurted out in an uncontrolled way. If you get interested you may find that you have some abilities but they would need to be trained with the guidance of a fully developed medium in the context of a circle.

  • Ieasha Mar 23, 2015, 10:08 pm

    Why did my brother in-law die?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 31, 2015, 3:29 pm

      This question is an expression of your grief. I believe that when we see ‘the bigger picture’ at the time we pass into heaven then we will know the answer to this sort of question. From an earthly perspective death will always seem cruel to us but in the spirit we get to know God’s reasons.

  • kayla Jan 10, 2015, 6:30 pm

    Something came at me last week – a spirit of the dead perhaps – and took my breath away. It made me jump. What was it and can you help?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 13, 2015, 11:36 am

      Check out our forums if you have a question that requires a personal answer.

  • Sherrell W. Feb 5, 2014, 3:00 pm

    I have been having dreams of my late fiancé off and on for the past year. He died suddenly 2 yrs ago in a car accident. I had just spoke to him that night around 10pm. At 1 or 2 that morning I woke up in an alarmed state. I had tried to call him but my phone was cut off. I found out later that day that that he’d had an accident at 3:30am. His funeral was an awful experience for me. His mother and sister did not acknowledge me at all. Last night I dreamt of him and getting married with all our family members there including his mother and sister. Although I did not see them, their presence was felt. My father was walking me down the isle, it was held out side. The decorations were festive and a lot of the preparations were done in the trees above ground. Like I was in a huge tree house! As I made my way to him the procession was a winding hill that stopped next to a body of water. I woke up before I reached him. What does this mean?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Feb 10, 2014, 10:05 am

      This is a dream that is full of what the psychologist Jung called archetypal symbolism. In these dreams a marriage can often symbolise death and the start of a new life. Similarly with the tree house: the tree represents life and – as a house – it is a new abode. This dream is about how the spirits of the dead live on in a new world. It is a rebirth to the next life. The procession, the hill and the body of water are the journey to the next world. It is your unconscious trying to let you know that your fiancé lives on in a new life in heaven and is helping you to resolve your own emotional struggle with the terrible feeing of loss that his death has brought. At the heart of it though is a message of hope: the spirit survives the death of the body.

  • Bethany Aug 31, 2013, 2:07 am

    My sister just died suddenly at age 49 years of a pulmonary Emboli. I miss her so much I could die my heart has been ripped out of my chest and I am devastated. I can find no words of comfort or any kind of solace. We believed in life after death before she died now I don’t believe in anything. I am so lost and raw and I cry all the time. I miss my best friend I love her! I miss her hugs and her big blue eyes I can’t believe my sister is dead! God help me!

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 2, 2013, 3:05 pm

      When the initial pain of the grief has subsided, I suggest that you visit a Spiritualist Church. Here you will be able to watch mediums demonstrate and meet many people who know about the pain of grief and loss. Seeing people get comforting messages during the service – and maybe getting a message yourself – may help you gradually realise that death is not the end and that your sister’s spirit is forever close to you. Nothing can ever take the pain away but knowing for certain – through proof rather than belief – that life goes on after death can help you to move forward in hope.

      • bethany Sep 28, 2013, 12:54 am

        Thank you I think I will take your suggestion. I am still crazy with grief and talk to her all the time. I hope she hears how much I loved her. It will be awhile before I calm down enough to go. My world is ripped apart. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I am a lost soul and so lonely without my best friend and sister. I miss her so much. I hope she hears me talk to her. I also started a grief journal .. I just loved her so much.

  • Sophie Jun 27, 2013, 9:27 pm

    My very close friend and one time lover has died suddenly. I was totally unprepared and deeply regret that we had not communicated truthfully before he died. There are so many questions unanswered. I am desperate to communicate with him and hear him and ask him about it all. Would this be possible? Why if he does not come to me?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jul 15, 2013, 4:15 pm

      There are no guarantees that a spirit will be able to communicate via a medium. Sometimes it may take years before a person will get unshakeable proof of life after death. Discovering the truth is a journey. I suggest you make a start by looking into Spiritualism, maybe visiting one of the churches as well as having private consultations with mediums by phone or in person. Spiritualism is free.

  • Lauren Jun 21, 2013, 1:21 am

    Hi my dad passed away 4 months ago very sudden. He was very healthy active and only 56. I am still in so much pain over this. My mom whom he divorced 20 something years ago keeps having dreams with him when I never do. Sometimes I sob to him and beg him to come to me in a dream or show me a sign but it never happens.

    Is my father at peace and why won’t he visit me? I’m his only child and would think he would want to reassure me as I became responsible for everything which at 28 is overwhelming on top of stressful and painful. How can I get him to visit me. His grave is far and I’d have to take an airplane to visit so that’s out. I’m desperate!!!

  • Jean Apr 22, 2013, 8:40 pm

    What lovely stories about the spirits of the dead… I sometimes feel my mother’s spirit around me. She passed at the age of ninety but I feel she’s happy and peaceful and I know she wants me to feel the same. Also, I had a boyfriend pass 20 years ago. He spoke to me one evening saying “When I get through with life I’ll be there waiting.” That also makes me feel peaceful I hope its true.

  • Bhib Apr 15, 2013, 5:47 am

    My boyfriend died in an accident three weeks ago. No one was expecting he would leave us this soon but after one week after his death I saw him in my dream. In day time when I say to him “please come to my dream tonight” he appears in same night but for a short time. My concern is that my dead boyfriend does not realise that he is dead. What should I do?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 17, 2013, 1:51 pm

      Dreams are not that reliable as your own fears may get intermixed with communications from the spirits of the dead. I suggest you either get a private sitting with a medium or make the first steps towards getting reassurance by visiting a spiritualist church. I’m sure a direct message would put you right but also when you learn more about the philosophy of spiritualism you will realise that the dead do not get trapped between worlds for long periods of time. We also have free demonstrations of mediumship in the community section of this website in which proof of survival is demonstrated online.

