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Spiritual readings abandoned in a Moses Basket
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“My Search for Mum”

Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker’s spiritual readings from ‘The Weekly’ News

Abandoned in a Moses basket on the steps of Dr. Barnardo’s home in Stepney London, Dudley Godfrey spent a lifetime wondering what his mother was like and why she would abandon him as a new-born babe until he went for a spiritual reading with Craig Hamilton-Parker.

“For years it was impossible to know the truth,” he says “I was not eligible for a birth certificate and Barnardo’s refused to give me any information about my background. All I had was my fantasy. Perhaps my mother was unfit, a prostitute, or she just didn’t want to know me? It’s hard for anyone from a secure family to understand the inner anguish caused by not knowing who you are or what your roots are.”

In 1995 at the age of 53, a charity worker called at Dudley’s property business in Bursledon Southampton. She was collecting for Dr. Barnardo’s. The lady informed him that it was nowadays easy for ex-Barnardo’s children to get their Birth Certificate. She told him how to do it.

High Powered

As the high powered General Manager of a successful company, Dudley wasted no time in putting plans into action. “I went straight down to the registrar and got the certificate.” continues Dudley “To my surprise, I was born miles away. Next, I instructed my secretary to find out the name of the town’s local parson and see if he knew anything about my family. Fortunately, he was a keen genealogist and offered to check the parish records and would write me a full family tree.”

“When his report landed on my desk I dashed to the car and drove to London? to see my last remaining relative- my mother’s sister. Within an hour and a half, I was at her doorstep, my heart pounding hard.”

Dudley Godfrey discovered that his now-dead father was the husband of his long-lost aunt. Clearly a terrible family problem had occurred at Dudley’s birth that had resulted in his abandonment. But at last, now Dudley knew who he was and a little about his background. “The most startling thing was meeting my half-brother. He was my clone.

Not only did he look like me but he had the same body language and even talked like me.”Sadly I also discovered that my mother had died a long time ago and I resolved my self to the fact there was no way I would ever talk to her or know her.” Soon afterward Dudley read about the medium Craig Hamilton-Parker who worked in the nearby town of Eastleigh. The article described how Craig could talk with people who have gone over into the Spirit World. Dudley telephoned Craig and arranged an appointment.

More Proof

“Immediately I walked into his spiritual reading consultation room Craig asked me if I knew of an Uncle George who he said had talked to him during his meditations. George, who I had called Uncle, had brought me up from the age of two after leaving Barnardo’s. ‘He died of TB’ said Craig ‘And says that his wife’s name was Lotty. Also, he would have been very skeptical about mediums as he’d had a very strict religious upbringing. He loved the countryside and was a farm laborer.’

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Craig was reeling off the facts. Facts that he could never have checked through public records. By now tears were rolling down my cheeks.


Secret Drinker

“Craig continued by saying ‘There’s something about him that only you and he ever knew about. George tells me that he was a secret drinker.’ That clinched it. I was the only person in the world that knew this. It was a standing joke between us.”

“Craig went on to tell me about how I’d been in Doctor Barnardo’s, he told me about my deceased wife Betty and that she was aware that I’d been having problems with my kidneys and how she wanted to pass on her love to my daughter and two sons. She was pleased, Craig said, that despite everything I was making a success of my life and was reasonably happy.”

Then perhaps the most important person of all came through.”I’ve got to give you a message from a woman with the name Grace” said Craig, “She died of womb cancer at the age of thirty and she’s so sorry for everything that happened when you were little.”

Dead Mother make contact

At last Dudley’s mother had made contact. Craig continued”Your mum is telling me that she didn’t want to give you to Dr. Barnardo’s. It broke her heart but there was nothing that she could do. She was forced to do what she did, there was no way she could keep me, and she regretted it for the rest of her short life. She loves you, her only child, very much.”

“Craig told me that I must ask my Aunt about this and various other events that transpired at the time of my birth. Immediately afterward I telephoned my Aunt and asked her about all the things that were said during the consultation. She was dumbfounded. ‘How on earth do you know these things!’ she exclaimed. But that was mum’s and my little secret.

“I am not in the habit of visiting psychics or mediums,” says Dudley, “For me, it was my first and perhaps only exposure to these things. But it helped me a great deal and unloaded a tremendous weight from my shoulders.

At last, I believe that I have been able to talk to the mother that I never knew. I now have a photograph of mum but the greatest comfort of all is knowing that her spirit’s close to me and that one day we will meet and talk about everything that happened. My life long fear that I would never be able to talk to her just isn’t true.”

“I Nearly Lost Everything”

Article about spiritual readings from ‘The Weekly’ News

“If you don’t act immediately I see you losing everything,” said medium Craig Hamilton-Parker to his sitter for a spiritual reading Joan from Bournemouth. Joan had booked a consultation with the psychic to see if he could give her any insight into the sorry state of her marriage. Craig communicated with many people I’d known who had passed into the spirit.” says Joan “In particular he spoke to my Nan who told him that her wedding ring had recently broken in two. This had happened recently but said Craig it was also a symbol of what was happening in my life.

