Press Reviews About Readings with Jane These are some examples of very emotional medium readings with Jane Hamilton-Parker. Jane is based in Eastleigh near Southampton UK. Medium Readings with Jane can be booked through this website. This articles was published in Bella a leading UK Magazine. MORE: BOOK MEDIUM READINGS WITH CRAIG & JANE “Amazing I [...]

“My Search for Mum” Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker’s spiritual readings from ‘The Weekly’ News Abandoned in a Moses basket on the steps of Dr Barnardo’s home in Stepney London, Dudley Godfrey spent a lifetime wondering what his mother was like and why she would abandon him as a new-born babe until he went for a spiritual [...]

Trance Mediumship Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. The medium stood solemnly on the rostrum of the Spiritualist church and with closed eyes said in a silly Chinese accent, “Gleeeeeetings from the spirit world.” This was one of Jane and my favorite mediums because to watch her antics were an absolute howl. We fought back the smirks [...]

Advanced Mediumship Training Following our series of articles about psychic development, this articles explains Advanced Mediumship Training and how the novice students works towards become a fully developed medium. This article is from my book Psychic School  in which mediumship exercises are simply explained. This article follows on from my instructions about seeing the aura. Here [...]

Watch Craig & Jane demonstrate psychic medium abilities on their early television show called ‘Something Strange’. Below the video we show you how you can also develop psychic medium abilities.  Video Showing Psychic Medium Abilities BACK TO OUR TV SHOWS LIST How to Develop Psychic Medium Abilities Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from [...]

Dictionary of Paranormal Definitions Compiled by Craig Hamilton-Parker – a Dictionary of Paranormal Definitions. Throughout this website, we use a number of terms and definitions. Below is our glossary of commonly used psychic terms and paranormal definitions and in some instances, a more detailed definition is supplied. I have tried to keep this comparatively simple so [...]

PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Cases of paranormal experiences involving murders, shared pregnancy pangs and other weird telepathic communications. If you have has a strange paranormal experience please add them to the comments sections of this site. PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE – TELEPATHY PREVENTED MY MURDER Joan paranormal experience happened when she was having breakfast in [...]

What is the Spirit World? The Spirit World is the term spiritualists and mediums use to describe the afterlife. It is the place the human spirit goes to after death. The first stages of the spirit world are similar to the world we have experienced on earth with cities, landscapes, trees and so on. In this [...]

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