Tarot Readers and how they work

Trusting Your Tarot Reader

Tarot readers are everywhere. In nearly every bookshop you can see a shelf full of cards. An internet search of ‘Tarot Readers’ gives you, incredibly, over 31 million responses, testimony to the popularity of these 78 cards now. From Hollywood we can also the Tarot popping up from the ever-present comically of the James Bond epic ‘Live and Let Die’ through Hammer Horror and The Exorcist (111) styling’s via the cowboy west in ‘Tombstone’ and more recently ‘Ocean’s Twelve’.

The raft of recent vampire themed TV shows has also featured a number of Tarot decks, perhaps all too predictably shown in a negative light. Even the ‘much-loved’ realm of TV soap operas does not escape, with programs such as ‘ER’ in America and ‘Home and Away’ from Australia showing use of Tarot. Advertising are jumping on it too, with a car manufacturer showing Tarot cards flying through the air to illustrate the qualities of their new product. Almost without exception Tarot is depicted as predicting death, doom and gloom and seen to be linked with ‘the occult’ and things that generally speaking, are mysterious and to be avoided.

Tarot Readers CardsAn Early Example of Tarot Readers’ Cards

At the other end of the spectrum there is the clear rampant commercialism with some tarot readers that seems to taint just about everything in our world. If you can think of a subject, there is probably a Tarot deck for it. Apart from every conceivable tribal race and mythology, there are Tarot decks for different periods in history, different artistic styles, vampires (them again!), gnomes, fairies, robots, even alcohol and 70’s rock music!

Expressing the Tarot

Indeed there have been many attempts at expressing the Tarot musically, from this author’s own collaboration with new age composer Kevin Kendle and other works in this field to an album of more progressive rock with the London Symphony Orchestra, by Mike Batt (of The Wombles and lately Katie Melua fame), to Steve Hackett, erstwhile Genesis guitarist, the rock bombast of Rainbow in ‘Tarot Woman’ and perhaps best of the lot, the début album by The Enid entitled ‘In the Region of the Summer Stars’.

The Tarot immediately shows itself then, to be something approaching all things to all people. It is at once intriguing, inspiring, adaptable and now as we have seen, ubiquitous. Whilst all decks have something to offer, the standard and quality of some packs at best varies enormously. Add to this the enormous range of books available on the Tarot now and it is little wonder that the image of this amazing pack of cards has strayed somewhat from that which many of its fans and aficionados would want.

How Tarot Readers Interpret Images

It has come to be seen as something that tells us what is going to happen and that can and will predict bad events because it is linked to and part of a mysterious world of the occult, black magic and the like. This articles will look at why this is and try and show you that the Tarot is not to feared and most certainly not evil, nasty or scary in anyway at all and can actually be seen as the final therapy.

First let us take a look at the image of the Tarot as it is portrayed by these various facets of the media, artists and enterprise alike. We have already mentioned that is it almost without exception that the Tarot is linked to a mysterious, dark and sinister world inhabited by characters best avoided, in the daylight, let alone a dark alley! When we consider that OFCOM, the governing body for communications has only recently begun to let use and mention of the Tarot on television, it is perhaps not surprising that it is viewed with such suspicion and mistrust. This author was vehemently told not to mention the Tarot when appearing on a psychic chat program, due to it being ‘linked to the occult’ and that was not allowed. Interestingly, the item after the one on past lives to which I contributed was a so-called ‘White Witch’ showing people how to build a spell to get a lover! Nothing occult there then!

The Occult

When we think about the occult though, what we do conjure up? Images of Devil-worshiping nymphs dancing naked in the woods; dark-eyed and cloaked magicians uttering incantations or something a little more wholesome like the Wicca practitioner giving healing to someone or a Druid conducting a ritual to heal the Earth? The definition of the term ‘occult’, from the Latin ‘occultus’ is ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’. In this sense chemical formula or the mechanics of a car engine are ‘occult’ to me, as I don’t know anything about either. Nowhere in this does it suggest that there is cause to fear anything.

It is human nature however, to fear that which it does not know. Either that or ridicule it. The Tarot has been the victim of both these. It is perhaps understandable in some people’s minds that they fear magic and witchcraft – although why is the subject of another article! So it is that this humble pack of cards is guilty by association, with its links to the occult.

Historically it is thought it began life more as a parlor game, only for the well to do when they were hand painted and gilt edged. The Church however, more the government at the time, saw them as a threat and so they went underground, as we do when threatened, away from bring a plaything of the rich and into the purvey of the wise women and men who dealt with herbs, healing and the care of the folk of the village. At some point they began to be used to fortune-telling and it is here we enter that closeted realm of the hidden and the mysterious.

Thus they remained until, after the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951 and the publishing boom of the 1960’s that they surfaced again, fully of color and glory, used in psychic fairs, shows and private meetings or ‘sittings’ as they were known, as a prime method of looking into the future. Still they retained an air of mystery though, since the knowledge they contained had to be studied and worked at to be revealed. Coupled with this was required an ability of being psychic and an attachment to the spiritual world of which we knew little and still arguably, know only a small amount.

