8 Simple Steps to Stop Worrying – Stop Worry Techniques Explained

Stop Worry Techniques

Stop Worry TechniquesArticle by Craig Hamilton-Parker about stop worry techniques.

From a spiritual perspective, fear is a vibration as well as a state of mind. Fear vibrations attack the aura like daggers or bolts of electricity. You have a feeling of unease if your aura field comes into contact with someone whose vibration generates these feelings of friction. Sometimes it is obvious that the person has bad feelings towards you, but there are times when the negative signals are hidden. It is the “atmosphere” of a person that reveals their true intent. Prolonged exposure to hidden malicious feelings may make you feel tense and uncomfortable.

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Before becoming self-employed, I shared an office with someone who was a persistent worrier. He was always imagining all sorts of troubles looming on the horizon. When problems did arise, he would perceive them to be far worse than they really were. After a few months of being subjected to this negativity, I realized that I was beginning to mirror his behaviour. I was becoming a bag of nerves and erroneously believed that my life was lurching from crisis to crisis.

This happened at a time when I had some real difficulties, but being surrounded by a habitual worrier made matters much worse. Eventually, I changed my circumstances, and in a very short period all of my troubles evaporated. I was back on track. I had learned that worry not only undermines your self-confidence and brings troubles to you, but that it can also be transmitted from one person to another.

Worry as a form of Energy

Worry is a form of fear and is one form of negative energy that is likely to undermine you in your day-to-day contact with others. In the instance I just described, this person’s fear is habitual. Many people are like this. They have established self-destructive behaviour. patterns that are also destructive to the people around them. It is bad energy.

It can also spread to a larger group of people. For example, when the Beatles first performed, they planted a few screaming girls in the audience. Soon the mood spread until everyone was in a state of hysteria. Moods can influence the mind-fields of whole communities in this way.

Nature provided us with the emotion of fear for a reason. It is a warning that we are in danger and triggers bodily reactions to enable us to fight or to flee the potential hazard. Adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, our heart pounds faster, our body feels stronger, and our senses become acuter. Rational fear brings awareness of danger and empowers a person. In fact, fear is pleasurable and exciting when the danger element is handled or controlled, such as when taking a ride on a roller coaster or parachuting.

Worry as a Habitual Fear

Worry as a habitual fear may occur when people feel they are not in control of their circumstances. The worries may be out of proportion to the known facts because they refuse to accept a situation or feel that they are not strong enough to cope. This creates a cycle of quiet despair that may prevent them from functioning to their true potential. Often there are hidden anxieties that fuel this worry. Past failures and chastisement during childhood may result in patterns of behavior. that undermine a person’s confidence. A great deal of habitual worry may stem from irrational forces that unconsciously motivate us.

When we meet situations of extreme negativity, it is good to join with others to cleanse these vibrations and share positive energy. Group meditation increases the energy of all the participants. It is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone’s energy is increased without anyone being depleted in any way. In effect, we draw from the cosmic energy that is all around us. It is beneficial in times of world crisis for people to gather together and to focus on positive energy. The good energy we generate acts as protection for the person and may influence the future. Compassionate thoughts have wings. Flying into the darkness, they carry our healing love.

Fear and Psychic Vampires

We encounter fear vibrations in many settings. Everywhere we go, “psychic vampires” are ready to drain our spiritual energy. They are people or manifestations of collective influences that lie in wait to do us harm. For example, global vibrations during wartime, influences in troubled communities that are badly policed, dealings as we go about our day-to-day activities–at home, school, work, and so on–may suck away at us. The truth is that we are being sublimely affected by the world conditions and the worries and inner traumas of people we meet, and these things can pollute or drain our own auric light. Clearly, we need to find ways to safeguard ourselves.

Simple Technique

“Only the dead are without fear.” -Yul Brynner, The Magnificent Seven

Most of the time we are protected from fear and worry vibrations because the aura is closed to negative influences. It remains close to the body and is covered by an auric shield–something like the shell of an egg. This prevents most vibrations from affecting us. However, continual psychic attack from the bad vibrations of other people at a subliminal level may weaken this protection. In addition, our guard drops when we feel tired or depressed or have been in an environment where the negative energy is intense. Sometimes a negative person may strip us of our natural protection.

In these situations, it is important to strengthen the aura. Doing this will help you to keep up inner tranquillity, and it has the added benefit of increasing your vitality and health. One method of doing this is by using special breathing techniques.

