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Our Psychic Family TV Series

This is an example reading with a celebrity for a show series we have made in the UK for the Bio Channel called ‘Our Psychic Family’. In this segment I give a personal reading to the punk rock pop star Toyah Willcox. Toyah was quite impressed with my mediumship in this clip.


This six part series follows my family and me as we investigate haunted houses, give readings to celebrities and demonstrate to a live audience. The Bio Channel in the UK is a comparatively small channel but this show drew a big audience and was also shown over Christmas Day as the Bio Channels’ top program.

Jane gives a reading to the ex-wife of George Best



“For us this was a spiritual exercise so we wanted to give our fees to charity”

Craig & Jane donated their TV fees and all the proceeds from the theatre for the TV Series ‘Our Psychic Family’ and raised just under £3,000 for the Children’s Cancer Charity for The Piam Brown Ward.

Also thanks to Lyn Guest de Swarte and everyone who gave their time for free to make sure the show was a success.

Craig & Jane’s website community also holds regular site seminars where Craig, Jane and their volunteers hold workshops, lectures and demonstrations of mediumship.

All proceeds go to Spiritualist causes via Vi Kipling and her sister Doris Smith who run a group they call ‘Rainbow’s End’. The Delphi Community has been working with Rainbow’s End for nearly three years and helped Vi and Doris raise over £9,000 for Spiritualist causes.

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