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70-ghost-paranormalArticle by Craig Hamilton-Parker. These strange but true stories and my replies are taken from my news columns where people are invited to send me their weird real experiences of the paranormal and supernatural.

If you think that my answers to these true stories are spot on or off the mark then please do add your comments at the bottom of the page. You are also welcome to post your own real stories as well but I ask that you keep them reasonably concise as this page is already quite long.


Real ExperienceSome years ago I bought a second-hand double bed from a public house. Since the day I bought it I have had strange feelings when I sleep in it. Sometimes I feel as if a phantom child or dog jumps up onto it as I lay there. And at times it feels as if a person is cuddling me so tight that I cannot  move. Do you think that the bed could be haunted by someone or something? C M E

I doubt that a spirit is haunting the bed. Many people believe that ghosts and phantoms are memories psychically embedded in the environment that we can replay through our ESP. You are sensitive to the vibrations of the people that used the bed in the past and are replaying their memories. You are not in any danger.


Real ExperienceEver since I was 12 years old I have searched for spiritual truth from the literature of the world. I now believe that the destiny of mankind is overseen by beings from outer space who call themselves the Council of Nine. These are highly evolved beings who have had a long involvement guiding the future of mankind and references to them recur in myths and legends from all counties of the world. They are the nine beings referred to as ‘The Elohim of Israel’ and ‘The Ennead of Egypt’ I have spoken to these beings as has Uri Geller, Phyllis Schlemmer, Andrija Putarich and Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame. – Geri R

Ever since Erich Von Daniken first published his strange book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ in the  1960’s controversy has raged about whether extra terrestrial beings once visited earth. One evening in 1969 Georgian governor Jimmy Carter was outdoors preparing a speech when he, together with 12 aids, saw a bright light in the western sky which they believed to be a UFO. Several years later, when Carter became president of the United States, he suggested to NASA that they conduct extensive investigations into UFO’s. Jimmy Carter throughout his presidency  often expressed his belief in the reality of UFO phenomena.



Real ExperienceIs it possible that the world we live on, the earth plane, is just one of many strange parallel worlds or dimensions, occupying the same space time continuum, and that the spirit world is just one of these many dimensions? Perhaps beings, high in the state of evolution, can enter this world in the same way one enters a room? UFO’s may enter by the same source. In the “Gulf Breeze” UFO sightings the observer sees the UFO fold up and disappear from view instead of vanishing into the sky as expected. This could be the effect of leaving one dimension into another. – John W.

Alas there is also not enough space here to answer your huge questions but modern science, particularly in the fields of cosmology and particle physics, are  concluding that there are indeed other dimensions. I’d be interested to hear from any other readers with views on this and if any of you have ever seen a UFO.


Real ExperienceMy grandfather used to tell us incredible stories about his encounters with the Tibetan Buddhist monks who he met when he was stationed with the British army in Nepal. He also spent some time in Tibet itself, before it was overrun by the Chinese, and on one occasion visited a remote monastery. He told us about many strange things that he witnessed but one that stays imprinted in my mind concerns the ferocious coldness of Tibet. He said that the novice monks would meditate outside in the sub-zero temperatures for hours. They would wear nothing but a flimsy sheet which would from time to time be removed by their fellow monks and soaked in freezing cold water. Slowly it would dry only to be removed again and soaked once again in cold water. My grandfather was a very down-to-earth man and not one subject to fantasy. I believe what he said but how on earth were these men able to survive ordeals that would kill most ordinary people. -Judith A

The monks were taught to harness the power of their breath. By special breathing techniques they could raise their body temperature to a degree that could dry water or melt snow. Although the Chinese invaders tried to destroy Tibetan culture it has now taken root all over the world.

Some clips from us on a TV Programme called : STRANGE BUT TRUE



Real ExperienceMy mother was a true trance medium and as a young woman I used to listen to her talks from a North American spirit guide that would talk through her. Mostly the subjects covered were about philosophy and how to lead a better life. Occasionally the spirit would tell us things about our lives that nobody, including my mother, knew. Some of the predictions he made haven’t come true until recently. I recently heard a tape of an American ‘channeller’ called Lazaris who is supposed to do the same but I remain unconvinced. Do you think that these ‘New Age’ proponents of trance are real or just in it for the money? – Mary M D

Your mother’s guide knew the importance of evidence which goes a long way in proving that he was more than an alter-ego. Some of the American channellers make a great deal of money from their work and some even claim to be in contact with space beings. One even receives communications from dolphins!! Lazaris has a showbiz following including Michael York who says of him: “He represents a force of positivism and love that illuminates- like a bright, beneficent searchlight-the obscure and unknown corners of human life.” 