Becoming More Widespread

So it came to be that Tarot readers became more widespread and instead of being kept under the counter, even in high street bookshops into the 1980’s, emerged in new and varied forms openly on display in the now ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ section, and not ‘Occult’. Its adaptability and versatility seemed to know no bounds with glossy decks being published on every conceivable subject, widening its appeal, and of course, profit. Now it takes its place among the familiar tools of the trade, if not the most used and revered – at least by me anyway!

However along with that popularity comes a cheapening and lessening of quality, as is usually the case with such moves. More and more people began to consult their local fortune-teller, venturing out on wet and windy Sunday afternoons to the smoky backrooms of hotels where the local psychic fair was in town. Latterly telephone psychic lines sprang up in the 1990’s and a Tarot reading could now be had from the comfort of one’s armchair beside the fire.

They had an inauspicious beginning these lines, with certain companies issuing a deck of cards to its ‘psychics’, together with a book of card explanations and told to keep the customer on the line as long as possible. It was only with other, more reputable companies and the welcome introduction of some regulation that ethics, standards, quality control and testing of readers became the norm and it is these people that now succeed and flourish, the former being a thing of the past. Psychics really do care about their work, their profession and their role in their customer’s lives.

Modern Tarot Reader’s Methods

The Tarot readers today, are still trying to shake off its image of something dodgy and become accepted for the book of knowledge, therapeutic value, insight and spiritual reality that it truly is. We can summarize the reason for this in one word – truth. In 30 years of studying the Tarot as a professional reader, tutor and author I have never known it not to tell the truth. Of course people do not or cannot always see or accept the truth easily and can easily deny or feign away from it, since as the saying goes, it hurts. That said, it is now known that more people in America consult a psychic than they do a psychiatrist.

It falls then first to the creators of the many decks that continue to appear, appall and astound to keep up an absolute integrity, vision and quality of their art and secondly to the sensitivity, skill and spirituality of those that profess to be Tarot readers. Give that as psychics we are dealing with the very souls of those that seek our services (the word psychic is derived from the Greek psyche meaning ‘soul’), it is of vital importance that we are always the very best we can be.

For the Tarot concerns itself with the stuff of life – the truth, as we have seen. Those noble souls that are our customers deserve and should expect, the very best that we can do, yet all too often we hear of people debunking and ridiculing our art and profession. Whilst they may have a right to do this, there is a responsibility with the psychic to put across their information with tact, positively and empowerment. I often sum it up by saying that we help you to help yourself.

So let us take a little look at the tarot readers as fortune-tellers art. It should be mentioned first however that many working in this field do not consider themselves to be ‘fortune-tellers’, preferring the term psychic or even ‘spiritual counselor’. The difference from conventional counseling (which has enormous value) here being the spiritual access that we have, through whatever medium we might use, chiefly the Tarot. As we shall see in our forthcoming examination, the Tarot does not limit itself to the psychological, emotional, and physical parts of our being, but includes the spiritual or soul aspects of the human being and is able to guide all these on a holistic level.

Looking to the Cards for Guidance

Before we began a wander through the cards themselves it is good to mention something of the perception of what fortune-telling and psychic work is. For most people, they simply want to know what’s going to happen. This can be in pretty much any area of life, most commonly relationships of all kinds and varieties but also work, finance and children feature heavily. This concept of ‘what’s going to happen’ should first be looked at since it immediately presents the reader with a problem.

The problem the majority of tarot readers are faced with now is that we do not consider the future to be something that’s fixed, so when a customer comes to us and says ‘tell me what will happen with . . .’ we can’t really. If you think about it, what would be the point of our being able to look into the future if we could not do anything about it? The salient point for us to realize here is that there can be a massive empowerment possible through a psychic reading, and as we shall see because of its construction and content, especially so in the case of a Tarot reading. This strengthening and empowerment can come about because the psychic can look into a POSSIBLE future.

This future is the one based upon how things are at the time of the reading. It does mean that everything we see is definitely going to happen and there is nothing you can do to change it. Quite the opposite in fact; there is everything you can do to change it. We create out future by what we do in the present and this is precisely why psychic reading, fortune-telling, or whatever label you choose to give it, can be so powerful and therapeutic. They show us what we need to do get the future life we want, when we want and how we want. If things are not going the way you want them to, essentially it’s down to you.

Perhaps an easy way for you to remember this basic principle of life is that ‘thoughts are things’ What you think is what will be. So, if you choose to see life as a negative experience, where people only ever let you down, betray you, lie to you and so on, lo and behold, that is what you will get. Alternatively if you choose to believe in the basic decency of people, approach life from an optimistic standpoint and an inherent trust that everything is as it should be and that there is always a ‘bigger picture’ your experience and life, outwardly and inwardly, will say this.