Yoga Breathing Techniques

The ancient practice of yoga recognizes that the breath is important for our well-being. Not only does it give us the oxygen we need to stay alive but according to the yogis, it draws the life force into the body. In India, they call this life force prana. Prana (also known as Chi in China and Ki in Japan) are sparks of finer-than-atomic energy which the Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda translated as “lifetrons.” Prana takes two forms: the cosmic vibratory energy that is omnipresent in the universe, structuring and sustaining all things, and the specific aura that sustains each human body.

By consciously controlling our breathing (pranayama) we can draw prana energy into our aura and increase our life force. This will make us feel more alive and vital, and thereby strengthen our aura. This will cleanse us and protect us from exposure to destructive vibrations. In addition, the yogis say that pranayama helps to disconnect the practitioner from bodily attachment and frees the consciousness to commune with God. Pranayama can bring divine union as well as, for our purposes, increased auric power and protection. It is considered the greatest yogic method of attaining enlightenment.

Exercise: Protective Breathing Technique

Pranayama techniques use slow or fast breathing, breathing through alternate nostrils, or using mental images and silently intoned mantras. They are used throughout the East. For our purposes, we will use a simple technique that will help you to work with your breath and use the imagination to increase the flow of prana.

As I have explained, prana is our life force. It is seen by psychic people as a light, contained in the aura of all living things. The technique that follows has variations within Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism; some Spiritualists and Reiki healers also use it. You are now going to learn how to breathe in prana (that you will imagine as light) and breath out negativity (that you will imagine as a black smoke).

8 Steps to Stop Worrying

Step 1:

It is important to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable. If you are used to Hatha yoga (yoga postures) you may prefer to sit on the floor in the lotus posture. Alternatively, you may sit in a straight-back chair. As prana energy travels through the body along the spine,  you sit upright to allow the energy to flow correctly. Get comfortable, but not too comfortable. Lying on the bed or flopped across the armchair will not allow you to get the greatest benefit.

Step 2:

Now completely relax. Let go of all tension and feel your body warmly glowing in its relaxed pose. Feel your whole body relax, from your toes to the top of your head. As you are relaxing, you will notice that your breathing slows. You feel comfortable and still within. All is peace. All is tranquillity in this wonderful moment of inner equilibrium. Spend a little time deeply relaxing.

Step 3:

Focus for a while on the rising and falling of the breath. Be aware of the rhythm of the breath and how the slowing breath is increasing your inner peace. You can feel the energy within you moving. You can feel how it is removing blockages in your energy system.

Step 4:

Remaining aware of the breath, you now see the air entering the lungs as a brilliant white light. It falls in and through the lungs, and fills your body from your feet to your head. You are like a vessel filling with liquid light.

Step 5:

Now hold the breath for a few moments and see the light being absorbed into your body. You can feel it cleaning and replenish you. Be aware of how vitalized you feel as the light does its work.

Step 6:

Being relaxed enables you to breathe more slowly than normal. However, do not force the breath to slow down so much that you feel uncomfortable. This is not a competition. The method works best if there is no shudder to the breath. It should flow in one graceful movement from in, through hold, and then out. Under no circumstances should you gasp for breath or feel faint. Let this be a comfortable and natural process. Enjoy it.

Step 7

With the out-breath, you expel all the negativity that you have absorbed from other people or that you have created for yourself. Breathing out, you relax more and more and enjoy this soothing process of self-healing. Relaxing as you breathe out quickly removes bodily tension.

Step 8

Now breathe out slowly. As you do, imagine that the breath is now turning to black, arid smoke. These are all the toxins and negative energy that you have. You expel them from your body and give them to the infinite universe. The smoke dissolves into the great light and is itself transformed into light. You are free of negative energy.

Step 9:

When you feel fully energized, finish the experiment. Sitting quietly for awhile after the pranayama will allow the healing energy is absorbed into your body and aura. At this time, I imagine that my aura is shining with a brilliant golden light. It sparkles with energy, like sunlight dancing on clear water. Give yourself permission to enjoy this moment of spirituality.

Benefits of this Breathing Technique

The technique you have tried has many benefits. For a start, it will quickly help you to relax and become centred within. Generating a flow of prana energy releases blockages in the aura, enhances the life flow in the body, and so improves health. Cleansing the aura removes negative vibrations that may have caused you anxiety and once sapped your energy. And of course, the technique has strengthened your aura, making you more spiritually resilient.

Meditation is also improved when we use controlled breathing as part of our technique. If we are emotionally agitated our breathing becomes faster, but when we are relaxed the breath settles to a gentle rhythm. This is all part of our natural “fight or flight” response. Our biological reaction to stress increases breathing and heart rate raises blood pressure and increases adrenaline. Slowing the breath creates the opposite effect. A gentle breathing rhythm makes the mind become more peaceful. Simply taking a deep breath in a threatening situation will help you to control your emotions and unthinking reactions.

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