Psychic Mediums

How Mediums Talk with the Dead Communicating mind-to-mind in the spirit world. SUMMARY: Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Spirit World Telepathy and how mediums use telepathy for talking to the dead. For more information about what the spirit world is like read Craig Hamilton-Parker’s best-selling books about the Spirit World and developing your powers to [...]

How to become Accurate Psychic Mediums Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about accurate psychic mediums. In this article Craig explains the CERT rules and how this is applied to develop greater accuracy when giving readings from the rostrum. In the first video we see an early example of Craig proving the accuracy of his mediumship. Put it [...]

Spiritualist Mediums Training Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about some of the methods used by Spiritualist Mediums to help students to develop inspirational speaking and clairvoyance. This article is a continuation of other articles on this site from my book called Psychic School. This article in the series talks about the last preparations made by spiritualist mediums [...]

Watch Craig & Jane demonstrate psychic medium abilities on their early television show called ‘Something Strange’. Below the video we show you how you can also develop psychic medium abilities.  Video Showing Psychic Medium Abilities BACK TO OUR TV SHOWS LIST How to Develop Psychic Medium Abilities Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from [...]

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