Twin Telepathy – Real Stories from Psychic Twins.


Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is a continuation selection of my news columns about telepathy but in this instance the specific phenomena of Twin Telepathy. If you are one of a psychic twin and can add more stories I’d love to hear from you. Please post your experiences at the bottom of this thread.


I have had a recurring dream for over 6 years of a hooded figure. He is silent and just stands and watches. I am petrified when he appears in my dreams. One evening my twin sister and brother were talking about their dreams and we realised that we all have exactly the same dreams about this hooded figure. Why do you think this happens? – Gloria S

Telepathy is often reported to occur frequently between twins and family members with close emotional bonds. This may be responsible for your shared dream imagery. Recently published experiments by psychologists at Edinburgh University reveal interesting new statistical evidence in support of the existence of telepathy.



I was on coach journey in France and dreamed of my twin brother with his arms outstretched in a field of wheat. When I awoke I thought I saw him stood in a field we passed. The image kept coming back to me and I was beginning to worry about him. When my husband and I got to the hotel the stains on concrete floor of our shower appeared to look like the face of Christ. It was so clear that we took a photograph of it to show others. I was worried that this too was an omen of some kind.

On our return home I immediately went to my twin brother’s house. They sat me down. Something terrible had happened whilst we were away: my twin brother’s daughter had unexpectedly died of chronic diabetes. When I explained my experience on the coach my brother wept. He had been mentally trying to get in touch with me and wishing that I’d return home.

Later I gave him the photograph of Christ that had appeared on our floor. As a Christian it gave him a lot of comfort. – Jean A

You received a telepathic communication from your twin brother and perhaps also had an omen to indicate that there were problems ahead. Unfortunately, many Christians reject psychic powers, and auguries but I’m sure that both of your experiences prepared you for the difficult path that lay ahead.


Twin TelepathyTwin Telepathy is now closely studied by psychologists


One day at 1-30 I complained to my husband that I could smell something terrible. I don’t know why but I said that I felt that it was the smell of death. At 3-30 the police came to our door and explained that my twin had been found dead by her friend earlier that day at 1-30. Could you explain this happening to me? – June Y

The bond of love between you was so strong that you sensed your twin’s parting as it happened. Telepathy, or thought transference, can involve all the senses.Some of our readers have described a chill or a shadow passing through the room at the time of a death. In your case your subconscious mind knew that something terrible was wrong and you understood it in the form of the smell of death. Your mother is now safe and well in the spirit.


I have a twin sister and even as a little child we realised that we had a special gift. Although there are now many miles between us we share the same thoughts. We also share the same dreams and talk about the same experiences in our letters to one another each week- so psychic experiences come as no surprise to me.

One night during the war I woke up in the early hours and instead of the familiar bedroom wall I saw in front of me a huge picture. There I saw a scene of my brother lying in a pool of blood with a large hole in his side. He had been hit by something that had dropped from the sky. I got up and went straight round to tell my mother. Later that morning a telegram arrived confirming the all details of my dream; my brother, who was fighting in Germany, had been hit by a bomb from a plane and was wounded in the side. Happily, after a long convalescence, my brother recovered and lived to fulfil a long and happy life. – Agnes R

The destinies of twins are often remarkably similar and they can share a mutual telepathic power. You clearly have a telepathic link with both you sister and brother. You knew when he was in danger and received an extra sensory communication from him through your waking dream. It would be interesting to know if your sister also picked up your brother’s plight.



I saw my twin sister Agnes’s letter on your pages some time ago about the picture on the wall where she saw the scene of our brother lying in a pool of blood. This was perfectly true but perhaps the most remarkable thing is that when we were children we both used to walk together into an old oil painting that hung the wall of our bedroom. One moment we would be in bed and the next we were walking through the picture. We would walk through a beautiful, Eden-like landscape to an old house where a butler would greet us. He would always say that it was not our time yet. Near the house was a beautiful clear bottomless pool where we would see and meet all the people we knew that had died. Our Aunt, who was our guardian, became so frightened of the old oil painting that she finally destroyed it. God only knows where we had been but the experience is as fresh in our minds as it was 70 years ago. – Hilda

If only there was space to print your letter in full. The many details of your vision that you and your sister describe are quite remarkable. It is a good example of the telepathic communication and psychic abilities of twins. You were both in communication with the spirit.

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  • Shelby Decker May 6, 2019, 5:00 pm

    When my twin sister and I were about 5, I was staying with my grandma for the night and my sister at my mom’s. We had the same dream of playing at the park together. We both remembered it vividly, and told our grandma and mom the exact same thing, they talked about it and told us of a similar dream. It was the only time we can remember this happening. Often times though we know when each other is hurt or extremely depressed. However, we’re not close anymore and completely different people. It’s really extraordinary, we know what each other is thinking sometimes.

  • emily Apr 19, 2015, 2:20 am

    I use to hate psychics because it didn’t help my first friend. You guys are great enjoyed reading all the comments. I have now come to accept my gift and know there are only two telepathic people in the whole world who can do it. Besides twins

  • The Psychic Twins Jul 10, 2013, 4:43 am

    Have you heard about Terry and Linda Jamison who claim to be the world’s only Psychic Twins and bestselling authors. World’s most documented psychics, predicted 9/11, Boston, and most of the major world events since 1998 on international TV and radio shows. The Psychic Twins have been interviewed on ABC Nightline, The View, Good Morning America, Oprah, OWN, Psychic Children, Ricki Lake, The UneXplained (BIO) Jeff Probst Show, The Other Side, CBS Insider, The Other Half, Extreme Twins, SNL, Dick Clark, The Today Show, Extra TV and many more.

  • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 3, 2013, 7:13 pm

    The Society For Psychical Research has done some interesting serious research into Twin Telepathy.

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