Taurus Love Horoscope Taurus in Brief: You are persistent and steadfast. You love luxury and security. You are a faithful friend but an implacable enemy. In love you are emotionally steady, can be loyal or stubborn. You are faithful, sentimental and affectionate but can sometimes be surprisingly timid. Taurus Personality THE SIGN OF TAURUS, THE BULL [...]

Scorpio in Brief:   Your strengths are that you are loyal, Passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic. Your main weaknesses are that you can be  be jealous, manipulative, unyielding, proud sacrificial but deeply hurt. Scorpio Personality THE SIGN OF SCORPIO, THE SCORPION Ruling Planet, Mars Number, 9; Day, Tuesday; Jewels, Aquamarine, Beryl, Lodestone and Carbuncle, though any [...]

Sagittarius in Brief: You are friendly enthusiastic and tolerant. You love freedom and adventure. Sometimes you exaggerate things and can be blunt. In love you are emotionally idealistic and have acute judgement. You also have a happy go lucky nature sometimes and need total freedom. Sagittarius Personality THE SIGN OF SAGITTARIUS, THE ARCHER Ruling Planet, Jupiter [...]

Libra in Brief: Libra are charming, sociable and diplomatic. Libra like to compromise with others but can be terribly indecisive. They are emotionally gracious but seek the approval of others. In love Libra are sociable and affectionate but again, indecisive. Libra Personality THE SIGN OF LIBRA, THE BALANCE Ruling Planets, Venus and Saturn Number 6; Day, Friday; Jewels, [...]

Gemini Horoscope and Love Horoscope Gemini in Brief: You are sensitive, restless and eloquent. You love variety and change and love to socialize. Sometimes you can be a little vague. Emotionally you are versatile and perceptive though also able to be dispassionate. You are at your best when doing several things at once. Gemini Personality THE [...]

Cancer Horoscope and Love Horoscope IN BRIEF: You are cautious and broody as well as imaginative. You need to feel secure and for this reason home is important to you. You can be defensive when shy. In love you can be emotionally possessive but are also totally devoted and trusting. You are thrifty, intuitive and [...]

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