Jane talks about using the Tarot Cards

Will Something Bad Happen When Reading the Cards?

So many times over the years I have given psychic readings a client has said to me ‘I don’t want to know if something bad is going to happen’. My response tends to be to try and get them to see that bad things only happen if we let them to, apart from everything being an opportunity for us to learn and grow so they do not happen again. When a client makes the statement above to me (and I wish I had a pound for every one that had!) it says to me that they are almost inviting something bad to happen and why would anyone do this? Their programming has become set to this expectation, usually through childhood experience and what is called ‘learned behavior’.

At the risk of straying into the psychologists clinic for a while (just make yourself comfortable on the couch while we do) what we see as children tends to shape what we believe about the world and the people in our lives. As we grow up we find that what happens to us proves to us that these beliefs are absolutely right and so we form our instinctive expectations and patterns of behavior. If at this point the psychic steps in (having politely disposed of the psychologist) we can look into those inner traits and see how they might pan out ahead of us, in whatever area of life the client asks us to.

Have you ever noticed how life has a tendency to repeat a similar pattern? We all know someone, or perhaps even we are that someone, who ‘always meets the wrong kind of person’ and who goes from one abusive relationship to another. Why on earth would we do that? The answer is because we can’t help it, or more accurately we can’t help ourselves. Again, this is where the psychic enters the room, smiling warmly and making themselves comfortable on the couch before they pick up their cards.

With a good knowledge of the Tarot, developed psychic skills and techniques and having worked on themselves at least to some degree so they have a level of maturity and objectivity, plus a healthy dollop of compassion, the psychic can show the client the repeating patterns they are undergoing and for what reason. The cards can point out the different levels of the self and the impact such things are having upon them and what is likely to result if something does not shift and change this cycle.

What you should expect from Professional Reader

You do not have to be psychic to read the tarot cards. The fact that anyone can buy a set of cards and learn the meanings from a book has led to much poor practice. Knowing the meanings of the cards and the positions they fall can give insight into a situation but this usually results in a shallow reading unless the reader also has intuitive skills.

Tarot reading is more than simply interpreting the symbolism of cards. Tarot Cards are simply tools for the psychic to use. And just like a craftsman the better their skill then the better the result they get from those tools. Tarot is partly a craft in that it requires skill and understanding but it is also an art in that it requires the inspiration of the reader.

A professional tarot reader will not only know the meanings of the cards but will have clairvoyant intuition and include psychic readings as part of the consultation. They should be able to give a reading with or without cards and be able to rely on their intuitive and psychic insights. The cards are a sort of back up, a tool, that can be used to enhance a reading and deepen the tarot readings’ insight that they already glean from their psychic senses.

If you opt for a tarot reading with one of the readers on this site then you will know that they have been selected to be part of the team not only for their knowledge of the cards but for their psychic gift as well.

Readings for the Past, Present and Future

Tarot Readers work with the cards to gain insight into your past, present and potential future. Using the ancient symbols they work with this fascinating imagery to be guided both by the direct information given by the symbols of the cards but also from their own intuitive and psychic insights.

There are a number of schools of though as to whether you can read the future using tarot cards. Many psychics and mediums believe that we have free will and the future cannot be predetermined as it is subject to our free will. The cards therefore cannot tell the future.

Others argue that free will is an illusion and that the future has already happened and therefore cannot be changed. So what then is the point of having a reading? If we cannot change it then what good can come from knowing the future. Our readers tend to favor the idea that there is free will and that knowing the POTENTIAL future though the cards can help us to find the best path forward. By knowing the trends revealed through the cards you can master your destiny.

The tarot readers working with us work with the ancient methods of divination or can also work with more modern packs and systems if you prefer. What is important is that their insights are professional and find the specific problems you are facing and can offer you some solutions and potential paths to follow for a brighter way forward.

What Is a Psychic Love Tarot Reader?

A Psychic Love tarot reader is a person with specialist skill in interpreting the cards with your love life. Using tarot card spreads he or she can read the symbols and omens to understands what is going on in your love life and when and if you will meet your soul mate.

Tarot readers will use the tarot cards to look into your relationships now and in the future. They may use specific love spreads with the cards to help find out your past relationships and how they went wrong and what you got right. They will also look at your present situation and your hopes, fears and opportunities for the future.

A good reader will also use their psychic abilities to add more information to the oracle shown by the cards. They may sometimes be able to give you specific facts and sometimes names of people involved – information that cannot be seen in the cards alone.

A reading by a professional reader achieves much more that you can by interpreting the cards yourself. A professional not only knows the oracle inside out but they are able to see the bigger picture. Reading the cards for yourself or a reading by a well-meaning friend can be useful but you may be unable to see the wood for the trees. That’s why a clear-headed reading by a professional love tarot reading can give you the insight and guidance that you need.

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