Real ExperienceI was born in Poland and at the age of 16 was arrested by the Gestapo and put in solitary confinement for 6 months. I was interrogated and given fifty lashes for not telling the truth. Later, I was transferred to a cell with 30 other prisoners. Rumours were rife. Were we going to be shot?

That night I had a dream about a clock showing 12.00 o’clock. I feared that this indicated that we would be shot at noon. However one of the other prisoners insisted that to dream of a clock meant a journey 

The next day we were marched to the railway station to be transferred to a concentration camp in Germany. As the train moved out I saw the station clock: 12.00 o’clock exactly. – Mr R C

There are some strange superstitions associated with clocks. In Britain if a clock chimes after not going for sometime a death is imminent. The same applies if a clock strikes thirteen. It is an ill omen if a clock strikes during a wedding ceremony and in Wales it is believed that if the town hall clock strikes as the church bells are ringing then there will be a fire in the vicinity. I think I’ll buy myself a sundial.


Real ExperienceUp to the age of 8 years old I used to have the same recurring nightmare. It featured this dark haired woman, dressed in pink and blue, who would angrily punch her fists together. She would push me towards an open window. Years later I was sat on a bus and felt the same feelings as in the dream. To my horror I noticed in the seat opposite the very same woman as appeared in my dream. She turned towards me, smiled then got off the bus. From that point on my childhood nightmares stopped for good. – Ruth O

Seeing the similar person on the bus helped you to relive your dream in waking life. You were able to unlock exaggerated childhood fears and realise that, as an adult, there was nothing to be afraid of.



Real ExperienceMy fiancé gave me a bracelet 8 years ago but it has a faulty catch. Whenever I lose it it just keeps coming back. The first time it was found under a car in a car park, the next it was found in a RAC breakdown truck. It was once lost for a whole year and finally turned up in a rehearsal room at my place of work. Recently it was returned from a book shop I was visiting. Each time I hadn’t known where I had lost it and I wasn’t the one to find it. The last time I lost it, miles from home, I didn’t worry and just knew it would finally turn up.-it did. Is it just luck or is it that, like my fiancé, it wants to be with me forever? – Mary D

Sigmund Freud explained in his book “Psychopathology of Everyday life” that sometimes our own minds participate in making strange but true coincidences happen. His pupil Carl Jung was to later develop the idea further into his theory of Synchronicity. This theory implied that events are influenced by our inner psychological processes. For you, your love is symbolised by the  bracelet and your inner powers influence it’s return 



Real ExperienceMy mother always used to say that if my palm itched then it meant that money was coming my way. Of course it’s nonsense. I have a skin condition on my palms and this hot weather causes my palms itch all the time yet I’m still as poor as a church mouse! – Mary J

If the right hand itches it means money’s coming but it’s the left that tickles you’ll be paying out soon. Sounds to me that both your hands itch, so your good fortune is cancelled out! Superstition says that to stop the spell you should rub your hands on wood. They also say that if your right ankle itches this also means money is coming -so there’s hope for you yet.


Real ExperienceI was on holiday in Florida with my daughter and as part of our tour we visited Nasa and watched a rocket being launched. As I saw the steam vapour rising in the air I was suddenly overcome with horror and anxiety. I started to shake with fear “I’m not watching that” I said “It’s going to fall”

I was wrong and the launch was a complete success. But the very next launch made from that same place had disastrous consequences.  The Challenger crashed to earth killing all its crew and was a crushing blow for space exploration. – Mrs Mary M.

You may have felt anxious about the launch anyway and the Challenger disaster that happened in coming weeks may just have been a coincidence. However, just like some of the passengers for the Titanic, your anxiety may have been an anticipation about events yet to unfold. Have any other readers foretold a strange but true news event such as the death of Diana etc?


