The Spirit World: Irrefutable Proof given by Dead Daughter

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What is the Spirit World?

The Spirit World is the term spiritualists and mediums use to describe the afterlife. It is the place the human spirit goes to after death. The first stages of the spirit world are similar to the world we have experienced on earth with cities, landscapes, trees and so on.

In this post, we hear the story of a Mum who had life-changing proof of the survival of her dead daughter’s spirit. She gives her proof of her survival of death and gives us a few clues as to what the spirit world is like.

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Mum’s Dead Daughter Speaks from the Spirit World

The Spirit World. Mediums Talking to Loved Ones‘When we drove our young daughter Kalle to the hospital on Easter weekend 1992 we had no idea what horrors were to await us over the next few days. As far as we knew Kalle had nothing more than croup.” says her mum Karen Kopec from Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire.

‘Kalle had just celebrated her birthday. The bright early morning light reminded me of the time, four years ago, when my husband Stan drove me to the hospital to give birth to her.

‘Our gentle mood turned to horror when Kalle began to choke at the hospital. She had epiglottitis caused by the Hib virus. This is a similar illness to meningitis that causes severe swelling in the throat. Her attack was so severe that soon she was on a life support machine with all its intimidating tubes, screens, and wires.

Intensive Care

‘Kalle lay in intensive care for three days. The doctors broke the news to us: our bright little girl would never recover. The machine was keeping her alive and, in the unlikely event that she would ever regain consciousness, she would be little more than a vegetable. The machine needed to be switched off.

And there was another painful decision to make” says Kalle’s dad, Stan, ‘Which one of us would hold her as they switched off the life support? We both so much wanted to hold our little girl. Karen had brought her into this world so it seemed right that Karen should hug her tight as she left.’

‘As the bleepers, monitors and lights became still I saw the light fade too from our little princess” says Karen “I knew that she had gone and what limply lay before me was not our sweet girl anymore. We knew it was now over and at the same time Stan and I simultaneously heard a clear voice in our heads: “I’m not there now, mummy and daddy, please go home.”‘

Stan and Karen Kopec were left in a state of shock. Everyone else could express their grief, the house was full of family, friends, and neighbors shedding tears, but the couple was numb with unspoken pain. ‘I don’t know how we could be so strong’ continues Karen ‘It almost made me feel guilty and, in some ways, frustrated to have to comfort everyone else.

She knew she was going to Die

‘Now I look back, I feel that Kalle knew that she was going to die- even before she became ill. The day she first became poorly I saw a competition in a magazine for children to draw their ideal house so I suggested that Kalle occupy herself by drawing one. Kalle was normally a very talented four-year-old artist yet she produced a strange picture that, in retrospect, may have been a premonition of her future’

Karen showed me the drawing. Kalle had drawn a large, square, white building with a flat roof that looked like a hospital. Outside of this, she drew herself playing in the pink and blue flowers which Kalle had said was her now. Through the window on the left was a little girl ill in an iron bed with bars.

This was surrounded by boxes with wires- a picture that represented her future in hospital perhaps? To the right was another large window but inside there was nothing. Maybe Kalle was saying, this is me now, this is me in the future, but the last room, her death, she didn’t understand so in this she drew nothing.

Strange Songs

‘Another strange thing was that Kalle believed that at night she was being visited by a man called Michael who she used to talk to in front of me. She loved the music of Michael Jackson and I wondered if this was a fantasy about him. On her headstone, we put some of the words from his songs and now if I listen to the words of ‘Heal the World’ and ‘Will you be there?’, her favorite songs that she sang before her illness.

The words now seem particularly poignant as they talk about how beautiful the life is hereafter.’

The first communication that Karen and Stan had with Kalle’s spirit came in the form of another drawing. A psychic artist, who had never seen a photograph of Kalle, sent the Kopec’s a colored pencil sketch of how Kalle’s spirit looked now. Comparing it to a photograph I could see that there was a striking resemblance- the artist, Mave from Liverpool, had even drawn the small mark on Kalle’s cheek.. ‘The one thing that the psychic artist had got completely wrong though,” says Karen “were the eyes- Kalle had brown eyes not blue ones as the picture showed.’

Messages from the Spirit World

Prior to her reading with myself Karen had briefly met another medium ‘He said that he wanted to tell me something from a little girl on the spirit side’ says Karen ‘”She says that she’s got big blue eyes now!”‘

Karen and Stan felt that Kalle had been trying to communicate with them in other ways too. ‘We used to see spiraling blue lights in our room and at other times smelt an overwhelming scent of flowers and a feeling of warmth when we talked about her- a smell that used to follow us then disappear as quickly as it came.’ says Stan. ‘After she died our doctor friend in Australia received a phone call saying Kalle had died a few hours earlier, he said he knew something had happened because he had seen her figure stood in his bedroom- he didn’t even know that Kalle had been ill.’

It was at a psychic fair at Ocean Village in Southampton, where I was giving Tarot readings, that Karen first came for a sitting with myself. ‘We only went along because it was raining and we had nothing better to do’ says Karen ‘little did I know that it would be a life-changing experience.’

