“My Search for Mum” Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker’s spiritual readings from ‘The Weekly’ News Abandoned in a Moses basket on the steps of Dr Barnardo’s home in Stepney London, Dudley Godfrey spent a lifetime wondering what his mother was like and why she would abandon him as a new-born babe until he went for a spiritual [...]

Psychic Love Charms and Protective Talismans Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. The most powerful of charms are talismans. A talisman is any physical object that stores and radiates magical energy to create change or provide protection. Sometimes worn as a pendant, they often contain magical symbols or number sequences. The use of talismans appears to date [...]

Rishikesh Experiences (Hrishikesh) Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Apart from the spider as big as my hand that crawled from under my bed, Rishikesh is a comparatively safe place. This is a holy city stuffed with saffron-clad holy men and sadhus. Many are just beggars dressed up, looking for an easy living but others are doing [...]

The Buddha’s Enlightenment: Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Extract from my book called The Timeless Wisdom of the Tibetans which contains a psychic’s take on Buddhism including how psychics and mediums can be inspired by Buddha for their psychic readings and their work with tarot, mediumship and readings in general. In this extract be inspired reading about [...]