The Phenomena of Mental Mediumship This is part of our Distance Learning Project (DLP) specially written for us by Violet Kipling DLP2 part 3. edited by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Click the logo on the left for more info about our online classes The phenomena produced by mental mediumship can be classified under two headings: – Perception [...]

Using Crystals for Psychic Protection “Every discolouration of the stone, Every accidental crack or dent, Seems a water-course or an avalanche, Or lofty slope where it still snows.  W. B. YEATS (from Lapis Lazuli) Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.See also: HOW TO HEAL WITH CRYSTALS Current interest in the healing and protective power of crystals can [...]

Simple Crystal Healing Techniques How to Heal Using Crystals and Gems Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Copyright: Extract from my book The Psychic Handbook SUMMARY: I explain crystal healing techniques and the claimed healing effect of crystals. Featured are some of the most important crystals with their supposed healing properties as well as details of how to [...]

Healing Techniques Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. “Spiritual Self Healing and Healing in general compliments conventional medicine by channeling life energy to the patient in order to help them recover from illness, injury or distress. Spiritual Healing is now beginning to be recognised in the west but in the east has been acknowledged for thousands of [...]