Telepathy Research: Reading Other People’s Thoughts

Can You Read Other People’s Thoughts?

Mind ReaderThis article by Craig Hamilton-Parker is all about telepathy and how it plays a part in a psychic’s work. You will learn what telepathy is, how it occurs in daily life and also read about some of the recent telepathic research in the USA and Russia. You can also take part in our beginners online classes that often include telepathy experiments as well as enjoy our fun telepathy tests in the psychic tests section of this website.


Thought Energy

“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.” –Wassily Kandinsky (artist)

Have you ever felt vulnerable for no clear reason? You may normally be reasonably self-assured but then, right out of the blue, your confidence just evaporates. Often these situations have a psychological cause. You may be over-tired, for example, or distracted by your troubles. Perhaps the situation simply makes you think of past failure. Such unacknowledged anxieties and insecurities can undermine your self-confidence. However, on occasion, hidden spiritual forces may be at work; and sometimes negative energies will temporarily disrupt your inner harmony. Good and bad thought energy vibrations come from everybody–not just the mentally disturbed. The feeling of vulnerability comes when you unconsciously recognize unpleasant mental energies coming from the people you meet.

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Thought Energy Vibrations being given out by other people also influence the aura, that life force that surrounds us. I sense it visually as an egg-shaped field of multicolored light extending about four-feet from the body. It looks a bit like the shimmering heat haze that arises from a hot road on a summer’s day. Sometimes, if I am fully “tuned in,” I can see that it has a fibrous quality–especially close to the body. I may also notice subtle changes in intensity, with some areas having balls of light or a darkened coloring. From my view of the aura, I am able to intuitively know a person’s state of mind.

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Surrounding each and every one of us is a multicolored thought energy field or life force known as the aura.

Your aura is influenced by the thoughts of others. For example, a happy mood can be very contagious. When we are in love, we tend to reinforce each other’s energy. When we are with people we love, the energy of our increases and expands, giving us a feeling of greater vitality and well-being. On the other hand, those who extend negative energy to us can make us feel on edge or depressed. We may get a sense of this on first meetings. Such people may be smiling and appear quite pleasant, for example; but underneath there is a feeling they cannot be trusted. Shaking a person’s hand may increase this awareness. Keep alert at such meetings and you may find that these “gut” feelings are usually right.

Most of us have become aware of these subliminal vibrations at some point in our lives. I recall occasions when my wife and I visited friends unexpectedly and inadvertently interrupted a quarrel. Of course, they were all smiles when they greeted us and acted as if nothing was amiss. But there was definitely “something in the air.” The house felt charged with negativity. Of course, facial expressions, slight changes in tone of voice, and certain body language may offer subtle clues to what is going on, but haven’t you also felt a pressure surrounding you as you encounter such situations. If you are as psychically sensitive as my wife and I, you will find it almost impossible to remain in these conditions for very long. The aura starts to react to the vibrations. In my own case, I experience a tingle sensation, what I can only describe as a “prickliness,” all around my body. When this happens I know I am reacting to more than just sensory clues, but the negative energies in the room and emanating from my friends’ auras.

You may know people who have powerful auras and are able to project their energy. My father was a classic example. If he was in a bad mood, you felt you could “cut the air with a knife.” I remember as a child coming into a room while he was in one of his “simmering” moods. I didn’t know it, but he had just finished reading a worrisome letter. Although he was sitting alone in a chair facing away from me, I could tell something was terribly wrong. It was quickly confirmed when he turned around. The thunderous look on his face clearly showed how upset he was. I’m sure that, with a bit of focus training, my father’s energy could have caused objects to move or spoons to bend.

Perhaps the above examples of expanded senses are familiar to you. Although you may not claim to be a psychic, you very likely have experienced situations where you have been subliminally affected by people’s moods. It’s my belief that we are continually exchanging energy one with another, and these shared energies influence our well-being.

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Telepathy Between People

“Another dream-determinant that deserves mention is telepathy. The authenticity of this phenomenon can no longer be disputed today. It is, of course, very simple to deny its existence without examining the evidence, but that is an unscientific procedure which is unworthy of notice.” –Carl Jung (psychologist)

The vibrations we sense from a person are a form of mind-to-mind communication that we call telepathy. Most people think that, when telepathy takes place, you “hear” the person’s words. We’ve all watched movies where telepathic messages resonate in a reverberating voice in the background. But most telepathy is not verbal. It comes through as shared feelings, emotions, hunches, and images. Because telepathy is a form of communication that pre-dates language, it is difficult to communicate words and numbers telepathically. It is also believed that telepathy emanates from the non-verbal, right hemisphere of the brain–the side that “understands” the world in a holistic, non-rational way.

