Gemini Horoscope and Love Horoscope You are sensitive, restless and eloquent. You love variety and change and love to socialize. Sometimes you can be a little vague. Emotionally you are versatile and perceptive though also able to be dispassionate. You are at your best when doing several things at once. Gemini Personality THE SIGN OF [...]

Cancer Horoscope and Love Horoscope IN BRIEF: You are cautious and broody as well as imaginative. You need to feel secure and for this reason, home is important to you. You can be defensive when shy. In love, you can be emotionally possessive but are also totally devoted and trusting. You are thrifty, intuitive and [...]

Pet Astrology Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about pet astrology. I originally wrote this for the Daily Mail. Do you have an indecisive Libra Siamese, an eccentric Aquarian dachshund, a bossy Taurus Rottweiler or a sensitive Cancer tabby? Pet Astrology may have the answers. According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, the planets and stars influence the canine and feline worlds as much [...]

Are you born under a bad sign? Satirical article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. I make some pretty nasty comments about the most stupid signs of the Zodiac personalities. Horoscopes always flatter us and tell us the best things about ourselves. But what about the negative aspects of the signs? Are you a pathetically emotional Cancer, a [...]

Nostradamus On World War Many world leaders are also deeply interested in the paranormal and ESP. And their beliefs may have influenced their military decisions. President Jimmi Carter believes he saw a UFO and Ronald and Nancy Regan’s interest in astrology has been well reported. Biographer Kitty Kelley claims that when Mr. Regan became California’s [...]

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