Real ExperienceWhen we got off the train my friend and I were eager to use the station toilet. A strange looking young lady dressed in a Victorian style black outfit pushed in front of us and took the only cubicle. We stood by the door and waited. And waited and waited and waited. Then another person joined our queue and tried the door. It was open and the cubicle was empty.

It’s true – there was absolutely no way that anyone could have left. There was only one door to the small toilet and we were both stood blocking the exit. The incident frightened both of us as there was no possible explanation for what had happened. Can you explain it? – Mrs N A

I’m sorry I can’t explain what happened! Perhaps there’s a logical explanation, for example you missed the lady make her exit. Yet your friend bears witness to what happened so perhaps you saw a ghostly spectre of a phantom wanting to use the loo? Considering how long some women spend in the toilet I’m not surprised its the sort of place female ghosts would like to haunt!



Real ExperienceI used to have a printed painting of a child on my wall in my bedroom. For no apparent reason, as I fell asleep, the picture would seem threatening. I put up with it for some time then decided that I would take it down and put it on top of the wardrobe face down and out of sight. Soon after this I received news that my niece was dying. I went to visit her at my aunt’s house and there above my niece’s bed was the very same picture that had so disturbed me! – Mary G

The picture acted as a trigger for your intuition that told you that something was wrong somewhere. In the 1970’s there was a popular kitsch print on sale of a wide eyed crying child. It was said to be very unlucky. There were a large number of reports in the newspapers of houses, where this picture was hung, that had burnt down. The pictures however would always remain unscathed.


Real ExperienceThis has been a very bad year for me and I’ll be glad to see the back of it. Early in the year I had a vivid dream about  walking down the steps of a hotel with my daughter and my dog Honey. Soon after the dream Honey died.

My daughter urged me to go with her to a psychic fair. After the loss of Honey and the many other troubles in my life, I felt it might give me a boost. We went to the fair and I received a lot of sound advice. The psychic urged me to start work as a psychic myself and reminded me about my own premonitions. Had I not predicted the death of Mountbatten?

She was right- On the night before he died I dreamt of Prince Charles drowning in a river with one arm held up in the air. The next day on the news I heard that Lord Louis Mountbatten’s had drowned when the IRA blew up his boat. Mountbatten was like a father to Charles.

I thought again about Honey and decided that the psychic fair had been just the tonic I needed. As I walked down the steps with my daughter I was overwhelmed with by a feeling of dejavu- these were the same hotel steps as in my dream! – Mrs Jean T

Your story is interesting in that your dream predicted that you would meet a person who would remind you about your ability to predict the future. Sounds to me that you’d make a pretty good psychic.




Real ExperienceNot many people believe me when I say that the spirit of my father visits me in my dreams. But one night it was proved to be real 

“I know that you’re very tired and not too well but I must disturb you” said my father in the dream “You must wake up. The kitchen is flooded. But be very, very careful and don’t panic or you will fall and hurt yourself. Now wake up. Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!!”

I awoke from the vivid dream with a start and immediately rushed towards the kitchen.  Just as the dream had predicted the kitchen was flooded and would soon seep into the flat below me if I didn’t act quickly.

Normally I would have got into quite a fluster but I recalled dad’s warning about falling over. I kept calm and no harm came to me. I’m sure that it would have been a different story if I hadn’t had the dream. – Margaret F .

Sometimes the subconscious will construct a dream to wake the sleeper if it becomes aware of a potential danger. Perhaps your subconscious did this to you. However, I’m more inclined to believe that it was the spirit of your father that woke you.



Real ExperienceIt’s hard to explain but I never feel comfortable in my home. I believe that the people that lived here before had problems. My house is a large building and, apart from the large overgrown pool in the back garden, everything is well kept and tidy. For some people it would be just perfect but I just get so very depressed here. I’m convinced its the house to blame. What can I do? – Neil W-

The Chinese believe that houses attract a flow of energy  called Chi. This flows through the house and, if in balance will bring health, harmony and even wealth to it’s occupants. The Chinese will employ Feng Shui experts to ensure that the chi energy flows properly. Pools, and particularly stagnant pools, at the back of the house are believed to drain the good fortune from the house whereas a pool at the front will enhance well being. Get a book about Feng Shui from your library and if you apply these teachings you’ll soon feel at home.

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