Life After Death

Dreams About the Dead Article about Dreams About the Dead. This is a copyrighted extract from my book  Psychic Dreaming  by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 ) As a working medium for over 25 years it comes as no surprise to me to receive letters to my columns and TV shows from [...]

The Spirit Community Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about the spirit contact of Princess Diana and the spirit community in the Afterlife. Followed by discussion about what the afterlife spirit community is like. What happens to famous people when they die? Princess Diana: An unexpected contact. My own work as a medium brings me into contact [...]

How Mediums Talk with the Dead Communicating mind-to-mind in the spirit world. SUMMARY: Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Spirit World Telepathy and how mediums use telepathy for talking to the dead. For more information about what the spirit world is like read Craig Hamilton-Parker’s best-selling books about the Spirit World and developing your powers to [...]

SPIRITUALITY ARTICLE BY CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER “In this article I address the biggest questions of Spirituality. The word spirituality generally refers to our contentedness with something bigger than ourselves and sets us on a journey to discover the meaning of life. This is a universal experience and raises questions that touch us all. This article is about the [...]

Is there anybody out there? The  highly skeptical journalist Amanda (Writing for Mari Claire Magazine and the Daily Express) visited me (Craig Hamilton-Parker) for a psychic reading and got more than she bargained for. Visiting with the intention of perhaps exposing psychic readings a fraud, she was shocked to be given proof of life after [...]

Spirit Message Proves Past Life Memories Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about past life experiences revealed through his spiritualist seances. This is an extract from my book Psychic School. Follow the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the page for more intriguing past life experiences and spirit messages. Souls on the same path I now run [...]