Many tribal societies today still use telepathy as a part of their daily life. The aborigines of Australia mysteriously communicate with each other over great distances and believe that there is a mind link between man and animal. Many hunting tribes in Africa and South America “call” animals to the hunt using mental powers. Tuna fishermen, for example, still entice the fish into their nets by mental command, and to this day the chief shaman of the Gilbert Islands has the hereditary title of “porpoise caller.” His duty, which he enacts at auspicious festival times, is to call the dolphins by telepathy.

Pet owners may believe that they have a telepathic bond with their animals. Our cats Yin and Yang, for example, jump up onto the kitchen windowsill several minutes before my wife Jane or I arrive home. Our dog William used to bark just before our healer friend would phone us, and he would wag his tail at the very thought of the word “walk.” Pets certainly seem sometimes to know what we are thinking by responding to those thoughts. And, of course, it is well known that pets lost on a family trip will sometimes miraculously find their way home–even though it means traveling hundreds or even thousands of unfamiliar miles.

It has been argued that pets are very perceptive and may be picking up some unconscious clues from their owners. One suggestions, for example, is that humans may release certain odours in conjunction with intentions, such as deciding to take a walk. Dogs can smell these subtle odours and so respond to them. This may also account for why pets seem also to know if we are ill. There are many recorded cases where dogs, cats, and even rabbits have seemed to know when an owner was about to have an epileptic seizure. These animals may be supersensitive to slight muscle tremors, subtle behaviour changes, or emitted odours that even the victim is not aware of minutes before the seizure takes hold. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that some pets have warned diabetics when their blood sugar was low, and many people believe that dogs are able to smell cancerous tumours and spots long before such a diagnosis is made.

The researcher Rupert Sheldrake, who studied many cases of telepathy between pets and their owners, has made a powerful case for animal telepathy. He cites in particular the case of a terrier dog named Tiki whose owner knows just when to put on a pot of tea because the dog rushes to stand in welcome on the windowsill whenever his wife is on her way home. The dog responds in the same way, without clue, even if the schedule is radically changed. Some dogs were found to respond similarly as soon as the owner makes the mental decision to come home! Sheldrake’s case studies, surveys, and interviews refute questions such as whether dogs can smell or hear their owners approaching. He argues that there is no scientific explanation for the behaviours and, in the absence of some other explanation, they must be forms of telepathy. “Some animals really do seem to have powers of perception that go beyond the known senses,” writes Sheldrake. “But at the same time, many people feel they have to deny these abilities or trivialize them. Pets are the animals we know best, but their most surprising and intriguing behaviour is treated as of no real interest.”

Yes, we see telepathy at work in our pets, but similar influences happen between people. It may or may not surprise you, but most people are to some degree telepathic. They, however, either pay it little attention or don’t realize that they are displaying anything in the least remarkable. Do you finish people’s sentences for them? Or say the same thing at the same time? You may, in fact, be displaying mind-reading skills. Perhaps there are times when you seem to know who is calling before you answer the phone. This experience is very common. The feeling comes primarily when the caller is a friend or family member–not if the call turns out to be a stranger or salesman. This is because the powers of telepathy work best between people who like each other or, better still, love each other. Laboratory tests indicate that this is true: meaning that, if it happens to you, it is a good sign that a friendship or a relationship is on the right track.

This telepathic “bonding” may have a survival function–in the matter of falling in love and choosing the right mate. Once established, the information communicated in such a strong bond between individuals increases beyond the “feeling” level to include shared imagery and thoughts. This certainly happens between my wife and I. In addition to getting along most of the time, we are both psychic mediums so the natural telepathy between us is enhanced. On occasion, sent off to the local grocery to pick up some provisions, I return with things I would not normally buy. I recall once, in particular, returning with some silver polish. “Ah! I’m so glad you got my message,” said Jane. “I was sending you a thought to bring some home.” Of course, I had no idea that Jane intended to polish the silver, and I certainly had no intension, yet the irresistible urge to buy the polish had popped into my head. Similarly, Jane “knew” when I had minor car accident on the way home one evening. Even though I was not hurt and arrived pretty much on time, she met me at the door in some distress, knowing that something had happened. It’s bad enough having two cats sensing your arrival, but a wife too!

