The Causal World: The Highest Heaven?

Life Beyond the Spirit World

What is life like in the spirit world? Mediums and Gurus talk about the Causal World – an etheric existence that transcends the physical and astral universes.
By Craig Hamilton-Parker.

The Causal World

The descriptions of the afterlife that we have considered all relate to a world of form. In many ways, the states described are an exalted continuation of the experiences of earth. However, is there a state of being that goes beyond all of this? Could there be a last resting-place for the soul from which we return no more? A place where incarnations are no longer necessary?

To some people, enjoying an existence in heaven is the highest aim of life. However, there is a state of being that transcends even the celestial pleasures and is eternal. It is without beginning and endless. The understanding of this can only come when you finally merge with the Absolute–into a state that may also be called God.

The cycles of birth and death help you to meet perfection gradually through experience. The positive karma accumulated during a lifetime secures for you time in the afterlife. However, our experience in life shows that whatever we consider pleasure is always accompanied by some sort of pain. Pleasure and pain could not exist without one another. If pleasure were to continue forever, it would not be pleasure at all. Without its opposite, we are unable to enjoy pleasure. Every kind of earthly pleasure is related to some form of pain or suffering. And so it is in the heavenly world.

On the earth plane, the duration of suffering is longer than the duration of pleasure. However, in the heavenly planes, the reverse is true: pleasure is long and pain is limited. However, an eternity spent in this state of being would eventually become monotonous, because the celestial pleasures are also limited by time and space. Because of this, pleasure cannot be eternal. Your good thoughts and good deeds will take you to the heavenly realms, but these by themselves are not enough to sustain indefinitely, and you are drawn back to be reborn.

Just as I spoke about how attachment to the material world and the body can stop your progressing up, so too does an attachment to the celestial worlds hold us back from our goal. A point will come when you will want to transcend even the joy of heaven. You will yearn to join a higher cosmic plane from which nobody returns, and you need never incarnate, or take physical form, again.

This higher plane of existence is often called the “causal planes;” called Brahmaloka by the Hindus. Eventually, you will even leave this blissful plane and unite forever with the omnipresent God.

The Causal WorldThe Causal World is hard to imagine in earthly terms.

The Second Death

In the causal plane, everything is reduced to its essence. Nothing is lost. Everything you are and have been is retained. However, the manifestation of a body or an environment will become less important. You will truly become aware that you are a being of light. You will not necessarily have a bodily form, but become as pure light. Your consciousness will no longer need a form.

These states of being are impossible for us to fully comprehend while we live in the world of form. Perhaps the best synonym is to liken the state to love. In essence, love is surrender. Love is a submission. It is putting others before yourself. A person who is filled with love may even give up his or her life for a beloved or to a cause. What draws us to these higher planes is a divine manifestation of love. It is like a billion-watt bulb. The love is so great that we merge with our beloved. We merge with the infinite.

Some describe this final entry into the last level as a second death. A point comes when you will leave the levels of the afterlife that have form and move forward into the causal planes. There is a demarcation between these two states because it requires a major impetus of the soul to move to the next plane. You surrender your self-importance and your ego once and for all. You allow your own free will to merge with God’s will. The lower self dies and the higher self is set free. It is definitely like a death and a new birth.


The spirit communications made by Myers to the members of the Society for Psychical Research tell of seven deaths before the highest level is reached. Myers communicants assert that we are housed in a sequence of bodies. The bodies in the life beyond are made of a lighter and more highly energized one than the physical body, with an increasing content of spiritual energy as we progress. Each entry into a higher level of the afterlife calls for spiritual preparation for the move to the next stage. Stage one is the earth plane and stage two is the Earth-like world that we meet immediately after death. Myers calls this simply the “life-immediately-after-death plane.” Also, existing are five other planes which he called “Hades,” the “world of Eidos” (plane of color), the “world of Helios” (plane of spiritual flame), and the final two planes which he calls the “plane of light” and “timelessness.” These final two planes are akin to the causal planes.

