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Sports Astrology video clip shows Craig working as a sports astrologer for a series about how the star signs of sportsmen and women may influence their performance and lives. For this same series, Craig also was the astrologer on the movie ‘Ronaldo – world at his feet’ (2015). Ronaldo the Movie was filmed over 14 months with unprecedented access to the man and his associates. For the movie, Craig was filmed giving astrological insights into Cristiano Ronaldo’s life on and off the pitch.


About Sports Astrology

Sports Astrology FootballIn the above sequence, Craig talks about Top 20 sporting celebrities with the star signs Gemini, Libra, and Cancer. All 12 signs of the zodiac were covered in the series about sports astrology that was screened worldwide.

It is fascinating to see how so many sportspeople correspond closely with the attributes of their Sun Sign Astrology. The programs also give an extensive insight into the lives of footballers, tennis stars, Formula 1, boxing, baseball, and all the top sports. This is an intriguing look at how the Zodiac can predict the future of people’s lives and decide who will win and who will lose at their chosen sport.


Many people who seek a career in sports have a prominent Mars in their horoscope. Mars gives strength, courage, and determination that can lead to winning the game. This same power can be seen in the third and sixth houses in the natal chart. In addition, the positive effects of Mars, Mercury, and Rahu in the Zodiac chart can further empower a person to become a great sportsperson. The position of Mars and Mercury in the chat can influence a person’s stamina, strength, and swiftness and are often a contributing influence to sporting success.


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