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Can You Read Other People’s Thoughts?

This article by Craig Hamilton-Parker is all about telepathy and how it plays a part in a psychic’s work. You will learn what telepathy is, how it occurs in daily life and also read about some of the recent telepathic research in the USA and Russia.


Thought Energy

“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”

–Wassily Kandinsky (artist)

Have you ever felt vulnerable for no clear reason? You may normally be reasonably self-assured but then, right out of the blue, your confidence just evaporates. Often these situations have a psychological cause. You may be over-tired, for example, or distracted by your troubles. Perhaps the situation simply makes you think of past failure. Such unacknowledged anxieties and insecurities can undermine your self-confidence.

Craig Demonstrates Telepathy


However, on occasion, hidden spiritual forces may be at work; and sometimes negative energies will temporarily disrupt your inner harmony. Good and bad thought energy vibrations come from everybody–not just the mentally disturbed. The feeling of vulnerability comes when you unconsciously recognize unpleasant mental energies coming from the people you meet.

Thought Energy Vibrations being given out by other people also influence the aura, that life force that surrounds us. I sense it visually as an egg-shaped field of multicolored light extending about four-feet from the body. It looks a bit like the shimmering heat haze that arises from a hot road on a summer’s day. Sometimes, if I am fully “tuned in,” I can see that it has a fibrous quality–especially close to the body. I may also notice subtle changes in intensity, with some areas having balls of light or a darkened coloring. From my view of the aura, I am able to intuitively know a person’s state of mind.


Surrounding each and every one of us is a multicolored thought energy field or life force known as the aura.

Your aura is influenced by the thoughts of others. For example, a happy mood can be very contagious. When we are in love, we tend to reinforce each other’s energy. When we are with people we love the energy of our increases and expands, giving us a feeling of greater vitality and well-being.

On the other hand, those who extend negative energy to us can make us feel on edge or depressed. We may get a sense of this on first meetings. Such people may be smiling and appear quite pleasant, for example; but underneath there is a feeling they cannot be trusted. Shaking a person’s hand may increase this awareness. Keep alert at such meetings and you may find that these “gut” feelings are usually right.

Subliminal Vibrations

Most of us have become aware of these subliminal vibrations at some point in our lives. I recall occasions when my wife and I visited friends unexpectedly and inadvertently interrupted a quarrel. Of course, they were all smiles when they greeted us and acted as if nothing was amiss. But there was definitely “something in the air.” The house felt charged with negativity. Of course, facial expressions, slight changes in tone of voice, and certain body language may offer subtle clues to what is going on, but haven’t you also felt a pressure surrounding you as you encounter such situations.

If you are as psychically sensitive as my wife and I, you will find it almost impossible to remain in these conditions for very long. The aura starts to react to the vibrations. In my own case, I experience a tingle sensation, what I can only describe as a “prickliness,” all around my body. When this happens I know I am reacting to more than just sensory clues, but the negative energies in the room and emanating from my friends’ auras.

Powerful Auras

You may know people who have powerful auras and are able to project their energy. My father was a classic example. If he was in a bad mood, you felt you could “cut the air with a knife.” I remember as a child coming into a room while he was in one of his “simmering” moods. I didn’t know it, but he had just finished reading a worrisome letter. Although he was sitting alone in a chair facing away from me, I could tell something was terribly wrong. It was quickly confirmed when he turned around. The thunderous look on his face clearly showed how upset he was. I’m sure that, with a bit of focus training, my father’s energy could have caused objects to move or spoons to bend.

Perhaps the above examples of expanded senses are familiar to you. Although you may not claim to be a psychic, you very likely have experienced situations where you have been subliminally affected by people’s moods. It’s my belief that we are continually exchanging energy one with another, and these shared energies influence our well-being.

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