Causal Plane Personality

In the causal plane, personality becomes of little importance even though your sense of self continues. You will be in a state similar to an artist lost in his inspiration, or lovers lost in a moment of joy. In fact, nothing is really lost. Everything that is “you” is still there, including all of your personal memories and the history of your many lifetimes. It is a little like putting sugar into water. The sugar dissolves, but it is still there–you can taste it. Similarly, you will merge with these higher planes, and all that is you will still exist, but in a transformed state.

Spiritual beings from the causal planes can continue to manifest self and may descend to other levels to teach and help others up the ladder of spirituality. These beings are the higher guides, the angels, the avatars, and Bodhisattvas.

As with all levels of the afterlife, there are still different states of being created by different types of people. Many will feel the impulse to return to teach others, where others may be so enchanted by the glorious light of God that they spend their time in a blissful state of rapture. They say that if you listen very carefully during your meditations, you may hear the angels singing.

Tuning into the Causal Worlds

You may feel that the states of being I have described here are very remote. They are beyond this earthly life, and beyond the afterlife. How can we possibly understand them, and what relevance can they be to our life here and now?

The truth is that, even on this earthly plane, we can occasionally have a glimpse of the higher states of existence. Often, these experiences happen at a time of great emotional or spiritual tension, but they can also spring up suddenly, without any discernible reason. Could it be that, at such times, you are somehow linked by a mystical thread to the causal world. Even the highest of the highest is reflected in every atom of this world.

This experience cannot be induced but rises spontaneously. However, sometimes a scene of great beauty or a magnificent piece of music can momentarily link you with such an overwhelming surge of feeling. Here is a short meditation that may help you to understand a bit about what this oceanic experience is like. Read it through, then lie down and contemplate these ideas. Perhaps you will be lucky and have a momentary glimpse of the beyond.

 Meditation: the Oceanic Experience

Let yourself relax and allow your mind to float free. You no longer need to worry about the troubles of your life or the everyday thoughts that normally hold your attention. Spend a little time allowing the breathing to quiet and the tensions and worries to fall away from you.

Let peace surround you and fill you.

Now, imagine that you are bathed in a brilliant pure white light. The light is so stupendous that all the myriad events of your life are insignificant in comparison. Your job, your skills, your relationships, your family–all are irrelevant when measured against this ineffable state. Here, as you reach further, these daily activities are not meaningless but give added value from the realization of their transience. Nothing can compare to this moment of revelation. You are touching a higher level of being.

For a short moment, you experience a wave of feeling, when everything you are seems insignificant. For a split second, you have a wordless awareness that everything is perfect. There is nothing in the universe to worry about. Everything is as it should be. Can you feel the cosmic flow of the life-force running like a river of peace through everything that is? Behind the clatter of the world, you may sense a world of silence. You come from nowhere and are going nowhere. Experience the oneness of everything. All is timeless. You are at one with the past, present, and future. The “I” with which you are familiar is not the real “I”. All is One.

When you have spent some time with these thoughts, return to your normal consciousness and think about the feelings and thoughts this short meditation triggered within you.

Naturally, it is not possible to induce the preternatural sense of the divine. These things come spontaneously, often when we least expect it. However, a simple meditation like this can help to open you to the potential of the experience, and possibly allow you to flow with it should the opportunity for higher awareness be gifted you. It’s an experience that reveals that the material world is not all there is. The sudden flash of true consciousness reminds us of the eternal plains that are our true home.

We Are in Heaven Now

‘You can’t die for the life of you-.-Doris Stokes

I have spoken about how the afterlife consists of many planes of being and that the world around us manifests according to the inner state of the soul. Although it is not as apparent, this world that we live in now is very similar.

We assume that the external world is a reality. It is something that can be measured and explained by science. But what becomes of the objective world when a holy man materializes an object or something is apported at a séance? Even mental mediumship defies the rules of the objective world. The truth is that even in this material world there are many planes of existence. The objective world is just one of these states. It is a place where we all agree that the universe is the way it is. Our agreement makes it so.

