Psychic Help FAQ

Psychic Help and Frequently Asked Questions I’ve brought together some of our most important FAQ about psychic help to this page. It will give you advice about some of the main issues that people ask about the psychic world.  You can also book psychic readings here with either the phone psychics or Craig & Jane. Please [...]

Spiritualist Pioneering Mediums This is an extract from The Psychics & Mediums Network Teaching Manual that is used as support material for our online classes and distance learning projects. You can join the classes or get a free Kindle edition of this manual at the link below. Famous Psychic Mediums Today The religion, the science [...]

Spirit Guides

Who is your Spirit Guide? About Spirit Guides and Spirit Gatekeepers. Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about spirit guides and discovering who is your spirit guide. The Spirit Guides and Gatekeepers guide your entry to this life and return to the next. In this extract from my book I show you how to connect with your [...]

“Saved by my son on the other side” From a magazine interview for ‘Know your Destiny’ When Jean Gibbons, 48 from Surrey, lost her son last May, her own will to live almost died as well. Here she explains the incredible way she was helped to cope. A knock on the door after midnight is always scary. [...]

Press Reviews About Readings with Jane These are some examples of very emotional medium readings with Jane Hamilton-Parker. Jane is based in Eastleigh near Southampton UK. Medium Readings with Jane can be booked through this website. This articles was published in Bella a leading UK Magazine. MORE: BOOK MEDIUM READINGS WITH CRAIG & JANE “Amazing I [...]

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