“‘Your husband owns a restaurant’ said Craig. ‘You must be very, very careful as he’s trying to sell it without you finding out.

“Craig was right, we did own a restaurant but it would be impossible for him to sell it. It had only been open for two years and who’d buy a restaurant that had traded for such a short time?

“Craig insisted that I make inquiries. If I don’t act, he said, the money will disappear to America and you’ll be left with nothing. He said that a female solicitor would help me get a court order to prohibit the sale. The judge would look favorably upon my case.”

Messages from the dead

It was Joan’s ‘dead’ grandparents who were telling Craig all this information. His grandmother told Joan many facts about herself but one fact, in particular, proved it was her. “Craig said that my Grandmother had two wedding rings and that I now had one and my sister the other which was right. He also identified the problems that I was having with my daughter and how to deal with them” says Joan.

Immediately after the consultation Joan employed a female solicitor and asked her to make inquiries about the restaurant. She discovered that it was for sale and a buyer had been found. Joan also heard rumors that her ex-husband was planning to move to America. “We went to court immediately we knew the facts and took out an injunction to stop the sale” continues Joan

“The result was that me and my two children we were given a fair settlement and received a substantial sum of money. If I hadn’t listened to the clairvoyant we would now be destitute. I’ve still got a lot of emotional problems to resolve but at least now our financial future is secure.”

“Ken will always be with me”

Article about spiritual readings from ‘The Weekly’ News

It was years since 25-year-old Ken Reynolds had ridden a motorcycle and hardly ever as a pinion passenger. But that was the last journey Ken was ever to make. Moments after leaving home the motorbike was involved in a head-on collision and Ken and his friend were killed.

“I can’t find words to adequately describe what I felt,” says his mother Pat Reynolds from Bitterne in Southampton. “One moment Ken was here and in the next he was gone. I felt empty. Worse than empty. It was like having a big dark hole inside of you- but it had jagged edges.”

Pat sunk into a dark depression after the loss of her son. She shut herself away from the world and felt that life wasn’t worth living. From the day after he died Ken seemed to make his presence known to her. “Strange things started to happen around the house.” continues Pat, “The lights would start going on and off, Ken’s photo kept falling of the mantelpiece and I saw the morning’s dishes lift and move by themselves across the kitchen table. I began to feel that Ken was trying to get in touch with me.”

Did he survive?

Pat began a quest to find out if Ken had survived physical death. “I gained a lot of comfort from visiting my local Spiritualist Church,” says Pat “I had a number of messages and went to see a medium privately. The medium, Matthew Smith, was even able to tell me his name straight away and told me other details known only to myself.”

Pat was beginning to feel comforted but that gaping hole inside her still wouldn’t go away. “I needed something more. I had to find a way to get in touch with Ken directly.”

It was then that Pat met medium Craig Hamilton-Parker at a Psychic Fair in Southampton. “I sat down for a tarot reading with Craig,” says Pat “But he pushed the cards aside and said that it was more important that he communicates with my son who he said I’d only recently lost.”

How he died

“Craig described Ken’s personality perfectly and told me how he died and many factual things about him. In particular, I remember Craig saying that the song ‘Lemon tree oh so pretty’ was significant. We had a lemon tree in the garden when we lived in South Africa.”

A little later Pat booked a private consultation with Craig at her home and away from the clatter of the fair that they both found distracting. “Craig gave me marvelous proof that Ken was all right in his new life,” says Pat, “Ken told Craig how his friend Claire had her hair cropped and had now got a new job in Bristol. He extended his love to his friends Jonathan and Colleen. He also told how he had met his uncles George and grandfather Percy and how he loved his gardening.

The Ruby Ring

Craig said how I’d been told to buy a ruby ring in Ken’s memory but said my son was joking that I hadn’t paid enough for it! And he even gave Ken’s birth date and said that a new baby would be born on the same date. It happened as he said “But, apart from the hard facts, it was Craig’s description of Ken’s personality that was most convincing. He joked and laughed with Ken and exhibited the same dry humor and tongue in cheek tone. I remember Craig saying that Ken said ‘I died with my boots on’ When Ken died he was wearing the new boots that he’d only just bought.”

But Pat’s search was still not over. Craig invited Pat to join his circle that meets once a week with the objective of communicating with the spirit world and developing the clairvoyant abilities of those who want to progress. Ken was now able to communicate regularly with his mother and could speak directly to Pat when Craig was in a deep trance state.

Pat’s own psychic abilities have now started to flower. “I still get depressed about Ken when I think of the wasted years and the grandchildren from him that I will never have. I miss his touch and his humor. But at least I know that he’s happy where he is. And best of all I can talk to him whenever I want to”

“Pat’s own mediumship is developing at a remarkable rate,” says her teacher Craig “I’m so pleased for her. I know that mediumship has helped her and know that she, in turn, will help many other people in their grief.”


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