Can psychics find lost cats and dogs? Article about Psychics Locating Lost Pets by Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychics Locating Lost Pets and animals using clairvoyance is a tough call because the animal is usually on the move. The psychic will give you some clues. Pinpointing an exact location is not easy. Again, a medium may work in a [...]

Pet Astrology Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about pet astrology. I originally wrote this for the Daily Mail. Do you have an indecisive Libra Siamese, an eccentric Aquarian dachshund, a bossy Taurus Rottweiler or a sensitive Cancer tabby? Pet Astrology may have the answers. According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, the planets and stars influence the canine and feline worlds as much [...]

PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Cases of paranormal experiences involving murders, shared pregnancy pangs and other weird telepathic communications. If you have has a strange paranormal experience please add them to the comments sections of this site. PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE – TELEPATHY PREVENTED MY MURDER Joan paranormal experience happened when she was having breakfast in [...]