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Violet Kipling Spiritualist (T+Sibyl)

Vi held the Fellowship and Teaching Awards together with Diplomas of the Spiritualists’ National Union, and demonstrated mediumship in Spiritualist Churches for over 20 years. She was one of the founders of the teaching areas of this website and has reached out to thousands of mediums and new students of mediumship through our chat rooms. Below is the Eulogy and comments from our staff and visiters about this much loved Spiritualist. She wrote courses and web pages specifically for this website which you can read by browsing this site.

Violet KiplingEulogy for Vi – for Chat room Memorial Service Tuesday 22nd January

Craig’s Address:

I am pleased that so many of you have been able to come here to night to honour the memory of Vi Kipling who most of you know as username T+Sibyl. Some of you also know her as Violet Fairy and a few as ‘Lemon Tart’ – but we’ll leave that one to you imagination.

The people here represent just a small fraction of the many thousands who have encountered Vi in these chat rooms and forums. A great many feel sad at Vi’s departure and we of course keep in our healing thoughts for  her family and her much loved sister Doris who has also worked with us all here for many years.

Vi did a huge amount of work on this site. She wrote us the DLPs, ran some great classes, helped to organise us and write the rules. And most importantly she helped to instill common sense. As well as the vast amount of work she did for us she was also known as a tireless worker for Spiritualism.

Spiritualist Fellowship presentation

Violet Kipling receiving a Spiritualist award.

And all this while burdened by debilitating illness over many years.

Her daunting Myths and Misconceptions course helped many budding ‘Harry Potters’ – as she called them –to understand the basics of real seer-ship and mediumship.  Woe betide anyone who now mentions ‘Holes in Auras’, ‘Summoning Spirits’, Angel Orbs and so on without having thought things through. I have been looking again over her posts on the forums. It is hilarious how she puts some of the self proclaimed ‘experts’ in their place. She would dispel delusion and replace it with true spiritual insights.

The Internet is swamped with loony ideas. Vi taught everyone here to question beliefs and search for the facts. She was a bringer of Truth and we will continue to carry the bright torch she has given us.

But we have not only lost a superb teacher and mentor, we have lost a much loved friend too.

Billingham Spiritualists

Doris, Craig and Vi

I loved Vi’s wit and will miss her intelligent conversations. If we phoned one another to sort out something about the site we would end up taking for ages – exploring ideas and putting the world to rights. She was a great arbitrator too when people fell out and was sometimes like a head mistress who sorted out all the naughty boys and girls. Including me.

Many of you also met her in real life through the site seminars at Billingham, Bristol and all over the place. Vi always used to tell me that people loved ceremony and pageant. She was a master at organising events that as well as the usual workshops and demonstrations, also included sing-a-longs and some of the most ridiculous costumes you could imagine.

I always feel that a person who had encountered real truth does not take themselves too seriously. Vi could laugh at herself and soon have everyone in stitches as well. Our egos did not stand a chance.

I first got to know Vi in the chat rooms and then later we spoke a lot over the phone. For some erroneous reason, perhaps because of her assertiveness, I assumed that she was a big lady. A burly sort of medium who would wrestle you into a half-nelson if you spoke spiritual nonsense. I was quite shocked to see she was so tiny – she reminded me of the movie version of singer Édith Piaf – a little sparrow with a huge presence.

I remember when we hired the library at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted Hall for or site seminar sister Doris pushed her ailing sister in a wheel chair. Vi had oxygen bottles strapped to the side of the wheelchair and a air mask over her face. Her emphysema was kicking in at the worst possible time . After all the organising and planning now sickness was to stop her.

You wanna bet?

She winked and said, “I’m not popping my clogs yet Craig!” And with that Vi got out of the chair, took to the platform and gave one of the most rousing spiritual talks I have listened to. I have some of it on Video and throughout the talk she has bright blue spirit lights circling her. What an example she set that day. I often remind myself when I am to do a demo and feel ill that nothing ever kept Vi from serving spirit.

Real teachers live by example. With Vi it was not just all talk and fantasy. She lived her Spiritualism and explained and qualified it wherever they’d give her a platform. She has been able to reach out to many thousands through this website community over the years and reached the parts that other mediums cannot reach. She has inspired the seasoned mediums here but I know has opened a whole new world to the young spiritual seekers that have dropped into these rooms expecting the usual banal Internet Chat Room but getting far more than they ever expected .

There are not that many people in this world who can inspire as Vi did. In this era of hollow celebrity where spectacle masks true worth it is good to have encountered someone of real spiritual calibre, a Spiritualist of real quality.

Vi lifted our hearts to spirit and yet still kept both her feet – and ours too – firmly on the ground.

Vi, we know that you are plugged into us from the spirit as we hold this memorial. I’m sure you can feel the love going up to you. I’m sure you will be one of the T+ in spirit and so long as we endeavour to reach out to the perplexed and the grieving you will help our online readers and teachers from the spirit side. (And hopefully not boot us if we misbehave)

Thank you Vi for all you have done and for being a friend to so many.

God Bless.


Vi Kipling, her sister Doris and a strange gnome at a typical Spiritualist event.

Please do add your own comments about Vi below. For comments to be approved they need to be a properly thought through please – not just a single line of text etc. And also not massively long please so that the page does not become hard to load. This page will stand as a memorial to Vi so please add considered comments.

