Can Psychics Contact Aliens?

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Dreams and Alien contact plus a fascinating video about Alien Contact through mediums.

Alien Contact Dreams & Mediums

It is argued that dreams and reports about UFOs are an exclusively modern phenomenon. They are a symbolic reflection of the worries and concerns of modern people living in an uncertain world. Yet many cultures tell of dreams and have ritual traditions that represent a history of contact with aliens.

In the aboriginal culture, the shamans speak of meeting with the sky gods Baiame, Biral, Goin, and Bundjil during dreaming. This is strikingly similar to today’s contactee and abduction reports.

The dreamer is abducted by ‘spirits’, ritualistically ‘killed’, and then experiences a magical journey. This is described as an aerial ascent to a strange realm. The person meets the ‘sky god.’ After his ordeal, he is restored to life in a transformed state. Next, he becomes a fully initiated tribal shaman.

Craig’s Video about Alien Contact by Mediums

Many tribal traditions describe similar dreams because they include myths about abduction by powerful beings. These ‘abductions’ detail medical experimentation. These are the same to the ones that aliens are supposed to undertake on today’s abductees.

Tribal traditions and rituals involve the symbolic removal of body parts. This includes disembowelment, implanting of artifacts and ascents to the skies to visit strange lands.


Seventy percent of abductees begin their adventure in a dream state. The abduction occurs in the person’s bedroom or when driving at night. Could it be because these abductions are the result of lucid dreams?

The person is asleep but at the same time, the mind is consciously active. Lucid dreams appear to the person to be a completely ‘real’ experience. They include a full sense of space and time. All five senses function as normal. This profoundly altered state of consciousness can easily be mistaken for a ‘real’ experience. It occurs in everyday situations when a person is close to a sleep state. Memories of these states can be remembered or recovered under hypnosis.

Keith Ring

According to the research of the psychologist Keith Ring and others, abductees as a group have suffered a higher than average incidences of child abuse. Children suffering abuse tend to develop a psychological defense mechanism.  Freud called this  “dissociation”. What this means is that they divide their awareness so that they can escape from the appalling physical realities.

Abduction reports involve sexual experiments because this is, in reality, a  childhood memory breaking through into normal consciousness. The space visitors’ experiments are in fact a disguised fantasy about what happened to the person during childhood. Hidden memories can be mistaken for real events.

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  • Jneyam M. Mar 22, 2013, 6:12 pm

    I don’t know when our government will allow these people with UFO experiences to announce the alien disclosure, its been taking a long time. These researchers are ready to speak and the mass is ready to hear; I am ready.

    There is no way we are alone in this huge universe and no way the earth is not been visited by others. Evolution has been happening through hybridization, is them and us filling up the empty new planets that are constantly creating in the universe. On Earth alone we have many forms, many mix. Something is giving.

  • Maria Moon Mar 22, 2013, 1:09 am

    Well abduction often occurs outside the third dimension and people, for example, whose pineal glands maybe calcified by fluoride, and so the third eye being shut down, would of course dismiss this as ‘rubbish’.

    Perhaps one day you will also have experiences that may open you up to the fact that there is much out there that many cannot see. The very spiritual ancient peoples from all over the world knew, and know, that when we dream we are not just laying in our beds, our spirits are travelling to many many places that the left side of the brain refuses to believe is actually there.

  • Jneyam Mar 20, 2013, 12:32 am

    Abductions are very real and happening every day. The world is changing through hybridization, we, as humans through the help of the Master Scientists, are populating our world and others. Its evolution in thoughts, way of living, adaptation to the new atmosphere, to new races, new way of thinking, etc. There are many hybrids living among us, they are changing the old ways, more spiritual and more open to the cosmic change that is happening as we speak. Sai love, Jneyam M.

  • ann osmond Mar 19, 2013, 4:15 pm

    I agree: this is rubbish. I do not believe anyone has ever been abducted by aliens

    • Karen Mar 30, 2017, 1:47 pm

      But how can anyone say they *know* no one had ever been abducted?
      Sure there are probably people who dreamt it all or even just told a tall tale-yet thousands of sensible human beings have seen UFOs, had out of body experiences and yes- memories of being visited by strange beings, of being taken aboard space ships and more.
      We may not understand it all, some might sound quite unbelievable- but it’s in my opinion, equally wrong to dismiss all such reports as rubbish!

  • Maria Moon Mar 18, 2013, 7:39 pm

    I have a long history of being involved with ETs and UFO experiences – either through sleep or meditation.

    I felt almost…anaesthetised. I was lying on my stomach, naked, and I could feel a presence behind me. It told me that it was ‘just a vampire’ and it promised to be gentle. I felt a small, sharp sensation in the back of my calf. The vampire seemed true to its word and I felt warmth flood through the whole of my body. ’Soooooo….good….This feels…sooooo good…’ Then suddenly I was on my back. I saw nobody….nothing…Except for a bright, clinical, blinding, white light.

    I felt something sharp begin to penetrate into the crown of my head. “It’s just a vampire” I told myself. Wait a minute….This was NOT a bite. THIS WAS A SEARING HOT, THICK SHRINGE. The pain was like nothing I had ever endured before. Unimaginable,indescribable agony. I screamed loud enough to wake the entire Solar System but only the shattering sound of silence prevailed. A second sharp implement stabbed, deeply into the right side of my head. Something was being EXTRACTED from me. That was the word that I felt at that exact moment – ‘Extraction’. But what? What were they taking from me? DNA? DMT? What? THESE ARE GREYS….NOT VAMPIRES’.