  • Deb Apr 13, 2013, 6:41 pm

    When was a young girl I got hit by a car, it was my fault because I ran between two parked cars so the driver didn’t see me. Anyway, I had a concussion and thankfully I turned out fine. Ever since I have noticed that I have a ‘door’ that I can ‘see’, I don’t know when it opens or how to manage it but I have been visited by many spirits of the dead in the last 50 years. Some of the spirits I have known and others I have not. Some seem nice and others do not, either way they scare me and I tell them to go away..

    I don’t want to be afraid of them anymore and I want to be able to communicate with them since they feel that they can come to me. I don’t know what steps to take to learn how to communicate with those that come to me and also stay on the light side since I am a child of God and don’t want to have dark spirits in my life. I have heard the voice of evil (it called my name in the night) and I didn’t answer it but it shook me to my very core and I just waited for it to go away. I do regret not speaking to those gentle spirits that have come to me and I would like to get some direction on how I can become more confident to communicate with them. They tell me messages for people and sometimes I pass them on but sometimes I don’t. What do I do to get on the proper track and do this with God’s light keeping me strong?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 17, 2013, 1:33 pm

      The first step needs to be ensuring that these voices really are the spirits of the dead and not your own inner thoughts that manifest as voices. I would advise you join an open spiritualist circle where you may get a chance to practice. The spirits needs to PROVE they are real by giving verifiable facts that can be accepted by the sitters. What makes me question your experience is that the spirit world will never force themselves on us and only give messages of hope and comfort. I believe that alleged voices of evil spirits (you say you hear ‘the voice of evil’) are simply the result of undiagnosed psychological problems.

  • anita owsley Apr 7, 2013, 1:08 am

    Hi, please advise if you have any messages from either one of my husbands. They both passed away within 19 months of each other and I am devastated

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Apr 9, 2013, 1:59 pm

      We do not give readings via these articles. However if you visit the community areas we have chat rooms where people talk about the spirits of the dead and also we hold regular demonstrations of clairvoyance, free psychic readings and free mediumship. See links on left of screen to visit the community and get more info.

  • James Otoole Dec 30, 2012, 8:31 pm

    I was able to see spirits of the dead when I was younger (53 now). I practiced meditation most of my life and I have been fortunate to see my mum and dad in spirit after they passed. My eldest sister Elizabeth, died from cancer about 9 months ago. I used Merlinite and Moldavite crystals to induce a trance as I went to sleep. I saw my sister: She was sitting on the grass, picnic style, outside her old house. Her hair was very blond, it was dark brown normally. I asked ‘why the blond hair’ she said ‘I always wanted to be a blond’. She has both her hands round the shoulders of a young boy, about 7 years old. I asked ‘who’s your friend?’ She said ‘You know him.’ I said ‘I don’t’. She replied ‘You should.’ There was some other talk then she said tell everyone ‘I am Hally, we are all OK. You need to leave now.’

    My great grandson died at birth about 3 years ago. I have been thinking and the boy I saw was very like my grandson (his dad) when he was young: Blue eyes white blond hair. He even looked like my grandson, but the boy is about 4 or 5 years too old. Do spirit children age faster in the spirit world? I need to know. Thanks James

  • Sam Oct 19, 2012, 8:18 am

    Hi I’ve been making contact with the other side and the spirits of the dead since I died and came back over 40 years ago. Earlier tonight I made contact with a family of five that used to live on this spot long ago. There was a tragic fire while they slept, killing them all. Sometime maybe I’ll share more about what it was like when I died and came back and tell you about the other contacts I’ve made with spirits on the other side.

  • Robert Park Aug 2, 2012, 1:25 am

    At midnight on Sunday 11 October 1998 my late wife passed away from BC. Myself, our daughters, and the Marie Curie nurse, were at her bedside. Although, during the days and weeks afterwards and while deeply in grief I was coping.

    Eight weeks later to the day but not the hour, at 10.30 in the morning on Sunday 6 December, I was sitting in a lounge chair in the sitting room imbibing a cup-of-tea. The house is situated on a hill in a crescent and I was viewing the crescent and the gardens of the other houses. It was a bright sunny morning but bitter cold. The street outside was deserted. I was relaxed and enjoying the solitude of the moment.

    I then felt a pressure on the crown of my head but was not alarmed. It began to spread down either side and at the back of my head but not over my face; it stopped on reaching shoulder level. My wife’s voice then came through and she spoke to me in her usual clear and distinct voice and sounded as if she was standing next to me which spiritually she probably was. This is what she said, “I have come to say goodbye. I have to move on. Louise has already moved on. Your friends who have always looked after you will continue to do so.” I replied to her expressing how much I loved and missed her and wished her a successful spiritual journey.

    For the next three hours I could feel that she was still with me but by the fourth hour I knew she had gone and she has never returned. While this was a wonderful and enlightening moment it was also like a second bereavement.

    Some points from my wife’s comments. She confirmed for me the existence of the spiritual plane but also that there was another, probably a higher plane. This indicates to me that the plane to which we enter on passing over is an intermediate one and the one with which we psychics appear to be in contact. By saying good bye would indicate that she would not be waiting for me and the reason for this was that she probably knew that I had another life ahead of me and that I would re-marry which has indeed happened. She also confirmed the existence of my spiritual friends.

    I had never, until I came to this site, heard of others having similar experiences. I am, indeed, grateful for the Internet and feel indebted to Craig and Jane for creating and maintaining this site.

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