Talking to the Medium

‘Craig lay out the tarot cards but soon pushed them aside saying that he wanted, with my permission, to work with me as a medium. Although he was tired and the noisy conditions were difficult to work with, there was a lady and a little girl insisting that they talk to me. The lady he described was my aunt who Craig said was helping with the communication. “Your little girl is worried about your mum,” said Craig. “She’s taken her granddaughter’s death very badly”- which was quite true. When I spoke to mum immediately after the reading I realized that her depression over Kalle was far, far more serious than I had realized.

‘Craig proceeded to give me proof of Kalle’s survival of death. He said that she died when she was four but would be six now and that she died covered in tubes and wires in intensive care on the 23rd April. She had, he said, a swollen throat, a bad stomach and passed over just after her birthday of the 23rd March. (her birthday was the 22nd March).

‘I was stunned as Craig reeled off the facts about Kalle’s passing. He said that her name sounds something like Sally but it was the little things that clinched it. A reading that was supposed to be ten minutes went on for an hour. This was the first time I had got a really positive link with my child and Kalle wasn’t going to let Craig go. Tears were running down Craig’s cheeks as he made this emotional link.

Proofs of Life After Death

‘Craig described her long brown hair that I had stroked as Kalle lay dying, her favorite red wellies. He talked about her treasured hat with a flower in the middle, her toy helicopter, her racing car with only three wheels, her allergy to cheese and the old teddy, that used to have a red bow, and which had been put in the coffin with her. There was a little pink teddy with her too communicated Kalle- one that her friend gave her at the hospital.

Kalle sent her love to her dad and my ‘dead’ aunt interjected to say to stop worrying about the tax bill. Craig said she was talking about Nana. Nana with the bad legs. He told how she lived next door to the pigs. (Nana, Nana was her pet name for Karen’s Grandma who I found out later had recently started suffering from her legs.) Kalle also expressed her love for her baby brother Luca. She said that a new baby brother looked just like her. He had just been born. She said that there was a little baby sister to come in the near future.

Dolls House

‘Craig said that Kalle was showing him an unfinished dolls house that her Dad had made with its pretty pink furniture and how her brother Stefan likes to now play with her toys particularly her helicopter. He described a horse in the mud- a horse had stood on her foot but the soft mud had prevented any bones being broken.’

“Kalle went on to say how she loved her brother Luca and her baby brother Stefan. And she said she would soon have a new baby sister.

“I thought there was no way that could be true. I had been told that I should not have any more children, even though I was desperate to have another little girl.”

Karen had already had two Caesareans, while an ectopic pregnancy had left her with extensive scarring. A consultant had said another pregnancy would be very risky, as Karen’s womb might not be able to hold the baby.

By the time Stan appeared, Karen was in pieces. “He wondered what had been going on, but I said that I’d tell him when we got home,” she says. When they talked later both found it hard to come to terms with what had happened. But, during another session with me, I told Karen that she was pregnant with a baby girl.

Although Karen felt this could not possibly be true, she nevertheless found comfort in the spirit world communication sessions. “They gave us strength because, for the first time, we felt as if Kalle was still with us. Her death nearly ripped the family apart; now we felt we could carry on.”

Another Baby

But soon after, to her great joy, Karen found out she was pregnant. A scan confirmed it was a girl. The astounded family eagerly awaited the birth of a very special baby.

Kodie was born in November 95 “This is a dream come true,” says Karen. “But although it’s wonderful to have another little girl, this doesn’t mean that we’ll forget about Kalle.

“When she died, I was so low that I thought I’d never get back up again. But we’re slowly getting there.

“And I know Kalle is still with us. Just the other night, I asked her for a cuddle and felt her arms around me.”


Karen says ‘Craig and now Spiritualism has given Stan and I the courage to carry on. Our mutual suffering has brought us even closer together. Most of all I like to think that Kalle’s over there. Although our time together was short, she may think to herself “I’ve had two nice parents who adored me”.

‘Her tragedy has given me an insight into the values of life. If my story of hope in darkness helps just one mother who feels the way I do I will be so happy. There is something far better and far greater that’s just that little distance away.

‘Kalle has gone home but I know she’s always there if I need her.’

Karen is one of the bravest mum’s I’ve met. She conquered adversity with dignity and compassion at the loss of her little angel Kalle. For Kalle is indeed an angel for angels are spirits. Constant in every account of angels throughout history is that they are both messengers and companions to humans. Spirits become angels when they are sent. It is the nature of their office to bring messages of the highest hope, inspiration, and comfort to those who suffer on earth. Kalle brought this message. She has no wings but she is an angel nonetheless.

Mediums and the Spirit World

My work as mediums is dedicated to proving that there is life after death.  I believe that I have brought comfort and inspiration to many desperate people like Karen. People desperately need to know that there is more to this world than just the commonplace.

I don’t have all the answers to life’s many perplexing questions. Sometimes my clairvoyance and mediumship is accurate and precise. There are also times when the clear signals from the spirit world are clouded by our own thoughts.

Psychic powers are not just the possession of the few. It is an ability we all have. It is an ancient ability that we have somehow lost as we have become ‘civilized’.

I had no intention of developing the power to communicate with the spirit world. They were thrust upon me by destiny. That events of my life sometimes seemed to conspire to push me along this path. It has brought me both joy and woe and, most importantly, shown me that beyond the winding pathways of life lies in my spiritual homeland.

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