Psychic Help FAQ

Psychic Help and Frequently Asked Questions I’ve brought together some of our most important FAQ about psychic help to this page. It will give you advice about some of the main issues that people ask about the psychic world.  You can also book psychic readings here with either the phone psychics or Craig & Jane. Please [...]

This is a copyrighted extract about clairvoyant dreams from my book Psychic Dreaming by Craig Hamilton-Parker ( ISBN 1-4027-0474-7 Sterling Publishers 2004 ) As a psychic-medium for over twenty years it comes as no surprise when dreams tell the future or connect us to other places or people. For me psychic powers are self-evident. I [...]

The Real Supernatural School Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker’s Supernatural School. We meet in the real world but also online. You can find out more about joining either the psychic school held in the chat rooms or my real world workshops and supernatural teachings here. JOIN OUR ONLINE SCHOOL AND WORKSHOPS Article about Craig’s development circle [...]

Press Reviews About Readings with Jane These are some examples of very emotional medium readings with Jane Hamilton-Parker. Jane is based in Eastleigh near Southampton UK. Medium Readings with Jane can be booked through this website. This articles was published in Bella a leading UK Magazine. MORE: BOOK MEDIUM READINGS WITH CRAIG & JANE “Amazing I [...]

Can YOUR Psychic Powers influence your Career? “Prosperity is the best protector of principle.” -Mark Twain I explained earlier how one of my work colleagues generated negative energy that became contagious. In this instance, we were working with a very small team. However, in large organizations the potential for discord increases dramatically. When a number [...]

Meditate for Psychic Powers & Mediumship Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about meditation for psychic powers. The aim of meditation is to realize your God nature. On the way to this goal, you may find various treasures on the path, such as enhanced health, sharper mentality, and extra-sensory powers. Meditation takes us beyond theoretical knowledge to [...]

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