Why Are We Here?

Why are we here?
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“In this article, I address the biggest questions of Spirituality such as why are we here? The word spirituality generally refers to our contentedness with something bigger than ourselves and sets us on a journey to discover the meaning of life. This is a universal experience and raises questions that touch us all.

This article and video are about the meaning and purpose of human life – the true essence of what we call spirituality. We start by looking at how a knowledge of the afterlife instills the first seed of meaning into life.”

What is the Purpose of Life?

There is another shore beyond the horizon of physical life. It is not a “great unknown” as it has been visited by many spiritual travelers from our world. On their return, they have related strange stories that fill us with awe, much as did the tales of explorers when they first traveled the seas to Australia or the Americas.

Why are we here – the video

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Some have journeyed to this place during sleep, while critically ill, or under hypnosis. Others have traveled there during meditation, mediumistic trance, or by using techniques that enable the soul to travel outside the physical body.

Believers in this “other shore” embrace spirituality and usually live better lives.  Even if some do not profess it philosophically, they may still have the feeling that it is true. A voice deep within tells them it is the truth.

A person who believes in or, even better, has actually experienced the afterlife has a completely different outlook on this life to that of the materialist. Knowledge of spirituality and the next world brings with it a strong sense of personal responsibility and morality.


A person who has knows there’s an afterlife realizes that the immortal human spirit is here for a greater purpose than just accumulating possessions, status, fame, or power. In contrast, those with no belief in an afterlife and no sense of spirituality tend to create a society fixated on short-term results, without much thought for the consequences of their actions.

To the believer in an afterlife, it is apparent that life is an opportunity to grow spiritually by enhancing the soul’s capacity to give and receive love. Life gives us the chance to change ourselves and to understand the purpose of existence. Those who acknowledge the world of the spirit are more likely to take personal responsibility for their lives and live to a high moral standard than those who don’t.


Could it be that the problems of our age are a result of our forgetting the knowledge of the afterlife? Would we still have the urge to accumulate earthly things or to strip the world’s resources for short-term profits if we knew for certain that we would pass this way again? Supposing we knew, as fact, that every action we take will affect our future and come back to us like a cosmic boomerang. Would we then be so keen as to cause others pain or plot for selfish gain? What a utopia we could enjoy, if the majority of people here and now recognized that is a life after death and we are only the temporary custodians of this world. Would this not be the highest level of spirituality?

Even our human bodies are made from the dust of stars that burnt out millennia ago. Dust to dust to dust. No, the transitory things of the world cannot give long-term support. They will all pass away, even the giant sequoia and the deepest ocean. But the things of the material world are as nothing compared to the everlasting spirit. Its pristine light of spirituality is our true reality.


Many people live out their lives avoiding the dark thoughts of death. It is simply too frightening to contemplate. Death shatters everything. Up to the very last moment, most people refuse to face death. When my father, for example, was diagnosed as terminally ill with bone cancer, nobody in the family would even mention the word death to him. My father steadfastly refused to accept that he would soon die and fought a tragic battle to the end. It brought to my mind the words of the poet Dylan Thomas “Do not go gentle into that good night, / Old age should burn and rave at close of day; / Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

If we lose someone close to us, it brings thoughts of our own mortality. “When our parents die, we know that we’re in the next wave, ” said a friend my age. “It brings home the fact that death comes to us all.”Nonetheless, if we examine our innermost feelings, we may admit to an innate ‘knowing” that there is something else after death.

A voice, a whisper, somewhere deep inside, says “Don’t worry about death. Everything will be all right.”I am fortunate in that I know that little inner voice is right. I have amassed too much evidence to believe otherwise. Without a doubt: there is Life After Death.

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