Couples have natural telepathic bonds that strengthen as they grow to know each other better. They may become aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings, and remain “connected” even when away from each other. People who love each other and share common needs generally have a strong desire to communicate, which can enhance telepathy. This happens between couples, friends, and family members. A mother may sense a child’s distress and her desire to protect him readily links with his desperate “calling out” for her. Telepathy is a natural empathy in families or groups where there are shared needs bonded by love.

Telepathy is from the Greek: “tele” meaning “from a distance” and “pathy” meaning “to feel.” A perfectly natural skill, telepathy has long been neglected: until now, in our advanced and cell-phone society, it lies largely dormant within the mind. Yet, just as telepathy is familiar and useful between members of certain ethnic groups, telepathy continues to be at work in our own lives. This ancient skill may show itself active at work or in the home, between lovers or long-ago childhood pals. Most people, however, are unaware of what is happening. Keep alert to events in your life and you may find telepathy playing a bigger role than you thought. This primal power clearly has a place in our daily lives. It is an emergency lifeline when a group member is in trouble and its comforting tendrils bind the energies of people who love each other together. Telepathic bonding is a protective force that should not be ignored.


“Listen, there is a hell of a universe next door; let’s Go!” — e. e. cummings

Clearly telepathy was very useful in ancient times, warning us of danger and providing a link with family and comrades. Yet, apart from a few brave pioneers such as Alfred Russell Wallace (1823–1913) and Sir William Crookes (1832–1919), the early scientific establishment summarily dismissed telepathic powers as nonsense. In 1889, Max Dessoir coined the term “parapsychology” but it wasn’t until the 1930’s that a systematic scientific study of telepathy was undertaken at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Here, some of the most important work was undertaken by biologist J. B. Rhine, who established the first scientific laboratory dedicated to psi research. He used statistics to show that, in card-guessing quizzes, some people consistently scored higher than the odds, what one would expect from chance alone. He believed that something was happening beyond the range of our normal senses, and he called these powers Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP).

Since then, scientific work has been undertaken at the fringes of the scientific community to investigate the existence of telepathy and other forms of ESP. Experimental methods for studying telepathy occurring during sleep and the dream state was pioneered in 1964 at the Maimonides Medical Centre in New York and in 1969 physicist Helmut Schmidt explored the remote influence of both human and animal consciousness on physical systems using radioactive decay. Telepathy across distances was put to the test in 1973 when U.S. astronaut Edgar Mitchell conducted an experiment in mind-to-mind communication while traveling between the Earth and Moon aboard Apollo 14.

A body of scientific research now exists, with research continuing today in places such as the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology in Scotland and, until recently, the 24-year Stargate project funded by the U.S. Government. A Congressionally Directed Action recently induced a declassification of a small portion of the documents. The early work, initiated by physicists Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, focused on a few gifted psychics including the New York artist Ingo Swann and former police commissioner Pat Price. They were asked to be “psychic spies” and to use clairvoyance to “see” enemy defence installations. This “remove viewing” technique provided the researchers with some astonishingly accurate information. In addition, Swann suggested they try remote viewing the planet Jupiter prior to the upcoming orbit of the NASA Pioneer 10 spacecraft. To everyone’s surprise, he reported seeing a ring around the planet–which contradicted all that was known about Jupiter at the time. Soon afterwards, the photos taken by Pioneer 10 revealed an unexpected ring around the planet.

If you study the body of scientific evidence, there is a great deal of proof that ESP, and especially telepathy, is real. To this is added our own subjective experiences, which can sometimes be so startling they provide us irrefutable personal proof. The truth is that our thoughts are not limited to our material brains, they “fly” from us. They can travel anywhere to perhaps influence, for good or ill, the minds of others.