The “laws” of the objective world say that I cannot be in two places at once. So why is it that some of us can use remote viewing to see places far away without using the five senses? The “laws” of the objective world say that time travels in a straight line. So why is it that some of us have precognition of the future or retrocognition of the past? The “laws” of the objective world say that the brain generates awareness. So why is it that some people can travel out of their body? The “laws” of the objective world say that matter cannot be created out of nothingness. So how can an object materialize at a séance, or a spoon be bent by the mind?

It is not surprising that many scientists reject these phenomena. It would overturn their cherished belief in a mechanical, objective universe.

The mystic’s answer to these questions is to say that the external world is an illusion. The true reality is not what lies outside of us but what lies within. As our inner world changes, so we begin to see the outer world in a different way. We may become aware of spiritual energies around living things; thoughts shared between people, and the strange coincidences that happen when we embark on a spiritual path. We begin to understand that even the material world is molded by our consciousness. There is no objective reality.

Mysticism also teaches that “All is One.” Everything has its being and is sustained by the universal energy that some call God. All planes of reality are different manifestations of God’s nature. We, too, are God, and can become aware of our divine nature. And just like God we are omnipresent.

Spirit Law

The laws that govern the spiritual worlds also govern this world. The way you think and act changes the circumstances around you, attracting good or bad fortune. What happens in one place affects what happens in another. For example, if you think well of someone who is far away, they will respond to your thoughts. Absent healing works in this way.

If you let your attention become centered inwardly, you will begin to perceive the world in a new way. In the first place, you will become less disappointed for you will realize that all things are subject to change and cannot give you solace. Being so centered, you will also see that your happiness is your natural state of consciousness when the mind is not distracted by material desires.

In the afterlife, the world around you is generated by your inner consciousness. Here, it is easier to understand that happiness springs from within. The same rule applies to this world. The events that happen to you are caused by your own actions and thoughts. They arise from experiences gained in this life and lives you have lived before. You bring it all upon yourself.

You may see and experience many beautiful new things when you enter the afterlife. However, heaven is familiar to you and will not feel like an alien world. This is because the fundamental things that constitute “you” remain the same. You continue to use perceptions, you continue to see an objective world, and you retain memory, character, and your personality. What differs is the fact that the environment around you is malleable and influenced by your thoughts. As you enter different levels of consciousness your world reacts accordingly.

The laws that govern the earth are the same as those that govern the afterlife. In the life beyond, thought creates the world in an instant. Here on earth, the vibrations are slower so it takes a little longer for consciousness to instigate change. Nonetheless, both worlds are a result of your inner life, which exists in all worlds simultaneously. Heaven is not somewhere different. It is here, alive inside of you.

In your heart, your loved ones are speaking to you right now to tell you about their joy of knowing the bliss of eternity. Can you feel them close to you? Can you feel their love echoing in your heart? Part of you lives with them and knows that there is nothing to fear in death. Everything is you. Everything is as it should be. Everything is good.

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Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2010) What To Do When You Are Dead Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 978-1-4027-7660-1 (Languages: English, Dutch, Portuguese) BUY THE BOOK HERE

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‘What to Do When You are Dead’ explores what happens after death and describes the world we will find there. It is a powerful book that draws on near death experiences, spiritual traditions as well as the mediums direct experiences.

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    The views expressed here by Craig from his book What to do when you are Dead are the highest thoughts beyond life on this physical world. We get fed up with this physical world, where there is chaos, corruption, over population, high cost of living, diseases etc. and sometime I feel like going to this Causal World now, where everything will be materialized just by thought. Ah! what a world where there are less worries, and more pleasures. I have to buy that book and read it because it contains Craig’s own experiences in meditation, and also the experiences of great Hindu and other religious saints, who have just laughed at death. What a high consciousness and high divinity with such saints who can materialize anything just from the power of mysticism, spiritual power etc.

    Let India and World have such saints for a peaceful, mutual understanding and a world without wars.

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