Earth Energy Vortexes and Sacred Pathways. Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.  What is an Energy Vortex? An energy vortex is a spiraling spiritual energy strongly focused at a specific location. Here ‘earth energy’ spins in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It has a vacuum at the center. Earth energy is also believed to form into straight lines [...]

Psychic Love Charms and Protective Talismans Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. The most powerful of charms are talismans. A talisman is any physical object that stores and radiates magical energy to create change or provide protection. Sometimes worn as a pendant, they often contain magical symbols or number sequences. The use of talismans appears to date [...]

Fire Oracles Pyromancy is the ancient art of divination by fire. It was first used in the ancient practice of ‘extispicy’. (The practice of using anomalies in animals’ entrails to divine future events.) The word Pyromancy  comes from the Greek word pyros, “fire”, and the word manteia, meaning “divination”. It is the art of divination by [...]