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  • Paul Nov 11, 2015, 11:44 pm

    Since we moved from Darlington to the Midlands nearly 10 years ago now I eventually unfortunately fell out of touch with those in the Darlington and Billingham spiritualist church who were part of my awakening. First and foremost was Vi. I was normally late to our get togethers, training and services, or providing a lift .. and so 2 years late in adding my thoughts here is not out of character! I had of course heard that Vi had passed to spirit, but not expressed more formally how thankful I am to her for grounded expert training. This is not an easy thing to master and your responsibility to others, many grieving is immense. At all times be respectful, well meaning and supportive, but most importantly be accurate in your evidence .. and never omit the message! Many happy memories of Vi, hard but always fair.. and mischievous fun! Love to Doris and I hope all the family are doing well. X

  • Cathy Leigh Tsoukalas Jan 24, 2013, 3:47 am

    Dear Vi ..
    How can mere words capture
    the essence of who you are
    of what you have meant to me…..
    In the time I have known you
    And yet I must try
    to share something
    but how do I fit in a few sentences
    what it may take a lifetime
    to understand…

    we meet someone who changes our world
    And our world is not the same as it was
    before they came
    For we are changed by their touch….

    I first met Vi on the Forum….
    Shortly after dads passing
    desperately reaching for something …
    I found myself drawn .. to the light within her…
    a light that gave me hope In what felt to be a very dark place…

    She was a candle of compassion….lighting the way..
    Her clarity of mind cutting through the confusion I felt in mine.
    drawn to the light of spiritualism
    that shone from her so brightly..
    I began on a journey never ending
    a journey on which she has been my inspiration
    Giving me a framework of understanding
    from which I could begin to develop and grow…
    and from which I am still growing..

    She was very direct ..
    sometimes uncomfortably so…
    but I loved her for it…
    because in a world where often people wear many faces..
    she was someone I knew I could trust…
    I always knew she would tell me the truth…
    she didn’t always give the answers I wanted
    but often the ones I needed to hear… and I learned from them….

    Dear Vi … you know I loved your classes though you could be a little scary at times..
    I always knew you had a heart of gold… and treasure every moment
    You were and are an inspirational teacher… and I will always hear your voice.
    My only regret is that time ran out before I could meet you in person..
    but I know love is a bond that cannot be broken..
    and that we will all meet again one day…

    My Deepest Condolences To Doris and all the friends and family..
    I will not say goodbye… for we are all one and as one in the eternal love we can never be apart…
    Thank you for listening…. For everything you gave me which I shall never forget
    Missing you always … and your smile…..With Love

    Cathy / Starshiine… x.x.x.x.x.x.

  • Susan Jan 23, 2013, 8:11 pm

    I am so very sorry to hear about Vi. I know she will be missed by all who loved her. The two times I was in England she made me laugh and taught me so much. My heart goes out to her family, my heart and my prayers. I had the opportunity to meet many family members when I stayed with Doris. It was my blessing to be with such generous people. I care for all that I met and join all the people around the world who will mourn her passing. So Vi, you had a good time with us Americans “yanks” who believed in past lives, said you’d let me know if we were right… though you convinced me how off so many Americans were about many things, I will wait for you to tickle my toes to assure me that you are right. Thank you Vi, for being you. Susan (SoftWind)

  • Jacqui Stephinson-Kirkbride Jan 23, 2013, 6:26 pm

    Vi was one in a million.
    She taught me so much, not only about Spiritualism, but also about myself. I am very lucky that I got to meet Vi quite a few times both at Billingham and later at Darlington. When Vi stood up on the platform she was magnificent, a truly inspirational speaker. Online, I learned from a lot from Vi both in Elysium and also in the staff room of Delphi. I loved the DLP’s and was always asking Vi when the next one would be ready. I always made sure I wasn’t late for class as I didn’t want Vi to give me any lines. I hope she is catching up with all her old friends and flying with her fairies and free from any pain. I hope Vi comes to see us soon. Love to Doris and all the family. Love and Light.

    Jacqui Stephinson-Kirkbride (Formerly T+Wabosso)

  • helena Breen Jan 23, 2013, 5:08 pm

    Violet Kipling aka Sibyl was such a great asset to many of us here, especially in great times of need. She would reach out and touch your very soul, to reassure you that you were never alone. Her sense humour, her smile and her love for all, will never be forgotten. A true lady of strength and grace, who always stood in her own light and fought for things that she loved. She will be deeply missed from so many hearts and may she continue to inspire others through the stories she did share and that her name will go on to be honoured.

    Though it’s hard to describe our loss, know that you will never be forgotten and you will always remain in our hearts. RIP my dear friend, you are deeply missed and no words could ever cover how much you meant too us all May the spirit world be blessed with another earth Angel ♥

    No person is ever truly alone.
    Those who live no more,
    Whom we loved,
    Echo still within our thoughts,
    Our words, our hearts.

    Miss you dearly and my deepest condolence to your loving family at such a sad and difficult time! It was an honour to of met you and I am eternally grateful for all that you have done and had set out to do! May you continue to raise your light and sparkle like you did Vi! xxx

    Helena aka irishsphinx

  • Steve Jan 23, 2013, 4:40 pm

    Vi, was an amazing person. Intelligent, insightful, and calm. I only met her twice in real life but she had a big impact on my thinking and on my life. Steve (aka S+Pense)

  • A+AMP Jan 23, 2013, 3:55 pm

    Vi – our friend and mentor,
    Full of fun,
    Love and compassion,
    A great ambassador for spirit,
    Now gone home,
    Her energy still shines bright,
    Crossing boundaries,
    May she continue on her journey,
    A light in our world and hers,
    Her legacy left,
    For all of us to share,
    Dear Vi.

  • jackie brodie Jan 23, 2013, 2:46 pm

    Rest in Peace Vi….You were an Inspiration to many people over the years. Not only an Angel in disguise,but a bright shining star now watching over us all…God Bless. Love empressuk (ex Delphi member)

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