Telepathy Brainwaves

“Cheerfulness removes the rust from the mind, lubricates our inward machinery, and enables us to do our work with fewer creaks and groans. If people were universally cheerful, probably there wouldn’t be half the quarrelling or a tenth part of the wickedness there is. Cheerfulness, too, promotes health and immortality. Cheerful people live longest here on earth, afterward in our hearts. “ — Anonymous

I’m sure that most of the winged thoughts coming to us are benign, but there are invariably times when negative ones also arrive. Strong thoughts of hatred, such as drawn upon in black magic, may seriously undermine us. Conversely, it is no wonder that some people find fame exciting; the admiring thoughts of the masses must be empowering. But, of course, the quality of the energy is important, too. We may think well of a person like Nelson Mandela, but what dark-thought energy does a man like Osama Bin Laden crave? Clearly these energies play an important role in what drives us.

Russian Psychic Experiments

In the 1960’s, a team of Russian scientists discovered that telepathy appeared to influence brain patterns. In particular, funding was made available to study two remarkable telepaths Karl Nikolaiev and Yuri Kamensky. During ESP tests, their brains were monitored and the team observed the nature of the alpha brain waves that occur when a person is in a relaxed state. Although the two subjects were 400 miles from each other, the studies showed that the normally steady and continuous alpha rhythms of Nickolaiev were dramatically interrupted whenever Kaminsky projected his thoughts to him. Exactly the same results were produced when their roles were reversed.

The experiments revealed that telepathy can disrupt alpha wave patterns. Alpha waves increase when a person is in a relaxed state and may increase dramatically in those who know how to meditate. Alpha is observed in wakefulness when one is both relaxed and effortlessly alert. Lots of alpha brain wave activity then means lessened anxiety, and very likely more developed and stronger immune systems.

I am not surprised at the association of alpha waves with spiritual states of consciousness and the transmission of human thought. Before I get down to my work as a medium, I need to spend a half hour in meditation. This quiet time puts me into the right state of mind to accept communications from the spirit people. In meditation, I focus on opening and expanding my aura. I come out of my period of meditation feeling relaxed and in a cheerful mood. My brainwaves have shifted from the beta rhythms of normal wakefulness to the high-alpha state that follows meditation. Now I am able to deal with all sorts of negative energy without being affected by it. My client sitters may be filled with grief, anger, pain, despair, and depression; yet these vibrations do not trouble me. It seems to me that we mediums are protected during such contact efforts. If “darkness cannot penetrate light” perhaps it is the high level of the alpha waves we generate that act as our protective spiritual armor. The light of our positive thoughts shines around us, protecting us from any “dark” vibrations. Alpha brain waves are a sign that this energy is in place.


In meditation, we free ourselves from the temporal and allow our thoughts to arise and melt away like clouds.

Psychic people are usually cheerful and often gregarious. (Psychic researcher Betty Humphrey of Duke University discovered that extrovert personalities displayed better ESP abilities than introverts.) Most psychics and mediums have a good sense of humour and, despite the troubles in their lives, are generally optimistic about the future. (In 1977 researcher John Palmer examined every published experiment on neuroticism and ESP. He demonstrated that highly neurotic people were poor ESP subjects and optimists scored better results.) Many psychics are creative and enjoy meditation. All of these qualities are associated with the production of alpha brain waves. Clearly alpha waves are an important factor in ESP but it may also explain why we feel protected from negative vibrations when we are working spiritually. Psychics naturally generate alpha brain waves, which stimulates ESP and acts as spontaneous spiritual protection.

Alpha brainwaves are of use in normal daily life as well. A cheerful mood coupled with inner peace can protects an individual from commonplace negative vibrations. It seems reasonable then to attempt to increase one’s production of alpha waves. One way to do this is through biofeedback techniques. A subject’s brainwaves are electronically monitored and a light switches on whenever alpha waves are being produced. Eventually, the subject learns to recognize the alpha state and is able to make the light stay on. By becoming aware of when they are in an alpha state, a person can increase the ability to relax and remain cheerful. Biofeedback, in addition, has had some success in controlling epilepsy and seizures.

It may be tempting to take a course in biofeedback training or invest in special equipment to monitor your alpha waves, but this is not necessary. Some people may find this a quick fix to establishing good mental habits, but I believe meditation is a far better option. Meditation naturally increases alpha waves and it can be used at any time and without the need for equipment. In the next chapter, I will provide some simple techniques to entering a meditative state and, in particular, show you how to use the aura to increase your spiritual light.

