Spiritual and Psychic Vibrations Article about sensing psychic vibrations using psychometry by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book Psychic School about Sensing Psychic Vibrations. It will also teach you the basics of giving psychic readings and mediumship. This article shows you how you can use psychometry as a stepping stone to mediumship. [...]

Our Psychic Search for Lord Lucan Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Where is Lord Lucan? The Psychics Investigate. This is an article and interview I did with a Crime Magazine – a psychic detectives job looking for the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. If you feel you are a bit of a psychic detective, please add your thoughts at the [...]

Should psychics and mediums predict the future? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. There has recently been some debate in our chat rooms about what is the purpose of a psychic reading and should psychics predict the future? Many that visit this site believe that psychic readings should be about telling people the future. Others say that [...]

Ex Advertising Executive Asks: Is It Fair for Psychic Mediums to Charge for Their Work? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Should psychics charge money? Should mediums charge money? Should psychics get paid at all? These questions are often levied at clairvoyants as if, for some odd reason, it is wrong to charge. I find these questions [...]

Fire Oracles Pyromancy is the ancient art of divination by fire. It was first used in the ancient practice of ‘extispicy’. (The practice of using anomalies in animals’ entrails to divine future events.) The word Pyromancy  comes from the Greek word pyros, “fire”, and the word manteia, meaning “divination”. It is the art of divination by [...]

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