Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Angels have existed since the dawn of creation, in every culture, myth,and tradition. They are normally portrayed as being filled with grace and beauty and represent a higher order than humankind. The word “angel” in Greek means “messenger,” and they are considered to be an intermediaries between the Creator and the [...]

Is there a Life Review at Judgement Day? Article by: Craig Hamilton-Parker “Moreover, whatever state of being he remembers when he gives up the body at the end, he goes respectively to that state of being, Arjuna, transformed into that state of being.” –The Bhagavadgita (8:6) The afterlife is not a place like the world [...]

Spirit Guides

Who is your Spirit Guide? About Spirit Guides and Spirit Gatekeepers. Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about spirit guides and discovering who is your spirit guide. The Spirit Guides and Gatekeepers guide your entry to this life and return to the next. In this extract from my book I show you how to connect with your [...]

Contacting and talking with your Spirit Guide Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how to contact your spirit guide. Spirit guides have proven their existence many times through trance mediumship. They were photographed when they materialized at physical séances. You may become aware of the influence of your guides when they draw close during meditation. You [...]