Kirlian Photography and Spiritualism.

Kirlian Photograph of Hands
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This is part of our Distance Learning Project (DLP) specially written for us by Violet Kipling with Craig Hamilton-Parker

DEFINITION: Kirlian Photography is a technique for recording photographic images of corona discharges and is understood by some to be the aura – life force – surrounding living creatures.

“Viewed clairvoyantly, the man looks like a shrouded light which radiates tiny particles in every direction. Human bodies throw them off, as flowers their perfume. The radiation is singularly sensitive and responsive to thought. Materialism cannot dissociate the thinker from the brain, and Spiritualism is in the same dilemma in regard to the aura; it acts as an integral part of consciousness itself. The quality differs with temperaments, character, and health.

By its appearance, clairvoyants give their character readings and healers diagnose disease. It is a marvelous piece of machinery that should well repay research. It is essential to all psychic manifestations and is the conduit through which the psychic healer operates, or is the active healing principle in itself. Later on, it forms the fabric of spirit clothing and becomes a tool in the hands of spirit people. It is an essential link in the production of all psychic phenomena.” (The University of Spiritualism by Harry Boddington)

Human Atmosphere

It is generally accepted that the human body carries an atmosphere around it that is mainly electromagnetic in composition. There has been much work carried out in the scientific and medical fields in an effort to establish the existence of the human atmosphere. This energy field is a reflection of the spirit contained within, both spiritual and physical; health conditions, personality traits, hopes, and aspirations are all clear to clairvoyant vision.

When people come close to each other there is a blending of auras and sometimes, with strangers, there is an immediate rapport and at other times, a repulsion is felt and yet not a word has been spoken


There are many levels within the aura, the main ones being physical, mental, and emotional and spiritual. These different ‘auras’ can be seen extending outward from the body with the physical aura about half to one inch around the body; the mental and emotional aura being from one to two feet with the extension of the spiritual aura being dependent upon the spirituality of each person.

It is said that Buddha’s aura could be sensed at a distance of many miles. Mother Theresa is another person whose aura entered the room long before she did.

Kirlian Colors

There are many colors in the varying levels of the auras and it is from the interpretation of these colors, even if it be on an intuitive level, that the psychic or medium attunes to a person and is able to relate back information which has been gleaned from the aura.

The colors in the physical aura show the nature of a person’s health. A healthy individual will reflect bright clear colors while the reverse will show dark areas and muddy colors. It has been said by the spirit that the energies of the physical aura play an important part in physical phenomena, constituting the basis for ectoplasmic formations, rods, etc.

The level of the mental and emotional aspect of the aura reflects a person’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, their highs, and their lows. This part of the aura also shows the intellect or otherwise of an individual. In mental mediumship, it is through the mental part of the aura that spirits transmit their thoughts which are lodged in the subconscious and then registered by the conscious mind.

Advanced Clairvoyance

The more advanced an individual is in his/her spiritual understanding, the more extensive will be the spiritual aura. The colors in this particular auric field are more ethereal with an inner luminosity.

When a psychic sees the colors in the different auras, the same color will have different interpretations dependent upon its location i.e. Red in the physical aura could be energy; in the mental/emotional – passion and in the spiritual aura – the mediumistic ability of a high order. Individual psychics and mediums will interpret the colors according to how they relate to them but distinctions must be made between the same color in different locations.

It is not the intention of this course to cover the colors and their interpretations as there are many books on the market on the aura, color healing, colors of life, etc which will cover the subject in greater detail.

Inventing Kirlian Cameras

Now that scientists are becoming more interested in the study of the human atmosphere the equipment to give evidence of its existence is also being developed.

Apparatus has now been developed to observe the phenomenon in motion and it is possible to produce color photographs, which clearly resemble the auric emanations as described by clairvoyants.

Semyon Kirlian, the Russian scientist discovered by passing a high voltage discharge between an object and an electrode, ‘photographs’ were produced which revealed that an energy field surrounded the object. Kirlian discovered that the photographs showed energy around the edge of the objects. Kirlian’s method of photographing the energies surrounding objects has progressed and a Kirlian camera has now been developed.

It is possible to experiment with the camera to show that the flares extending from an individual’s fingers is part of his or her personality and not just the same as those of everyone else.

