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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about some of the methods used by Spiritualist Mediums to help students to develop inspirational speaking and clairvoyance. This article is a continuation of other articles on this site from my book called Psychic School.

This article in the series talks about the last preparations made by spiritualist mediums to becoming a fledgling medium. It includes working on the rostrum of a Spiritualist Church. In particular, I talk about planning a spiritual address and some of the last circle techniques I use to boost confidence in fledgling mediums.

UK Spiritualist Mediums are some of the best in the world. People eager to become television mediums often do not appreciate that exponents have worked for many years as Spiritualist Mediums before working in the media.

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As part of a Spiritualist service, spiritualist mediums are required to give a twenty-minute talk. Sometimes I have a very clear idea of something I would like to talk about but discover that as soon as I open my mouth I deliver a completely different address. I stay in control of myself and would be able to block this if I wanted.

What comes through is far superior to anything I could have planned in advance. Sometimes I am amazed at not only the quality of the words said in a Spiritualist address but also how well planned it is, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

What I have just described is a very light form of spirit control that we call inspirational speaking. My mind is overshadowed and my thoughts are influenced by the spirit guides. In my case, trance mediumship developed out of inspirational speaking.

This next experiment can be introduced when the fledgling mediums are close to being ready to work in the real world as sp[iritualist mediums. It will prove useful should they need to give an inspired address in a Spiritualist church. This helps them to trust the material being given to them from the spirit.

Inspirational Speaking for Spiritualist Mediums

Step 1:

The leader of the group sets a theme for one member of the group to give an inspired address the following week. It is best to have just one speaker at a time to prevent feelings of competitiveness. The theme needs to be open to allow the speaker to improve. Flow with what is given. Some themes may be “hope in adversity,” “the brotherhood of man,” “the purpose of mediumship,” and so on.

It is best not to choose as a theme something the speaker is very enthusiastic about, as he or she will enthuse from his or her own mind and not open to the spirit. For example, if the theme is to talk about angels and the speaker had already read a lot about this and formed preconceptions, then this is likely to get in the way of the flow of ideas given by the spirit.

Step 2:

Sometime before the next session, the selected speaker spends time thinking about the theme of the address. He or she makes notes but these should not be read out or used during the address. However, with the theme in mind, I suggest that the speaker has a very simple note prepared that outlines the beginning, middle, and end of the talk.

All the speaker needs is a framework. The spirit world will fill in the gaps.

Step 3:

At the next meeting, the fledgling medium will give his or her address. It is delivered standing. The speaker acts as confident as possible. Speaking too loud is better than not loud enough. Speak slowly and not quickly.

Step 4:

When giving the talk it is good to have a structure, if possible, but it is acceptable to go off subject as long as it is inspired by spirit. You can talk using your knowledge of the subject and may include personal anecdotes, but most of all allow the inspiration to shine through. Just as with mediumship, go with the flow. If inspiring words come to you say them. Never apologize if the flow stops or you fumble your words. Just go with it.

Step 5:

When the speaker has finished everyone applauds. This not only marks the end of the talk but also instills confidence in the speaker.

I used to be terrified to give an address to an audience but now have no worries about what I say. I know that the spirit world will always be there to help me with the words.

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