Spirit Possession Article about Spirit Possession by Craig Hamilton-Parker. I have explained that many ghosts are psychic imprints that have been left behind, rather like a photograph, and that they can sometimes be created by our own mental energy. However, there are rare instances where real spirits attach themselves to a place and may cause [...]

Most people have experienced that eerie feeling of déjà vu which literally means ‘seen before’. For example, part-way through a conversation everything that’s being said seems strangely familiar. It’s like watching a film then suddenly realizing that you’ve already seen it. Except this is life. You’ve felt that lived these moments once before. It’s all happening again. The [...]

Dreams About Dead Children Did my dead son communicate through a dream? QUESTION: I was prompted to write having recently read your readers post about her vision of a heavenly garden. A similar experience happened to me. In December 1993 my twenty-year-old son Matthew was accidentally killed in Northern Ireland. Soon afterward I felt his [...]