Working with Telepathy

“Telepathy is not your hearing the words I am thinking in my head, telepathy is when you ‘see’ what I mean…. the world is not only stranger than you suppose, it is stranger than you can suppose…” — Terence McKenna

In order to open my psychic and mediumistic powers I need to spend time in meditation. This allows me to open my auric field and enter a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. Although my mind remains active, I find that I am no longer bound to my thoughts. In meditation we discover how to step back from thoughts and become the watcher of our own inner processes. I “see” my thoughts appearing in my mind’s eye. I observe them, note them but immediately let go of them. Even the most pressing worries and concerns are noted with an even-minded acceptance. I remind myself that I can deal with all of these problems later for now is my personal spiritual time.

Spirit Meditation

During spirit meditation I am in touch with my soul and experience things that are hard to put into words. It is certainly not wasted time for not only is it more refreshing than sleep but it leaves me in a state of heightened awareness. Once in this special state of consciousness, I connect to my spiritual gifts and with the spiritual energies around me. I also feel myself come into contact with the spirit people. On emerging from meditation I find that I am still connected to the next world. I sense the thoughts and feelings of the spirit people and feel the closeness of my spirit guides and helpers. These spirit people act as my protection when I do my mediumistic work, which is explained in detail later.

I am fortunate in being one of the few who are aware of our connection to the next world and able to prove this through my mediumship. I have come to understand that we are all connected spiritually, not only the living with the spirit people, but with each other in this life as well. Unfortunately, most people are completely unaware of this truth and ignorant of the glorious world of the spirit that exists around us.

When my gifts are open and active, I become sensitive to the vibrations of other people. At the same time, I am also a bit vulnerable to those with aggressive or upsetting vibrations. Normally I can deal with difficult situations and stand firm in an argument if I feel it necessary. When I am tuned in, however, I feel exposed and susceptible to any negativity. This feeling is, at least, unpleasant, and why mediums insist on practicing their gifts only in suitable conditions and when surrounded by supportive people. Too, it is unwise to remain in this “open” state indefinitely.

Controlling Spirit Meditation

Many novice psychics are understandably eager to open up their spiritual powers and prove them at every opportunity. For this reason, many instructors spend much time teaching how to switch on psychic gifts, but not enough on switching them off again. When mediums remain open, they can become susceptible to people who will drain their energy or unknowingly project negative moods. Remaining in this state can be spiritually detrimental. Like a piece of metal being rubbed by a magnet, you too eventually become magnetized by the continual influence of the same negative vibration. Exposure to someone who is depressed can result in you also becoming depressed. I will go into this in more detail later, and show you how to reduce these influences. When I am “open” I become aware of the vibrations of other people. I described earlier how, in meditation, we “stand back” and become observer rather than participant in the thinking process. In that state, I am not completely separated from my thinking, of course, or I would be unable to function. There is, however, a certain amount of disassociation involved. I believe that mediumistic people are able to carry this “observer” state of mind from meditation into the normal waking state. Measurements taken of the brainwaves of mediums show that they continue to produce high levels of alpha waves even after having finished meditation. It is as if the meditative state is drawn forward into daily consciousness.

Meditation on  Spirit

It is in this state of heightened awareness that telepathy generally takes place. In the case of mediumship, telepathy with the spirit people sometimes provides information that only they may know about. Details are then checked though other sources; that is, to be sure the “new” information is not from the recipient’s mind. Telepathy can also take place person to person. All I have to do is open my mind and observe the thoughts in a similar way to that I described happens in meditation. Among my own thoughts, I will see some that are not my own but are coming to me from an external source. It is a bit like the “light bulb” symbolizing an idea: you may struggle, proverbially in the dark, for ages for the solution to a problem. Suddenly, a creative answer pops into your head out of nowhere and in extraordinary detail. Mediumship, telepathy and other psychic gifts work in the same way. Ideas appear out of the blue that are very relevant to the person to whom you may be giving a consultation.

Much of this information comes to the medium because the auras of the medium and the sitter have blended. This enables a transfer of energy, feelings, and thoughts between them. It could be compared to the way computer networks exchange information. As in an office situation your computer may be wired to other computers to share files and exchange information, so we can connect to and pass on spiritual information using the auric field. With this telepathic link, we have the ability to access one another’s memories, thoughts, and feelings. And, just as some computer users may not allow us access, so too a firewall activates when we try to connect to people who are armored against the possibility of psychic communication.

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