Psychic Consultations Article about Jane and Craig Hamilton-Parker. This first consultation was made by a journalist from Best Magazine and published on 27/4/2004. Skeptical Journalist Andrea Kon visits a number of psychic mediums to see what they can tell her. She was scathing about some of the psychics and fortune tellers she saw but had [...]

“Saved by my son on the other side” From a magazine interview for ‘Know your Destiny’ When Jean Gibbons, 48 from Surrey, lost her son last May, her own will to live almost died as well. Here she explains the incredible way she was helped to cope. A knock on the door after midnight is always scary. [...]

How to Develop your Accuracy Psychic Development with Craig Hamilton-Parker Using Visualization Techniques During Meditation In these articles I have shown how to gradually increase your psychic accuracy when giving a reading. One of the most important ways to develop accurate clairvoyance is to learn to meditate and harness the power in intuitive visualization. During [...]

Pet Astrology Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about pet astrology. I originally wrote this for the Daily Mail. Do you have an indecisive Libra Siamese, an eccentric Aquarian dachshund, a bossy Taurus Rottweiler or a sensitive Cancer tabby? Pet Astrology may have the answers. According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, the planets and stars influence the canine and feline worlds as much [...]

Dictionary of Paranormal Definitions Compiled by Craig Hamilton-Parker – a Dictionary of Paranormal Definitions. Throughout this website, we use a number of terms and definitions. Below is our glossary of commonly used psychic terms and paranormal definitions and in some instances, a more detailed definition is supplied. I have tried to keep this comparatively simple so [...]

What is the Spirit World? The Spirit World is the term spiritualists and mediums use to describe the afterlife. It is the place the human spirit goes to after death. The first stages of the spirit world are similar to the world we have experienced on earth with cities, landscapes, trees and so on. In this [...]

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