Spirit Possession Article about Spirit Possession by Craig Hamilton-Parker. I have explained that many ghosts are psychic imprints that have been left behind, rather like a photograph, and that they can sometimes be created by our own mental energy. However, there are rare instances where real spirits attach themselves to a place and may cause [...]

Demonic Possession, Attacks and Sleep Paralysis Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. True reports about Old Hag Syndrome,  ghosts, ghouls, and spirits are a recurring theme in day-to-day correspondence generated by my media exposure. From the incoming mail, it is clear that a surprising number of people claim to have had paranormal experiences, and many ask for [...]

Black Magic and Evil Ghosts Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Most people have inner fears that occasionally manifest in some irrational way. Thoughts that people find unacceptable are relegated to the fringes of consciousness. Denied and repressed, these thoughts tend to result in illogical behavior or compulsive fears. This is often the case when people believe [...]

Why some Houses are Haunted Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Most supposed haunted houses have about as many ghosts as my granddad’s pocket watch. The example I have given shows how sensing residual energy is similar in many ways to using psychometry to read an object’s past. On theory is that what we experience at haunted [...]

Watch Craig & Jane on the BBC2 Everyman documentaries called Mediums Speaking to the Dead. This was a three part series shown on peak time mainstream television in the UK and around the world. BACK TO TELEVISION SECTION Television’s Real Ghost Hunters GHOST HUNTS This is an account of our ghost hunting with the BBC [...]

Are ORBS Real Spirits or can They be Explained? There are a number of effects that can be caused by cameras and naturally we need to first consider if there is a natural explanation for the strange effects shown on your photo that could explain ORBS in pictures. If we cannot rule out a natural [...]

Phantoms or Fakes? These images are samples from my magazine columns.  Every picture has been carefully scrutinized and the originals have in some cases been enlarged to check for Photo-Shop tricks or film flaws. I have examined thousands of ghost pictures and know most of the tricks of how to fake a picture or the [...]

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