Do you have Dreams About Doomsday? “I never make predictions. I never have and I never will.” Tony Blair -UK Prime Minister It is when we dream of cataclysmic world events that people wonder whether their dreams may be about the future. Vivid dreams of crashes, explosions, terrorist attacks and assassinations do sometimes come true [...]

Serialism: Has everything already happened? “As I become activated enough to lose my sense of ego-identity, then conventional time loses its meaning and I get caught up with extra-dimensional adventures in the future.” Alan Vaughan (Clairvoyant) Psychic dreaming was first popularised through the writings of J. W. Dunne and author of An Experiment with Time [...]

Destiny, Fate and Synchronicity Examples “Next week is another day.” Peadar Clohessy. Irish Politician.  The psychologist Carl Jung believed that the inner state of a person can somehow affect the physical world and may explain why meaningful coincidences happen when a person is undergoing therapy or spiritual changes. Jung developed a theory that he called ‘Synchronicity’, [...]

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