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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Dreams and Alien contact plus a fascinating video about Alien Contact through mediums.

Alien Contact Dreams & Mediums

It is argued that dreams and reports about UFOs are an exclusively modern phenomenon. They are a symbolic reflection of the worries and concerns of modern people living in an uncertain world. Yet many cultures tell of dreams and have ritual traditions that represent a history of contact with aliens.

In the aboriginal culture, the shamans speak of meeting with the sky gods Baiame, Biral, Goin, and Bundjil during dreaming. This is strikingly similar to today’s contactee and abduction reports.

The dreamer is abducted by ‘spirits’, ritualistically ‘killed’, and then experiences a magical journey. This is described as an aerial ascent to a strange realm. The person meets the ‘sky god.’ After his ordeal, he is restored to life in a transformed state. Next, he becomes a fully initiated tribal shaman.

Craig’s Video about Alien Contact by Mediums

Many tribal traditions describe similar dreams because they include myths about abduction by powerful beings. These ‘abductions’ detail medical experimentation. These are the same to the ones that aliens are supposed to undertake on today’s abductees.

Tribal traditions and rituals involve the symbolic removal of body parts. This includes disembowelment, implanting of artifacts and ascents to the skies to visit strange lands.


Seventy percent of abductees begin their adventure in a dream state. The abduction occurs in the person’s bedroom or when driving at night. Could it be because these abductions are the result of lucid dreams?

The person is asleep but at the same time, the mind is consciously active. Lucid dreams appear to the person to be a completely ‘real’ experience. They include a full sense of space and time. All five senses function as normal. This profoundly altered state of consciousness can easily be mistaken for a ‘real’ experience. It occurs in everyday situations when a person is close to a sleep state. Memories of these states can be remembered or recovered under hypnosis.

Keith Ring

According to the research of the psychologist Keith Ring and others, abductees as a group have suffered a higher than average incidences of child abuse. Children suffering abuse tend to develop a psychological defense mechanism.  Freud called this  “dissociation”. What this means is that they divide their awareness so that they can escape from the appalling physical realities.

Abduction reports involve sexual experiments because this is, in reality, a  childhood memory breaking through into normal consciousness. The space visitors’ experiments are in fact a disguised fantasy about what happened to the person during childhood. Hidden memories can be mistaken for real events.

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