    Somehow I found the strength to raise my hands and I made a ‘Cross’ sign with my fingers. I knew it wasn’t a ‘Christian’ Cross. It was an Egyptian Cross. Suddenly I was ‘thrown back into my bedroom’. I was wide-awake trying to catch my breath; my hands, instinctively flew to my head, rubbing my ‘wounds’. I looked at my clock. It was Friday 2:20am, 21st October, 2011.

    This was NOT a dream. This was ABDUCTION. It was a real UFO Experience.

    The first chilling experience I had of a Grey (the first I actually remember) happened about 6 years ago when I was meditating in my living room. It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon and I felt very calm and relaxed. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. From out of nowhere a Grey appeared before me. It was ‘hovering’ about 12 inches away from me and I couldn’t open my eyes to expel the image. In fact I couldn’t move at all. It got closer to me and there was something terrifying and repulsive, about the energy in its vile, intense, black eyes. I had an urge to vomit but even that was denied me. I felt completely paralysed. I watched, helpless, as it rammed into the front of my heart chakra and out through the back. Only then could I move. I collapsed coughing, unable to breathe, and crying hysterically. When I finally found my voice, some, perhaps, false courage emerged from me as I gasped, “That all you got?”

    For days afterwards I felt weak and had breathing problems. I still, to this day, don’t know why I was attacked. Perhaps I got too close to ‘somewhere I shouldn’t have been’ and this Grey was a ‘gate keeper’. Who knows? A few weeks later I was in ‘dream’ state. I was asleep, yet NOT asleep, I was awake yet NOT awake. I was lying, on my back, on my bed…and again, the paralysis. I could only move my eyes. There were 13 Greys all standing round my bed, observing me…I didn’t count them; I simply KNEW how many there were. I felt drugged, woozy and I saw something in the corner of my bedroom, also watching me…He was someone who I knew and I was attracted to him but couldn’t remember his name…He was an Egyptian Pharaoh, donned in dark, greenish gold. He had an air of Gold about him. I thought of him as a ‘Midas’, for some reason. As I ‘awoke’ fully, the Greys and the Pharaoh evaporated before my eyes.

    The next night I ‘dreamed’ of the Pharaoh again. He was very close, to me, this time and telepathically told me ‘Soon you will have everything you ever desired’. Again he faded before my eyes. The night after that, again, in the same ‘state’, I found myself looking outside my bedroom window. A very intricately designed, black spaceship was hovering at eye level. It was so close that I could see its symbols carved into the strange metal. Then that too vanished and I ‘awoke’ still stood at my window.

    My first thought was not “Oh my God there’s a spaceship”. It was “Oh my God they are REVEALING themselves”. To this day I only have to close my eyes for a few moments and I see Greys…
    Watching. On 12/12/2012 I had a similar ‘dream’ but instead of having something extracted into my head I had something INJECTED into it.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Mar 19, 2013, 1:03 pm

      This is certainly an interesting story but I see nothing here to qualify it as a real UFO Experience or alien abduction. Sometimes lucid dreams and sleep paralysis can cause similar waking dreams. (I note that you felt ‘anaesthetised’ – this often accompanies sleep paralysis (See my article here) or narcolepsy. Also see what I have to say about Sleep Apoplexy. This UFO experience needs a third party verification – somebody that saw it happen otherwise how can we accept that is it more than a very vivid waking dream? Sorry – that’s my view but maybe others think differently. Please post your comments.

  • Maria Mar 7, 2013, 2:44 am

    Hello and congratulations about the new UFO and Dreams post.

    I believe in UFOs and their Beings, I have seen many flying over the sky, black, orange, white, dark beige, cigar shape, bells shape, round flat shape, triangular shape and also dreamed about visitation of Pleiades, Zetas, maybe Sirians. Sometimes I wake up with marks on my body, just after the dreams, sometimes I wake up with the knowledge that I was visited and that I must do something.

    When waking up from dreams of alien visitations my body is full of static electricity that would last for at least 20 seconds. I am never afraid of what just happened but I would like to know what or whom I am dealing with, what is exactly they are doing with me or through me.

    I love to dream about ETS, sometimes all I have to do it call upon them and a strange and beautiful music, known in the dreams only, gets me ready to meet with them. They are beautiful thin beings, short but strong, benevolent most of the time. So far I dreamed of Zetas, Pleiadians and maybe Verdands, I am not sure about the Sirians, I only had this one dream where at the end this being came out of my third eye and disappeared in the air while I was just waking up.

    Sai Love, Maria

  • Maria Mar 7, 2013, 1:53 am

    “Suddenly the ship became a bright glowing object, and it appeared to roll like a ball turning over about three or four times and then sailing into the sky. In a moment it was gone, as though they had turned out the lights. I turned to Barney, and I was exuberant. I said that it was the most marvelous, most unbelievable experience of my whole life.” -Betty Hill

    The Interrupted Journey
    by John G. Fuller

    Sai lolve, Maria

  • Chris Jones Mar 6, 2013, 9:56 pm

    I don’t believe in UFO’s, and I don’t believe they will ever come into our earthly plain. I don’t know if they exist in the spirit world, because I’m not there yet, you can only ask a spirit person that question…But they will never visit this earthly plain.

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