Steps to Psychic Awareness LEARN ONLINE NOW: NEW COURSES STARTING AT OUR ONLINE PSYCHIC SCHOOL. This section explains various awareness exercises which will help develop the psychic potential. Some of the exercises can be practiced alone while others will need a partner, or friend, for the student to work with. Being psychic does not mean that an [...]

Deepening Your Psychometry Skills DEVELOPING THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR READING: I have explained how to do a basic psychometry reading.  Now I want to take you to the next step with your psychic skills development and learning to give psychic readings. Once you have allowed your intuitive skills to flow, you can improve your accuracy by [...]

Psychometry Video: BBC Investigation with Craig Hamilton-Parker and Chris Packham Back to Television Section WHAT IS PSYCHOMETRY? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about developing psychometry skills. Reading the vibrations from an object is called psychometry. The word comes from the Greek psyche (soul) and metron (measure), and literally means “measuring of the soul.” The term was [...]

Spiritual and Psychic Vibrations Article about sensing psychic vibrations using psychometry by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book Psychic School about Sensing Psychic Vibrations. It will also teach you the basics of giving psychic readings and mediumship. This article shows you how you can use psychometry as a stepping stone to mediumship. [...]