One experiment well worth carrying out is to photograph the fingertips of a healer and a patient before, during, and after healing is administered and the changes in the flares noted.

Dr. W J Kilner

Dr. W J Kilner, an English physician, and surgeon who investigated electro-therapy is probably the first person to carry out a scientific study of the aura and he claimed to be able to diagnose his patient’s illnesses by studying the aura. He devised a glass screen which he painted with dicyanine, a coal tar dye, which enabled the eyes to see the aura, like a mist, around a person.

Dr. Kilner experimented with many chemicals before he discovered that by standing someone against a dark background, behind a screen coated with dicyanine, it was possible to see a grey-blue mist around the person.

Dr. Kilner also discovered his own clairvoyant vision for during his many experiments, he found he was able to interpret the aura and diagnose the patient’s problems.

“Dr. Kilner, by means of dicyanine, has proved that all human bodies possess this quality which we term the “aura”. Researches show that it differs characteristically with every individual. The quality of aura essential to healing differs from that used for physical phenomena and is different again in trance speaking, but it still forms the invisible bond between the medium and the spirit world.

It is well established that, unless the magnetism of the spirits blends harmoniously with that of sensitives, they cannot make their presence felt. We are, in addition, compelled to recognize the fact that elements unknown to mortal chemists are blended with the aura as occasion demands.” (The University of Spiritualism by Harry Boddington)

The Energies Captured by Kirlian Photography

Energy is the capacity of objects or systems to be moved by the application of some kind of force. The various forms of energy include heat, light, mechanical, nuclear, heat. Energy usually takes two forms, i.e. potential and kinetic.

Potential energy is an energy that is stored and available for use; upon use, it becomes kinetic energy as the pressure of a force produces movement.

The potential energy in a single physical atom is enormous and everything and every person in the physical world is composed of atoms. The Law of Conservation of Energy means that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change into another form of energy.

This can be witnessed with an electric fire that converts electrical energy into heat energy and a radio converts electromagnetic energy into sound energy.

Kirlian Machines

Machines act as energy converters as does the human mind. There are many instances that give evidence of the power of the mind. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind. American, Ted Serios, was able, using thought energy, to produce photographs of objects by staring at the lens of a camera.

If he thought of the Eiffel Tower, then when the film was developed a photograph of the Eiffel Tower would be there. This ability is known as Thoughtography and it is mind energy which is causing chemical changes to the film. It is possible for anyone to carry out such experiments. It is not necessary to use a camera. A piece of film can be placed in a light-proof envelope and concentrated upon.

A definite object or picture should be used. The film is then developed and the results carefully examined. It would be interesting if a group of people sat in a circle and placed an object in their midst and concentrated upon it while holding their pieces of film.


The phenomenon of psychometry shows that thought energy or energy fields can remain on material objects, in some cases, for a considerable length of time.

Students wishing to experiment with the power of thought should sow some seeds; half in one tray and a half in the other. Apart from watering, leave tray A to its own devices; with tray B a period of concentrated thought, or healing, should be given to it on a regular basis.

Any differences in growth can be monitored and it should be found that the plants in tray B are taller, stronger, and emerged from the soil quicker than those in tray A. All changes should be noted in the order that comparisons can be made with any similar experiments undertaken.

There are noticeable energy changes taking place within every seance. A feeling of cold is probably due to the fact that some of the sitters’ heat energy is being used and not that an Eskimo guide is walking around the circle. An Eskimo, in all his furs, would probably feel very warm.


Mediums drink a lot of water to replenish lost energies in a circle and refreshments are usually offered to sitters after the circle for the same reason. While it is not necessary to hear a recipient’s voice to make a spirit link, sometimes the sound energies help to make the link a little stronger.

When healing, mediums have the ability to conduct energy from the spirit world and infuse the spirit and physical being of the patient. An exchange of energies from spirit to physical giving a beneficial effect upon the patient.

In conclusion, it can be said, therefore, that man is not just a body. He is the visible manifestation of various invisible fields of energy, electromagnetic, and others, which organize and control him.

COPYRIGHT This article is part of our Distance Learning Project DLP – a course specially written for us by the great Spiritualist Violet Kipling and Craig Hamilton-Parker

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