Can You Explain My Poltergeist Experience? QUESTION: I recently has a strange poltergeist experience. My family have recently moved into a house which is only 20 years old but is built on the grounds of an old Manor House where we had the unusual poltergeist experience. Ever since moving here the family have heard strange noises in the [...]

by Craig Hamilton-Parker Frightening as these ‘rattling ghosts’ may be, there’s never been a recorded case of anyone being killed by poltergeist activity. It can frighten the wits out of people but can’t hurt you. Most paranormal researchers believe that poltergeist are not ‘ghosts’ at all, but manifestations of unconscious mental upset, usually in children [...]

Sleep Apoplexy Video Video and Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Sleep Paralysis. Sleep paralysis and apoplexy video and meaning of paralysis dream. When you “pop your clogs” (as they say in the UK) you are unlikely to bump into most of the ghosts that are reported in folklore. Sadly, you will not be able to mix with [...]

Feng Shui Protection Article about Feng Shui Protection by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Feng Shui is about much more than interior design. It has a spiritual dimension. Feng Shui Protection is sometimes used by ghost hunters and psychics as a means for spiritual protection, generating positive energy and clearance of negative energy. We’ve discussed how certain environments lift your spirits [...]

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