Meditate for Psychic Powers & Mediumship Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about meditation for psychic powers. The aim of meditation is to realize your God nature. On the way to this goal, you may find various treasures on the path, such as enhanced health, sharper mentality, and extra-sensory powers. Meditation takes us beyond theoretical knowledge to [...]

The Buddha’s Enlightenment: Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Extract from my book called The Timeless Wisdom of the Tibetans which contains a psychic’s take on Buddhism including how psychics and mediums can be inspired by Buddha for their psychic readings and their work with tarot, mediumship and readings in general. In this extract be inspired reading about [...]

What Are the Chakra Colors? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about chakra colors. This article outlines the Chakra Colors as proposed within Spiritualism and Psychic Meditation systems. Chakra literally translates from Sanskrit as ‘wheel’ although most people prefer to envision them like lotus flowers of light. The seven major chakras or energy centers correspond to the endocrine glands [...]

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